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Free Fire is the ultimate survival shooter game available on mobile. Each 10-minute game places you on a remote island where you are pit against 49 other players, all seeking survival. Players freely choose their starting point with their parachute, and aim to stay in the safe zone for as long as possible. Drive vehicles to explore the vast map, hide in trenches, or become invisible by proning under grass. Ambush, snipe, survive, there is only one goal: to survive and answer the call of duty.
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July 9, 2020
4.0.3 and up
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#1 Best game and it is better than PUBG and games like it. Free Fire Mod Apk is the best game in the world. It’s graphics. They are excellent, controls are unique and gameplays excellent. Pubg is nothing in front of the free Fire. I would like the game as Free Fire Mod Apk has in free fire coins and diamonds. Free Fire Mod Apk is my favourite game.  I want zombie mode should come once again. There must be shoes with the help of which we can jump high. I request Garena to add it. Thanks for making this app.

Garena Free Fire MOD APK
Garena Free Fire MOD APK

Hello sir. Well, thanks for giving this Free Fire Mod Apk because it is so exciting. Before I log in my coverage stable, and when I get in the game, it is much more durable, and other gamers kill me quickly because of that. The coverage is amazingly always in red 999+. It’s overwhelming for me. I wish you could create this more exciting and fun after this and gain so many customers like us. It will be so sad if you lose your many customers one day. I’ll pray the success for this Free Fire Mod Apk. Good luck!

Free Fire Mod Apk has some of the most amazing features than any other games. I love the non-partial activity of garena, as they demote in the patch day/new update. One final thing, objection nowadays this game has almost converted into a paid game. If you want to be a pro, you should practically top up, even so, I suggest you download this game.

Each 10-minute game places you on a remote island where you are pit against 49 other players

Free Fire Mod Apk is a perfect game for fighting. It easy to control its settings. It gives us more enjoyable. It brought out significant updates. But one problem some so many players used to hack and script. So, it will be complicated to win every match. So, you should ban the id of the hackers and took away the double rank token from every player, or you should limit it to every player. It would help if you also made good events.

Best Free Fire Mod Apk ever played. Realistic graphics and fantastic controls and features. I like the fast-paced action and short triumph. One should play it. Only the problem I face is that the game is the hackers will not die. One more thing is that I have been playing it for a long time, but still I didn’t get any emote, pet, new character. Garena should give something to the old players too. But otherwise a perfect Free Fire Mod Apk and one should try it.

It’s a pretty good game, in my opinion. But then again, our opinions may differ. Admittedly, it’s kind of pay to win, but the game offers cheap exclusive airdrops frequently. Also, there are events which allow us to buy unique items at a discount of at least 50%. As for the gameplay, it is pretty awesome and original. It differs significantly from other battle royals out there. The concept of logo walls is pretty good in my opinion. Overall, it’s a great Free Fire Mod Apk, and I highly recommend it.

Players freely choose their starting point with their parachute

I like this Free Fire Mod Apk because its concept is fantastic, battle royale is ridiculous. I’ve been playing it for a month and loving it. I like Garena’s policy of zero tolerance for cheaters. I have one issue (not your fault) my phone data connection is slow, which drops during facing the enemy (bad luck) and I lose. (Do you have any fixes for my bad luck?). I hope not to get an issue from your side. If I get, I trust you would help me.

It is a perfect game. I am giving five stars because it was fascinating. But the diamond section is not very bad, but some bad features. Free Fire you have to provide a diamond section like, e.g. ranked game-rank increase. So, you have to give a diamond section like a diamond game, so people who are playing free Fire get a loose diamond. I am requesting you to provide this section, please.

It is a beautiful game. I daily play tow time. When we play, it is very refreshing when I play it. Seeing the game, my two brothers have also downloaded the Free Fire Mod Apk. When I see a horror movie at that time, my dreams also become a horror. But when I play it neither the horror dream come nor I feel scared .it is right for you to be a good day at work and I don’t know what to do it again and again and again in my head is killing it on your  is off your  to call her and she is a good night, and it was a great

aim to stay in the safe zone for as long as possible in Free Fire Mod Apk

This Free Fire Mod Apk carries good gameplay, but there are some small things which can make this game better. You can make control more realistic with peek and fire button. You can add more guns. I have been playing this from 3 months I have reported at least 6-7 hackers you can ban them for better gameplay. in Free Fire Mod Apk I know there are some network problems but not that much your team is of the best quality they can make the network better. You can give more camera angles. Grenade aiming is too bad.

