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When it comes to 3D helicopter battle action games, Gunship Strike 3D MOD APK is the most realistic and visually impressive option on Google Play. It is time to go on the offensive against the most dangerous fear mongers. In Gunship Strike, you take control of some of the most impressive combat helicopters as a heavy armament expert. To eliminate large numbers of enemies everywhere on the planet, you must order your powerful robots to fire their rifles and annihilating rockets with decisive precision.
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Oct 24, 2022
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Gunship Strike 3D MOD APK (MOD, Unlimited Money) – When it comes to 3D helicopter battle action games, Gunship Strike 3D MOD APK is the most realistic and visually impressive option on Google Play. It is time to go on the offensive against the most dangerous fear mongers. In Gunship Strike, you take control of some of the most impressive combat helicopters as a heavy armament expert. To eliminate large numbers of enemies everywhere on the planet, you must order your powerful robots to fire their rifles and annihilating rockets with decisive precision.

Use the world’s most famous battle insight to skillfully pilot your combat helicopter and destroy the enemy’s military outposts. Gunship Strike is the best military helicopter game because it combines skill, strategy, and just the right amount of violence. At the moment, the AI you shoot and destroy appear to be life-sized models; there are no visible hot blood trails on warm, and I believe there should be a greater emphasis on violence.

Gunship Strike 3D MOD APK

Nothing but flailing limbs flailing aimlessly. I have no idea how the carnage model is implemented, but it would be awesome to see actual damage on the models, such as bullet-sized holes if the bullet hits a specific part (which, again, are tiny, so this is how things could function) or guts from a severed heart floating around. This game isn’t sluggish in the slightest, so I think it’s possible to implement more of this without a massive hit to FPS. Of course, the development team is focusing on various things, so I can see why this hasn’t gotten much attention yet.

Realistic 3D helicopter battle

When I first saw this Gunship Strike 3D, I was ecstatic that someone had finally built a gunship game instead of just including one or two levels in a larger game. However, after giving it a try, I realised that it was fantastic! I’m very interested in what’s been shown so far; the controls are polished and well-thought-out, the voice acting is natural and expressive, and the antagonist is a welcome change from the often wooden performances of games by smaller studios.

Artificial intelligence (AI) seems intelligent at first glance; it can detect when you have just shelled an area and will quickly alter its trajectory to avoid it. Amazing job thus far; I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this Gunship Strike 3D. Have you ever had to use your weapons to take out enemy soldiers while being safe behind a densely shaded barrier? Maybe, like me, you’ve been planning this out in your head ever since you were a little lad. If that’s the case, I’ve got a game for you.

To be serious, it seems promising. It’s great fun, but there isn’t much to do in terms of missions, crusades, or realistic situations (all of which I would really like); however, these concerns are being addressed. To that end, I suggest a tomfoolery-minimal game in which the player assumes the role of a heavy weapons expert aboard an AC130 and wipes out hordes of ragheads. We need more variety since the vocal lines are starting to annoy us.

Launch the attack

What about alternating male and female voices in the new version? Or maybe a more pronounced radio impact? I eventually became tired of seeing them constantly cry, “HE’S RUNNING!” at any artificial intelligence that was in motion. Although his voice is lovely, I would rather not listen to the voice performer. Simply put, more variety is required. For certain missions in Gunship Strike 3D, you’ll assume the role of the WSO, in charge of the aircraft’s most lethal weapon and its security systems (flares and teases).

Gunship Strike 3D MOD APK

You don’t get to be the pilot. It seems like some kind of wacky control over the plane’s flight has been planned but has not yet been implemented. The FLIR camera’s distinctive graphics combined with the carefully orchestrated soundtrack create a lively environment. With the variety of weapons available, one can recreate authentic and up-to-date gunship variants, and the effects of using them are impressive and satisfying.

Gunship Strike 3D is an entertaining and amusing game. It’s like the helicopter sections of Expert Battle Attack Skyline, except without the staged events and flashy rocket dodging. In this Gunship Strike 3D, you pilot a Mi-24 Hind gunship, which is one of the most menacing aircraft a person may encounter in the sky. The controls, even on the pilot option, are really easy to manage and successful; you can use a console and mouse, which I haven’t tried, or a 360/Xbone cushion, which works well.

Most powerful combat helicopters

You’ll make OFOR camps the target of sideways barrage runs like nobody’s business. Since it’s still in early alpha, the game often freezes. As far as I could tell, if you enable Steam Overlay while the game is loading, it will freeze when you arrive at the “click any button to advance” screen, forcing you to force quit the game from the task manager. However, there are also a minor number of bugs. If you’re using a gunpod and you run out of ammo while holding the trigger, the screen will continue to tremble as if the weapon were still firing.

