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If you are engaged in business or pursuing a degree in a business-related field, this exceptional app meets your requirements precisely!
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Jul 17, 2023
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Enhance Your Business and Studies with a Powerful Financial and Scientific calculator.

If you are engaged in business or pursuing a degree in a business-related field, this exceptional app meets your requirements precisely!

Financial Mode: Mastering the World of Finance

Unlock the complete potential of financial calculations with the app’s Financial Mode, which features a variety of potent functions to facilitate your financial analysis.

1. Simple Interest Mode

Calculate uncomplicated interest with ease, making financial projections easier than ever before.

2. Compound Interest Mode (FV, PV, PMT, NPER)

Utilize the compound interest mode to calculate future value, present value, recurring payments, and the required number of periods.

3. Cash Flow Mode (NPV, NFV, IRR, MIRR, DPBP)

This mode enables calculations of Net Present Value (NPV), Net Future Value (NFV), Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Modified Internal Rate of Return (MIRR), and Discounted Payback Period (DPBP) for efficient cash flow management.

4. Amortization Mode (PMT, BAL, INT, PRN, INT, PRN)

Amortization Mode enables efficient management of loans and mortgages by calculating periodic payments, outstanding balances, interest paid, principal paid, total interest, and total principal.

5. Cost, Sales, and Margin Mode

Simplify cost, sales, and margin calculations, allowing your business to make better decisions.

6. Break-Even Mode

Discovering your business’s break-even point will help you plan for a profitable future.

7. Depreciation Mode (SL, FP, SYD, FDB, DB)

Calculate depreciation with ease using the Straight Line (SL), Fixed Percentage (FP), Sum of Years’ Digits (SYD), or Full Depreciation in the First Year (FDB) methods.

8. Bond Mode (PRC, YTM, YTC, Duration, Convexity)

Maintain a thorough understanding of bond-related calculations such as pricing (PRC), yield to maturity (YTM), yield to call (YTC), duration, and convexity.

9. Day Calculation Mode

This mode precisely counts days, making date-related calculations simple.

10. Interest Conversion Mode

Convert interest rates with ease, facilitating communication between various interest periods.

11. Options Trading (Greeks)

Options Trading with Greeks provides vital insight into your options’ risk and reward for stock market devotees.

12. Exchange Rates

Keep abreast of real-time exchange rates, which will keep you informed about international transactions.

In addition to precise calculations, the app provides graphical representations and tables for a visual comprehension of the results, which can be easily saved in CSV format to your SD card.

For those interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the formulas underlying the financial calculations, the Help section provides complete information.

The Scientific Mode: Enhancing Your Analytical Skills

The app’s Scientific Mode equips you with a multitude of functions to effortlessly perform complex scientific calculations, making it ideal for both professionals and students.

1. Trigonometric Functions

Using a vast array of trigonometric functions, trigonometry can be explored with simplicity.

2. Power and Root Functions

Calculate powers and roots efficiently to facilitate your mathematical operations.

3. Log and Antilog Functions

Calculate logarithmic and antilogarithmic functions without difficulty.

4. Permutations and Combinations

Mastering permutations and combinations is a prerequisite for probability and statistics.

5. Statistics Functions

Utilize the power of statistical functions to effectively analyze data.

6. Factorial Function

Instantaneously compute factorials, optimal for solving complex mathematical problems.

Effortlessly manipulate absolute values to simplify your equations.

7. Modulus Function

With discrete calculation histories for Financial and Scientific Modes, you can alternate between the two according to your needs.


Unlock the true potential of financial and scientific calculations with this exceptional application that promises to enhance both your business and academic endeavors. Abandon manual calculations and embrace the effectiveness of this potent calculator!

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★ Options Trading (Greeks): added the possibility to calculate either the implied volatility or the option price

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