I am an old player of Free Fire Mod Apk. I nothing please give me some diamond. It is very the best game. It contains many modes to be more fun. We can buy thing and skins for weapons and every game any relaxed to the first one in the world. It is now like the oxygen we like. I cannot delete it on forgetting it in my life. I love this game very much it is mine do very match.

I want the developers to bring some updates in maps so, the players will be excited to land on different places in the plan. Second please bring some excellent graphics so that the character movements will look as real. Third, I want to request the developers to ban hackers. I know it is a problematic task, but you can do it. The fourth thing I want to say is, please bring an Free Fire Mod Apk which allows you to exchange coins into diamonds. Thank you!!!

In Free Fire Mod Apk Drive vehicles to explore the vast map, hide in trenches

The awesome game. Though I wouldn’t say, I like 1. Lag Issue: Severe lag issue and Bullet penetration through solid covers have reported over and over by the players. Even I can tell this is simply a server lag issue. Free Fire Mod Apk would help if you worked on building a Rock-Solid server, as Free Fire is the most popular mobile MMO-RPG in India now. 2. The Gun skin policy: That policy refers to the superiority of the players who can top up diamond over those who cannot. For a 3rd world country.

Garena Free Fire MOD APK
Garena Free Fire MOD APK

I enjoy playing this Free Fire Mod Apk whenever I am full of stress, and I play the game, and it releases all my weight from my mind. It might not be that much interesting at the starting, but when you reach the higher levels, the other opponent will go your stricter competition, and you would love playing this game again and again. There are many different modes which we can play in the game. #Just try it once.

Excellent game. But not satisfied with the diamonds because every cool thing is only available with a ring. Please make a system from which can every player can get diamonds quickly. Many players have good playing skill, but they can’t afford diamonds so they can’t get skins and good characters. Otherwise, the Free Fire Mod Apk is adorable. Thanks, developer for this EPIC game. Thank you.

become invisible by proning under grass with Free Fire Mod Apk

Hey Garena! After the OB22 update our phones are lacking too much, please fix this problem as we can’t play the game properly. I am very demotivated, and not only the game but all the apps in me didn’t work correctly. I request you to fix this problem as fast as possible. And after the upcoming update, we don’t want to hear that this Free Fire Mod Apk no more benefits on 2GB RAM anyway, if I sold to much, sorry.

Very much beautiful game. There is no problem, and it is comfortable for 2GB RAM Phones. I have played the Free Fire Mod Apk with 1GB RAM phones, and it is very smooth. And thanks, Garena for this fantastic game. But the graphics don’t give the real feeling and if I attach 4X scope, and then I look at the gun. It is looking like that I had not connected the 4X range. So, please improve this problem and reply to me. Thank you. I am giving you a complain that there are many players in the game so I can’t play it. Please improv

When I opened the Free Fire Mod Apk, it always shows unlimited diamonds for free. So due to this reason, I am not able to play with free Fire please solve this problem as soon as possible. If you cannot solve this problem, then I am uninstalling open Fire otherwise, please connect my account to another server other than the Indian server. Thank you.

free fire mod apk unlimited diamonds and coins

Awesome game! It made my mind explode! Excellent gameplay awesome, graphics and it is fascinating, and controls are unique. I always wanted a shooting Free Fire Mod Apk like this, and I am satisfied that I found this game I hope it becomes more popular than pubg love free fire!! Booooooyaaaaaaah!!!!! and please help me make it accessible. Thank you Yours genuinely Free fire player

Garena Free Fire MOD APK
Garena Free Fire MOD APK

I am happy to play this game—the best Free Fire Mod Apk in the world. Graphics are fresh. Everything is perfect. Great game on mobile. Suitable for less expensive mobiles Just loved the game. But please solve the issue of hackers. They spoil the game. Our rank goes down because of hackers. I am on platinum two, and my class is going down. By the way great game

Hey, add some more maps. Too bored of playing in Bermuda, Kalahari and often in limbo. Introduce some new environmental conditions. Try to make the Free Fire Mod Apk more realistic. Also, introduce doors and windows to buildings. Improve the morphologies of grass, trees, sky, rivers and also bring boats to game. Its large-sized app which deserves all these changes. Lastly, make things available in-game for coins, not gems. Too hard to suck treasures. At least make characters available for coins. Rest is fine

How to download free fire mod apk unlimited diamonds and coins

It is the best game I played it. It contains many mods to be more fun. We can buy things and skins for weapons and every item in the game. It is a straightforward Free Fire Mod Apk and easy to be the first one in the world. It is now like the oxygen that we take. I cannot delete it or forget it in my life. This update makes it more individual and more beautiful. We can make more some exchange in it to be more reliable and smarter.