It would seem that all of the antagonists are American soldiers from World War II. This isn’t a glitch; rather, it’s likely the result of sloppy programming, a placeholder, or an actual invasion by imperialist Americans. The Gunship Strike 3D is a load of hooey, however, with your unrelenting conflict chariot raining down murder and contempt. This Gunship Strike 3D was well worth the $16 I spent on it, as it provides a nice balance between technical depth and arcade fun, making it a good choice if you’re looking for a light helicopter combat test system activity.

It’s brief, yet satisfying; the assignment may be completed in a short amount of time. There is occasional entertainment to keep you occupied, but at $16, you may expect more than two hours. Now is the time to embrace your true identity as death, the destroyer of worlds, whether you want to call it Mars, Mara, Izanami, Hel, or something else.

Powerful machines guns

If you enjoy (ancient) flight simulators with a cockpit perspective, such as Gunship 2000, Commanche, Front Line 2, and others, this is the Heli game for you.In fact, even in its alpha express form, the game contains all of the essential features of a good flight simulator: Outstanding Center, Player vs. Player and Group Player vs. Player, Single Engagement, Mission Mode, and Free Flight.

Gunship Strike 3D MOD APK

A plethora of regulator choices; a variety of perspectives, including a fully delivered cockpit (my preferred view) and a heavy weapons specialist seat; FLIR; and a few outer perspectives; and a few others. Incorporate heavy explosions, cloth doll soldiers, unique loadouts, and just the right amount of reenactment without going over the edge into the absurd.

Since this is the main public release of the Gunship Strike 3D and the included missions offer a promising preview of the direction the substance designers are headed, I will not continue to complain about the game’s lack of content. Based on what I’ve seen thus far, I’m certain that the content will only get better from here on out. My friends and I bought the game together and played through all of the satisfying multiplayer modes.

As a group, we only use Logitech 3D Outrageous flying sticks because of how well they are generally accepted, developed, and implemented. There is absolutely no need for a mouse since every part of the Heli can be accommodated by the stick. Even the menus can be navigated with only the cap and a few buttons on the stick; it’s all really slick and easy to use.

Devastating missiles

If you’re the kind who likes to fine-tune the feel of your controls, you’ll be happy to hear that rudder and choke stick pilots are prioritised in the system’s design and that there is a comprehensive set of customizable options available to them. Like the flight-stick testers, I gave the console’s mouse controls (in Pilot mode) a go and found them to be just as responsive as the others. So far, it’s fantastic to see this class being properly revived.

My friends and I have been having a great time rewatching the continuing limited material and looking forward to what this designer has in store for us next. a bargain at only $13 USD; please purchase from them. This hybrid arcade/recreational game relies heavily on the player’s natural affinity for and familiarity with flight. This is one of the few flight simulators (if not the only one) that attempts to graphically and experientially recreate the sense of piloting a combat helicopter.

Particular features of this Gunship Strike 3D include grass that trembles when the rotor wind blows, realistic mountains (the Gunship Strike 3D makes use of the DX11 decoration system), realistic cities, realistic water and pyrotechnic blasts, a lot of mists, water shock waves when a rocket hits the ocean, many lovely trees and woodlands, snow and night modes, and more. The lack of a damage model and the introduction of health bars may turn off some players, but the game “feels” far more vibrant than other (old) heli simulations like Apache/Devastation or Comanche/Hokum.

Demolish the enemy military bases

Despite its arcade nature, which at the very least means fun, the flight model is mostly accurate, despite missing impacts or elements like autorotation or gyroscopic impacts (because the harm model is missing, the tail rotor will never be destroyed, so you never need to battle against rotor gyro impacts material science, so it is difficult to know if the physical science motor supports these highlights).

Gunship Strike 3D MOD APK

In the Special Edition, I only saw minor differences in the flying capabilities of the Mi-24, Mi-8, Mi-28, and Ka-50, which is horrible but not surprising given the game’s focus on visual clarity. However, the Mi-8’s massive size is plain to see. Finally, all helicopters have the same flying controls, meaning there are no user-friendly instrument panels; this is the most absurd aspect of the game, and it’s a shame since the helicopters’ interiors look amazing.

The arsenal is vast, and new weapons will be unlocked as the player progresses through the pivotal 18-mission quest. Here’s what’s going on: they’re each uniquely presented and completed artistically, and they each have their own distinct visual and lethal effects. Excellent that every helicopter has the option to switch to weapon control mode, allowing manual firearm direction and concentrating even while in flight, as well as drifting mode, side weapon turret options, and support for pilot-directed rockets (like AT2-Swatter ones).

World’s greatest combat experience

I really hoped this Gunship Strike 3D would live up to my expectations. Finally, an enjoyable helicopter fight game that can be controlled by the Xbox controller! Sadly, I’m not a fan of the Xbox’s controller. Nothing except Pilot mode feels like a helicopter, and nothing close to it does either. Nothing I’ve tried in Pilot mode works.There’s a lot going on, and it seems like you’re always fighting the controls rather than enjoying an enhanced gaming experience because of the regulations.

