FIFA Soccer v12.4.00 Complete Game Review

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FIFA Soccer v12.4.00 Complete Game Review



FIFA Soccer is a mobile soccer game exclusively developed and release by ea games on android platform. the game is available for completely free on Android and all you need to do is to download it from the apple store or play store.


Initially, when the game FIFA soccer is released it has reached over 1million download which made it a huge hit in the Android gaming platform. the ea is a very big gaming company not only on the android but also in the pc and ps4 platform. the new update brings the new season in the game. the game engine in the game is completely new and you will experience the new gaming strategy in the can build the team you need and head them to opponents to face them and defeat them brutally. the main other thing we need to talk about this game is it is completely low size so that it can be downloaded by everyone with android mobile.

you will be facing face to face with other online Players you will experience the competitive mode in the game. each team will be having 11 players and another opponent team will also have 11 opponents and you will be facing directly in your android mobile.there is also an option to build a team with chemistry to make them more defensive and more powerful to win the game. the main way to win the game is to attack the opponents player which will increase the chances of winning the can also join a league and play it earn prizes online and which will be directly saved to your account.

Os Requirments:-

Needs at Least Android 4.1+

Size Requirments:-

The game requires at least 100MB Free Space

Developer Name:-

Electronic Arts

More Information about Application:-


FIFA Soccer
Developer: Electronic Arts
Price: Free   ★★★★★

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