It is an epic battle royal Free Fire Mod Apk with beautiful graphics. This Free Fire Mod Apk has a variety of game modes to choose from and not only that, but limited-time events also give exciting gameplay. There are three excellent maps to choose from, which makes it even more enjoyable. But the only drawback about this is we have to download a purgatory map every time the game gets an update, and there is a short period to play in purgatory. Please make purgatory a preloaded plan like Bermuda and Kalahari.

I love this game. But the worst thing is that all the cool stuff can only be purchase by diamonds, not from the coins. I like the pets in the free Fire, as all the survivors have received the Falco pet, which is my favourite. I love this game very much. I will never uninstall it. That’s was my experience for this Free Fire Mod Apk.

Ambush, snipe, survive, there is only one goal: to survive in Free Fire Mod Apk

I love this game very much. The picture quality is fantastic, and I am delighted with it. The best play I had ever seen, but the Rampage event is going in the Booyah app, and frequently I am getting Booyah tickets. I also got some diamonds, but getting booyah tickets is regular. I had unlimited diaomds, but the Free Fire Mod Apk is excellent. Thank you, Garena, for making this beautiful game.

Best game as I played ever.  I request to play this Free Fire Mod Apk if you want to play survival games. It is going too much room for a phone. And in the end, I like thanks to #Garena to make this type of play, and there should be no skins, and there are some problems. So, I requested to fix problems. Issues are on other feedback of people.

It is a better game, but it can be best if there will be no top-ups and memberships because it cost a lot of money. Also, I m a great fan of garena Free Fire Mod Apk, but whenever I want some diamonds, then I can’t buy them, from next update pls change this business of money from it else it is excellent. Pls make this change. I bet it will become the best game.

how to hack free fire diamonds 99999

I have been playing Free Fire Mod Apk for a long time. The game is perfect, but some problems are making the game worse. Please band the hacker’s ID, Make the game one for everyone who can spend money. the Free Fire Mod Apk is getting double popular with an unlimited amount of diamonds.Please remove the double rank token from the game .you will get diamonds for free in this Free Fire Mod Apk.

Garena Free Fire MOD APK
Garena Free Fire MOD APK

I have a lot of love for this game. Its extraordinary graphics and exciting rounds and characters. I am excepting you will give more and more updates for us. I will play Free Fire Mod Apk many times but still is not boring for me, line by line it’s going in very interesting. Emotes are ultimate to the characters. I love emotes. Pets are also adorable to have with them. We all have a lot of love in this game. So please give more updates and more interesting emotes and characters, guns, skins, and dress.

The Free Fire Mod Apk had taken an excellent step to give a. After the match drop of carnage points but even many of them were having more locations, please earn the extra points please. And even ff told that it had taken the extra points. Also, the players of many having more points

free fire headshot hack mod download for android

I am playing Free Fire Mod Apk from free Fire’s first anniversary. First, it’s graphics were poor, but then it improved. Now, it is growing too much. Every one or two months, a new character is available to us. Other games our nothing in front of the free Fire. Every friend plays it. I love its graphics. OH, I told to much now also many good things are remaining to say about the free Fire. It’s my favourite game in the world. I salute you garena open Fire’s producers.

At first, when the Free Fire Mod Apk is launched, it is not so cold but after and after a new update, make the game best in the world, if the free Fire is company read my review then I want to tell you that the game is excellent. Still, one problem comes here, character DJ Alok, it has the ability of self-healing. That the matter with me and other users. I think you can even do more better this Free Fire Mod Apk by giving an option of gold with diamonds for the purchase of DJ Alok and other characters. I think the price is 30,000gold.

Free Fire is the game forever since I am playing from 2019. And also, it is useful than the other shooting games. It doesn’t have an addiction like pubg. I love this game. After the update (from spooky nights update), the graphics were fresh. Even you have to play pubg. If you play this, you will surely love it. Thank you, garena for this fantastic game.

free fire auto headshot hack apk 2020 download

Perfect game. It doesn’t drain my time as one match is only 20 minutes. It has various things like unique character abilities and gun skin attributes. The graphics of these Free Fire Mod Apk are legit. This game offers a variety of things in just 500MB. It also doesn’t need any high requirements for devices. Smooth, Simple, and less realistic stuff like the logo wall, launchpads, and more make this game more interesting.