The auto-heavy weapons expert is too slow and concentrates on friendly troops, so I got stuck towards the mission’s furthest boundary, where you had to constantly perform heaps of manual fire. Over time, I’ve had enjoyable experiences while still enjoying the Gunship Strike 3D. Especially when friendly forces are being backed up by close air support, it’s not fun for anybody. Simply put, the Wilderness Air Support mission is torture.

An expert in auto-heavy weaponry specifically targets amiable troops (WHY? ), and the regulator has no plans to change this. Manual pointing is inconvenient, especially at higher magnifications, because the camera must pan to keep up with the manual pointing box while juggling the action on-screen without TrackIR.In autohover and heavy armament expert camera view, you do acquire this kind of behaviour, although it is not always possible.

Gunship Strike combines tactics

To strike anything, the responsiveness must be cranked all the way down. When in autohover or manual point, maybe the Y-admission of the left stick might be mapped to the vertical camera dish. You want your hands on the sticks, so having to physically pan with the D-cushion is an awkward setup.

Why can’t I just touch B to swap guns and hold B to reload? That frees up a shoulder button to function as a “shift or switch key” that, when held (or flipped), may remap the sticks and face buttons, enabling “pilot mode” and “heavy weapons specialist mode” with extra focusing capabilities that are now console-only and “freelook.”

Gunship Strike 3D MOD APK

Manual gunning beyond autohover is obviously intended, but after many attempts—and with all the harm parameters shifting around from time to time to make the challenge less daunting—I have not been able to get the control necessary to win the Wilderness Air Backing task.

The majority of reviews for the Xbox One version are negative, and I can’t defend it. I downloaded it before it was fully discharged on my computer, so my expectations for its cleanliness were low. Nonetheless, I was on the hunt for a simulation light with which to practise controlling lighting effects in simulations, and this one gets close but still puzzles me. The PC HOTAS and console/mouse crowd may have fewer complaints than the latter, in my opinion.

Flying skills

Finally, it’s a fantastic game overall. You may make the game more or less of an arcade experience by adjusting the difficulty. Unlike Attack Skyline, which I tried, this Gunship Strike 3D has logical weapon loading, including both “mid-air reloading” in Crusade and realistic “return to base” reloading in a few other game types I haven’t tried yet. It’s true, you can fire off as many rockets as you want or almost skim the rockets in the air as in DCS or a similar game without having to reload after each shot (with the exception of the automatic rifle).

However, genuineness necessitates self-control; you can’t waste any shots. Three more Russian-made helicopters are included in the downloadable content. Even though I’ve only tried one of them, I can confidently declare that “if I pilot this youngster, it’s not Gunship Strike 3D.” Unfortunately, despite all of the goods, this game is still a little unreliable. It sometimes smashed into the workspace, and the reasons why were seldom explained.

Like the Mi-24 I play in Attack Skyline, the Mi-8 in the DLC pack is slow and difficult to turn (albeit the Mi-24 rotates faster, and you can forget about trying to pivot the helicopter by continuing to move the mouse). There are several reasons why I find this Gunship Strike 3D fascinating, including my love of the Apache helicopter from narrative recordings, mods from other games to which reference has been made, being a fan of Ace Battle and having tried the Attack Skyline long before this game was available, or perhaps having tried some more established pilot training programme games.

Soviet and Russian military hardware

I had a blast while playing it, and I plan on coming back for more crushing action. I can’t wait to find out what the creator of this amazing game will need to do to make it a success. Military Mi-24 As a fan of Soviet and Russian military hardware, the Hind is my favourite attack helicopter. It looks like a tank with all the bells and whistles that can take to the air with ease. It was referred to by the Soviet and Russian pilots as the “flying tank.”

Another mythological snake, this one angry and ready to leap to freedom, seems to be clinging to the edge. I want to be able to grab a ride on one someday. I’ll have to tolerate video games in which you pilot Hind helicopters until that day comes. To our relief, Gunship Strike 3D is able to provide the necessary assistance. Multiple game modes are available, including the main story, Moment Activity, Experimental Drill, Guide Manager Missions, and Multiplayer.

Gunship Strike 3D MOD APK

The developers have also included three new Russian choppers for you to pilot: the Ruin, the HIP, and the HOKUM. Because, well, it’s the Hind, I’ve been using it to complete the Mission and Moment Activity modes up until now. I’ll probably replay all game types with various helicopters to get a feel for how they all perform. You’re all set to make some adjustments to your chosen chopper before a mission.

