Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter MOD APK (Money) free on android

Earth's last expectation is in your grasp, assume command over the solitary spaceship and safeguard Earth from outsider multitudes. Your objective will be very difficult as you should save the Universe from its malicious adversaries.
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Package Name Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter
Developer ONESOFT
Price Free
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Version 40.0
Size 88M
Requirements 4.1 and up
Last Update May 30, 2023
Date Update July 17, 2020
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Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter MOD APK (MOD, Unlimited Money) – Earth’s last expectation is in your grasp, assume command over the solitary spaceship and safeguard Earth from outsider multitudes. Your objective will be very difficult as you should save the Universe from its malicious adversaries. In this space shooting match-up, you will confront an undeniably huge number of foes in dangerous conditions. As the game advances, you will acquire the option to update your rocket to release its full deadly limit.


From a replacement perspective, Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter might appear to be the kind of game that, in a genuine sense, arrives in a very paper sleeve within the store deal instrumentation, but this is often a harsh jewel. It actually profits by very being concerning as previous because it was apparent. Over something, this Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter shows the excellence of capitalizing on a restricted toolset with associate-engaged encounters. To place it another way: This game simply will a precise one thing. Nonetheless, it will be the damnation out of it.

It’s likewise a challenger for the original legit title of all time. In Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter, you shoot aliens. Tons of aliens. Currently and once {more}, I actually can not help pondering; however, this game ran on more seasoned centers and PCs in a lightweight that the number of foes on screen while not a moment’s delay will surpass numbers frequently controlled for massive scope methodology games.

The Story

Later, this prompts the game’s next party piece: blood and bunches. Flip the crimson within the menu and bear in mind the days of utmost mortal combat vogue gibs. {on occasion|once in a very while|every so often|every now and then|now and again|from time to time|occasionally|sometimes|infrequently} it’ll seem as if you are not such loads of a fighter as an incredibly energetic wall painter WHO simply arrangements in a solitary tone.

Obviously, to induce these visuals, you’d have to be compelled to play the sport first. It is a twin-stick shoot-em-up, but it’s a couple of different stunts. First, the conditions area unit isometric, and they do not disappear after you or the alien’s area unit takes cowl behind things. This remarkably seems purposeful, as they utilize this slight peculiarity over an automobile to induce shock assaults from aliens concealing your field of reading.


Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter was hand-created around what it required to try to, with the beasts shifting back and forth between zerg-rush methods and trying to burst out of the walls. And in a while commencing to hearth back with weapons of their own. On that note, I am terribly most popular with the selection of weapons. All plainly includes a specific beast sort as a high priority. Thus ammunition protection and selecting the proper gun at the best time area unit critical, and it’s gigantically fulfilling once it works.

As an example, the minigun does not cause a lot of damage, but the high pace of discharge it utilizes makes it ideal for those shut immense multitudes some of the stages in. The firearm includes a low speed of shoot, but it hits exhausting, creating it ideal for golf stroke down more durable single foes. None of the weapons at any purpose become out of date or futile, which addresses the shrewd work on the dev’s half.

Graphics and Sound

With relevance to various things, the game’s music selections are senseless and loveable, selecting a restricted melody determination that ne’er entirely seems to travel downhill. This is often thoughtless 90’s-style arcade fun, and the game does not really attempt to hide or excuse it.


In general, you’ll be able to do much more unfortunate than this, and this is often a youth exemplary for a few. There is adequate check to satisfy someone who wants a commendable battle. Nonetheless, the sport is easy enough for anybody to induce and play. Get in there and “make them drain”!

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What's new

- New Hero mode with 3 planets
- Add 5 Expert Items
- Fix bug PvP


Version Size Requirements Date
39.5 88M 4.1 and up 17/07/2020
39.4 88M 4.1 and up 17/07/2020
27.1 88M 4.1 and up 17/07/2020
26 84M 4.1 and up 26/06/2020

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