An excellent Free Fire Mod Apk of action and shooting, but there is one problem that I am not able to buy characters, gun skins and other skins. Also, any emotes because I have 0 diamonds, so please fix this problem. I think that after getting booyah, we should get at least 20 rings. If we were in the top 10, we should get at least 10 Diamonds, and if we were in the top 30, we should get at least five diamonds so please fix this problem this is my favourite game or the best game. I am waiting for your reply. Thank you.

Wow, I’m speechless. Free Fire is the best Free Fire Mod Apk I have ever played. But it show’s network connection error form one month, I have tried so many things to make it right, but nothing happened I had to stop gaming for a week I want to play again to fix my problem in have started playing pubg now, so make it right soon.

diamond hack free fire mod apk download for android

First, when playing, you couldn’t play well. After some time in training mode and we play like a pro. There are many events. It’s a small battleground Free Fire Mod Apk with many guns. Also, there are many types of equipment. After some time, free Fire will become the best battleground mobile game in the world.

It is a very great game ever. I am playing this Free Fire Mod Apk from 2017 and still playing. The best thing is that there is a new offer every month. And this game has excellent gaming experience, and graphics are also good. And this game can run on mobile, which has 1 GB ram, and it is only 500 MB. There is a small mistake. I can say that many significant updates come after three months or two months, so free Fire needs to give these updates in 6 or 7 months so everyone can enjoy this game.

Garena Free Fire Mod Apk is a perfect game, but on the present events leaderboard rampage 2.2, many players are increasing their points massively, and only the top 100 on the full region is quite less. There are about millions of users of free Fire, and the M1014 s skin is not fair to give the gun skins to all of the Indian region players. Please, it’s a sincere heart request.

free fire mod unlimited diamonds 2020 direct download

I like this game, and I request you to add these features also 1. Many are eager for Gun King mode. So please bring back the Gun King mode. 2. Like the knives’ introduction, I also want the opening of the archery, which is bow and arrows. If the developer likes this comment, please send me DJ Alok my I’d is PVD. Thank you.

Good game in 1 GB ram and super entertainment no hangs good experience. Best shooting game online and we play with your friends. Many maps, guns, specialized equipment, Many modes like clash squad, training. many cars, race track and many beautiful places in maps, bright graphics, and precise gameplay. The control is the choice of your

It is a perfect game, better than pub g but people are hacking free Fire because they do not get diamonds. They are cutting open Fire with ac market, (from which we can get the ring), lulu box (people are crazy for lulu box), etc. What I am trying to say is that please do something through which we can get diamonds. My friends also started downloading the lulu box. They all tell me even to play with the lulu box, but I refuse them every time.

I love this game more than other its op game, but we are facing some problems in this free Fire I think it’s happening to everyone that is a network problem, but our network is perfect. It’s showing like Request time out Garena pls make it perfect. It’s unfortunate when we rank push. I am always getting 10- 13- 20- 41- 0+. It’s sad for me. In-game history it’s showing like this

Survival shooter in its original form in Free Fire Mod Apk

I recommend this is the best battle royale Free Fire Mod Apk of all. Even PUBG can never beat Free Fire nor Fortnite. Free Fire has its taste. GOOD JOB, GARENA! I am rating it five stars because this game is hard work. I mean, at first, this game was full of hackers, but now there is not a single hacker. I am strictly annoyed by people who write reviews that this game is for rich people. Well, I suppose you might be wrong. Free Fire gives stuff for free.

Free Fire Mod Apk is an Excellent game, but please update it and please make it smoother to play on 1gb ram devices, I have 1gb ram device, but it’s still lagging, and many of my friends are having 1gb ram device, so they also have the same problem, it will be so kind if you will make it smoother, significant issues like.

lobby (2) the plane goes till the end, and then I drop on the end of (3) laggy shooting and moving, and other players quickly kill us, please fix it, I don’t mind if the graphics are low but a smooth gameplay

They gave September Elite Pass for free. They gave the beach costume for free. Open Fire gave the new legendary Famine Felon Bundle for free, and they even gave the brand-new character Wohlfarth for free. Now is this not enough for you guys (I am talking to the reviewers, not the developers)? I think that Free Fire Mod Apk is a game made for everyone of all ages, either rich or poor. So, I hope you guys(reviewers) understand and don’t write such comments again. Thank you!

