F-Sim Space Shuttle 2 APK v1.2.51 (MOD, Full Version Game) free on android

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Here is the long-awaited successor to our critically acclaimed flight simulator. It simulates the Space Shuttle approach and landing in incredible detail and accuracy.
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Package Name F-Sim Space Shuttle 2
Developer SkyTale Software GmbH
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Version 1.2.51
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Requirements 8.0 and up
Last Update May 30, 2023
Date Update December 4, 2021
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F-Sim Space Shuttle 2 APK (MOD, Full Version Game) – It is the long-awaited successor of our highly acclaimed flight simulator. This simulator simulates the Space Shuttle landing and approach in great detail. It is a complete remaster of the original F-Sim Space Shuttle.  F-Sim Space Shuttle is a flight simulation that combines stunning graphics with fun gameplay. Have you never attempted to land a Space Shuttle? You don’t have to worry:

Many tutorials provide autopilot assistance at various levels. You can use our landing scoring and analysis system to help you improve your next landing, and it will inspire you to try again. The flight can start at 10,000 feet and align with the runway or up to 50,000. After banking into the heading alignment cone, it will bank into the heading.

The Orbiter is an unpowered glider, so there will be only one chance to do it correctly during descent. Its 200,000-pound weight was once a nickname for an astronaut.  The approach is six times steeper than an airliner’s and low lift-over drag ratio. You can then chase your perfect landing and compare your scores online with friends to earn medals and unlock achievements.


You can experiment with wind conditions, night approaches, and even system failures. Watch a replay of each flight from different angles at the end. You can control the Orbiter’s pitch and roll by tilting your device. You can also switch to analog sticks on the screen or use a gamepad. The autopilot handles the rudder, speed brake, and gear. However, you can also have complete manual control. We have added rectangles to help beginners visualize the preferred approach path.

You can follow the corridor of rectangles, and they will guide you to the landing point. Advanced pilots may turn the lights off and use the HUD’s instruments instead. Simulated guidance, navigation, and control (GNC) systems are exact replicas of the Orbiter’s counterparts. The HUD includes all the tools that real Space Shuttle commanders used to land the unique aircraft successfully. It’s now your turn to try it.

You can now take the Orbiter on an orbit around the planet, and we’re also working on an atmospheric re-entry scenario. Also, These new features will be available as free updates over the next few months.