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5 August 2021
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FM WhatsApp APK v9.30F (MOD, Full Unlocked/AntiBan) – FM WhatsApp APK is an alternative version of WhatsApp that is compatible with Android devices. This modified version of WhatsApp has several new features that are not available in the official version. Here are the three things you should know before using FM WhatsApp. It can download this app directly onto your Android device. After downloading the app, you should follow the steps in the app to install it. Below are some of its features:


If you’re looking for a way to customise WhatsApp on your phone, you can try FMWhatsApp. This mod for WhatsApp is similar to the official app, with a navigation bar on top. Several options are visible and easily accessible, such as hiding or disabling your patterns. FM WhatsApp Apk is an excellent tool for blocking third-party access to your chats, removing ads and hiding statuary information about your contacts. You can even customise your screen style, which makes your messages stand out from the crowd.

Using FMWhatsapp customisation is easy: install the app and follow the instructions. It is also easy to download third-party themes and upload them directly into the app. Once installed, you can change the app’s colour and theme to match your preferences. Customising the app can also include using third-party emojis and icons. If you prefer to use your emojis, you can also install FMWhatsapp and change the colour of the app’s icons.

Another great feature of FMWhatsapp is its ability to hide the most recent seen message. By doing so, you will not be able to see what your contacts are watching, allowing you to follow their activities without worrying about being discovered by a random stranger. The app also has hidden status options, which will prevent you from accidentally seeing what someone is viewing. While sharing the latest status with your contacts may be tempting, FMWhatsapp is designed to keep your activity private.


Privacy is a crucial concern for anyone who uses a messaging service, and the latest feature that FMWhatsApp has implemented will ensure your privacy while using it. The program will hide your online activity by setting up Disguise, and anyone else can’t view what you’re typing or recording. You can lock down specific conversations or save them for later viewing. In addition, you can even change the password to protect them from others.

Another feature of FM Whatsapp is anti-delete status. It will keep your messages from being deleted, and you’ll be able to read them if you want. The official WhatsApp version will display a message that says ‘this message was deleted’ when you delete a message. If you delete a message incorrectly, you’ll never find it again. But with FMWhatsapp, you can easily find out who deleted it.

While FM Whatsapp is safe for Android, it’s not entirely foolproof. Some ways to protect your privacy include enabling “unknown sources” and disabling the app’s notification bar. FM WhatsApp also uses end-to-end encryption for video calls, so you won’t have to worry about sending videos to people you don’t know. After you’ve enabled FM WhatsApp, it will start installing. Afterwards, you can customise your app with custom themes and conversations. 

And for those of you who like to make videos, FM WhatsApp lets you send up to 30MB-sized videos. In addition, you can use this app to send 250-character status updates to friends. It also comes with a customisable icon, so you can change the look of your icon and choose the colour that best fits your personality.

FM WhatsApp APK Security Features

FM WhatsApp APK is a popular messaging app that lets you customise your interface, hide chatting notifications, block random numbers, and pin-up to 100 contacts. This app is much safer than the original version of WhatsApp and provides a range of security options. You can set a PIN or pattern to lock the app or save chatting history, and users can also set a password for the conversation. It is easy to use but isn’t foolproof.

Users are attracted to FMWhatsApp because it offers many features, such as customisation, online hiding status, and video calling. However, many modified apps contain malware or other threats that compromise your private information. FMWhatsapp has been found to intercept SMS messages, serve malicious payloads, and enrol users into premium services. It’s best to avoid downloading FMWhatsApp for your Android phone.

The biggest security concern with FMWhatsApp is its ability to prevent you from getting banned from WhatsApp. It also contains a “ban” prevention feature. Unfortunately, FMWhatsApp is not a perfect app, and it can get you banned from the service. If you’ve already been banned, it’s best to uninstall the app. Otherwise, you’ll risk getting banned by the app’s developers. But you can still enjoy the benefits of FMWhatsApp.

Advanced actions

Advanced actions on FM WhatsApp APK are a great way to customise your chatting experience. With this feature, you can hide chatting notifications, block random numbers, and pin as many as 100 of your contacts. This feature is more secure than other WhatsApp alternatives and can prove useful for business people. You can also save chatting sessions and set a password for each conversation to protect your privacy. 

For those who use this application for business purposes, this will make your messaging experience much more efficient. Another great feature of FMWhatsapp is the ability to hide your last seen and online status. This way, you will never know who is online. This feature is a must-have if you use the app with sensitive information. FMWhatsapp has some excellent privacy features, and we will look at some of them here.

If you’re concerned about your privacy, FM WhatsApp APK will let you block people who make repeated calls. Another feature of FM WhatsApp APK worth mentioning is its ability to hide the recording sound marker. You can hide this marker from others to avoid annoying their conversation.

You can also use this feature to send messages without saving contacts. It’s the best thing to do if you want to make the most of your messaging experience. This feature is a great feature to have on your phone. The advanced actions on FMWhatsapp are a great way to customise your messaging experience.

Anti-delete message feature In FM WhatsApp APK

If you’ve accidentally deleted a message on WhatsApp Messenger, you know that it’s always possible to re-open it and see what was written inside. But what if you lost your message for good? Well, you’re in luck: the Anti-Delete Messages feature of WhatsApp Messenger is now available for you to see. If you’re one of the millions who use this app, you’ve probably wondered why that message got deleted.

FMWhatsapp’s anti-delete message feature allows you to see deleted messages. You’ll notice that the messages are still marked as sent. This great feature prevents others from deleting messages, especially if you’re worried about privacy. This feature can prevent your friends and family from reading your messages. But if you need to read the messages you’ve sent, you can turn off the anti-delete message feature in your account.

Another important benefit of this FM WhatsApp APK anti-delete message feature is that it won’t delete messages if you remove the app. That’s great news if you’re concerned about privacy and don’t want your conversations leaked to a third party. This feature works with the free version of FMWhatsApp. You can download it from the Play Store now; it is 100% safe!

Blocking unauthorised audio and video calls

FM WhatsApp APK can block unauthorised audio and video calls. It works by blocking the connections in the original version, so you can lend your phone to a friend without worrying. You can install a third-party app to prevent unauthorised audio and video calls if you don’t want anyone to use your phone without your permission. Blocking unauthorised audio and video calls with FM Whatsapp will ensure that you don’t share personal information or be harmed by another person’s device.

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What's new

* You can now send photos and videos that can only be viewed once by recipients. Tap the new "1" icon that appears next to the caption.
* Archived chats will now stay archived and muted when new messages arrive. You can change the experience in Settings > Chats > Keep Chats Archived.
* You can now leave and rejoin group calls from the calls tab while they are ongoing.


Version Size Requirements Date
9.74 Varies with device 4.1 and up 05/08/2021
9.63 Varies with device 4.1 and up 05/08/2021
9.45 Varies with device 4.1 and up 05/08/2021
9.40F Varies with device 4.1 and up 05/08/2021
8.86 Varies with device 4.1 and up 05/08/2021
8.31 Varies with device Varies with device 02/03/2020
8.26 Varies with device Varies with device 02/03/2020

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• Use Second (2nd) Number
• DOESsupport: Samsung S5—>20 – Note4–> 10

Package com.fmwhatsapp
Version 9.40F
Minimum OS 5.1 and above

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