10 minutes, 50 players, epic survival goodness awaits

Free Fire is the best game I ever played. I like this game so much, but I have two problems, 1st that you change the characters in the magic cube event, I wouldn’t say I like this because you can put all aspects in it so that can anyone can buy a style he wants and 2nd I am waiting for an exclusive airdrop. Still, you are not giving it, two days are gone, but I do not get any exclusive airdrop, please solve this problem, thank you.

It is a perfect game, but the purchasing amount is very high. The people who have money can purchase diamonds. Many people couldn’t .so bring some improvement in purchasing so everyone can buy some diamonds easily. Many people are stilling money from their house for purchasing. In my opinion, it’s not a bad game; it turns my life. It helps me to spend time with my friends. im playing this Free Fire Mod Apk for eight years. I have no legendary gun skin. Please yes.

This game is so good and exciting in gamelan maps modes, and I thank the garena team for fixing my cs-ranked -ranked problems. After you settled the carnage points bug and had a chance to win them after the match, but now everyone is in 300 to 400 points range, I am in 150. Before fixing it am in top 1 per cent, but now I am in high 52 per cent because of after match drop carnage points, I request the Free Fire Mod Apk team to make the range from 5 to 10 carnage points after the match drop

4-man squad, with in-game voice chat in Free Fire Mod Apk

This game is fantastic. If you have played this Free Fire Mod Apk, then you may know that this is an excellent game. But few things are there which disturbs you. This game has ping issue, glitch, and sometime you may face a hacker in the game. The game is fabulous, and I enjoy very much to play this game. Thank you, Garena, for this game. Please solve these small bugs. And I know that Garena can solve these little bugs. Free Fire is the best game I have ever played. Garena, please solve these small bugs. Thank you.

It is a perfect game. But the only problem is that of controls. And my problem is that of the diamonds I request to your mam or sir that there should be a mission to collect rocks. So, please try to do it. But all the things I like about this game this is good. In pubg, all the people are going mad. But in this Free Fire Mod Apk, you can’t because you can effortlessly bore in this game because if you win continuously booyah. And that thing is perfect in it. Pls accept request

It is sweet, but in the clash, a squad ranked there should be a streaking star even when we go to platinum. If there is no streak star, it is so hard to go to diamond and heroic. Because many times enemies are beautiful and pro’s, but my squad is not excellent and is not playing well. But in free Fire, we have to play nice to win even in solo vs. unit. But also remove off lines in-game they will reconnect and do some hack about unlimited health etc. so do these what I told.

Fast-paced 4v4 game mode is now open 24/7

It’s a fantastic game like ping and call of duty can complete this game. Updates are coming faster. But I like to include one thing that please increase the damage given to the enemy because many shots to kill an enemy. Hands up for this review if you want to add this update people.

I love this game because of gameplay and graphics, but I wouldn’t say I like the players who can’t top up, although they are very pro areas in this game. I topped up 1000 diamonds for the Arctic Blue Bundle, and all I got was bonfire and scans and nothing. Please, Garena thinks about poor people also please. Please give permanent legendary gun skins, emotes, new bundles, Alok, wall skins, and many more in free, please. I hope your hearts are enough kind to give us.

Free Fire Mod Apk is the best game ever for me compare to my other experienced games, But I want to talk about my problem with competition. So, before a few months, you organized 50% off on Gift store. At this time, I am a beginner player and, I have not any diamonds for purchasing. So, I need this event again, Please and I rating your game. So, my rating is five stars.

Free Fire Mod Apk is the ultimate survival shooter game available on mobile. Each 10-minute game places you on a remote island where you are pit against 49 other players, all seeking survival. Players freely choose their starting point with their parachute and aim to stay in the safe zone for as long as possible. Drive vehicles to explore the vast map, hide in trenches, or become invisible by proning under grass.

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What's new

1. Clash Squad Season 1 - Begins 06/04 17:00 SGT.
2. New Weapon - M82B.
3. New Character - Wolfrahh
4. Players can now equip active skills from other characters.
5. Weapon stats adjustment: SKS, SVD, M1887, and M14.
6. Advanced attachment stats adjustment: VSS and Kar98k.
7. Info box will now share the safe zone's location with teammates.
8. Purgatory - Classic now available.
9. Emote slot has been expanded from 6->8
10. Guild system improvement and optimization.

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