You get to choose the disguise theme, the challenge level, and the weapon type. Although there are a number of weapons to choose from, the large unguided rockets, assault rifles, and AT-2 Swatter rockets will likely see the most use (Russian likeness: Damnation rockets). It would have been preferable if the heavy bombs were able to do greater damage to particular enemy objects, such as ships.

Joysticks are supported

Although it may take some getting used to, the Hind is a breeze to control with a mouse and console. I agree that joysticks are supported in the Gunship Strike 3D. The pictures are fantastic. There are no breaks in the action as you fight and soar through dawn, day, and night. Downpour, smog, and snowfall are just a few examples of how the weather may have an effect. Captions are provided in English for the Russian dialogue.

In one scenario, a heavy weapons expert mocks malfunctioning American equipment. This, I believe, is retaliation for all the times Hollywood has poked fun at the reliability of Russian-made products in movies and TV shows. The conflict itself is OK, but I find it quite frustrating to engage in aerial dogfights with enemy helicopters. It goes from declining to rising, falling, and twisting in a struggle. When I picture it, my mind keeps wondering whether it’s anything like that.

In one air battle, MiG fighters demonstrated their speed and kamikaze mentality. When aiming at stationary targets like buildings, the game will only register a perfectly precise hit before letting you proceed. While the PC pilots the helicopter, you may switch into heavy weapons expert mode and use an automatic weapon to take out enemy soldiers. There is variety in the objectives, but I feel that the missions themselves don’t last long enough.

A handful of tanks and armoured vehicles

I am familiar with Gunship Strike 3D because: It would be fantastic if 3DIVISION, the game’s creators, would return to AM:H and release new content now that the game is 5 years old and the studio is focusing all of its efforts on its most recent game, Laborers and Assets: Soviet Republic (also an outstanding early access game!). Right now, it’s rather endearing. The appearance of a single, 18-mission crusade alongside 15 single missions is the primary real concern of an otherwise successful project.

Being recognised by specialized, loving clients sometimes means that the game is too difficult or has other playability concerns, but thankfully there is a manager, and besides, there are something like at least 50 missions on Steam Studio that partly rescue this aspect of the game. I’m hoping the developers will give some thought to including new missions in future updates or, failing that, releasing more downloadable content.

Finally, the Gunship Strike 3D has a paltry selection of tactical units: four helicopters at most, one aircraft, a handful of tanks and armoured vehicles, a few rogue specialty trucks, a smattering of warriors and rebel forces, two boats, and a submarine. Here, too, a refinement in subsequent iterations or downloadable content would be very appreciated. Despite his flaws, I found a lot to like about this game: it’s great to see someone moving in the right direction, the vivid one, which, for a 3D videogame, should be the main feature, but isn’t.

Traditional gunship gameplay

I also want to give a shout-out to the joystick recognition and control modification features; I was able to quickly and simply programme my old joystick to include six buttons, a choke, a curved rudder, and a directional cap. Finally, online multiplayer: I’ve yet to find other players in my online battles. I will proceed. The early access substance barrier is a big issue at this time.

Gunship Strike 3D MOD APK

There are currently two modes: wave mode (where simplified AI-powered zombies or bugs are being slain as they advance on a base) and preparation mode (uninhibitedly picking your weapons, producing hostiles who respond to approaching shoots but are generally uninvolved).

Great fun can be had right now with those modes, and they provide a solid foundation upon which to build faith in the Gunship Strike 3D’s future success. Still, real work, reasonable circumstances, and worthwhile goals are on the horizon.

There has been talk of a major development in this area coming towards the end of December, and I’d be happy to update the survey then. Those who like traditional gunship gameplay will find that the current build of Gunship Strike 3D provides a satisfying experience with plenty more to come. By the beginning of 2023, the game should have a reasonably comprehensive amount of general content (including actual scenarios and missions), with just the refinement of continuing interaction features left to do.

Layouts are really professional

Since the camera wouldn’t stay completely steady when ending a 30mm round, I think there should be some camera shaking when you shoot. In addition, additional zoom would be fantastic, since 5X doesn’t seem quite enough. As a huge lover of the Mi-24, this was a must-have for me, despite the fact that it is an arcade game. I was most worried that it would be too similar to Heleborne, but thankfully it isn’t quite as arcady.

Even if the controls are upgraded in comparison to a real helicopter, they are authentic enough to make you feel like you’re flying. The layouts are really professional, however, some of them may be improved; a guiding view would be useful for scouting your territory and planning when to cause a commotion in the neighbourhood. The Mi-24 model is very accurate, although it does have a few quirks.

The nose landing gear retracts in a very peculiar manner, which is a point of criticism given how imperceptible the action is. The only time I saw a dip in framerate was while I was firing pod-mounted Yak-B gatling guns over the largest metropolis, and even then, the Gunship Strike 3D ran smoothly and the instructions loaded quickly. But that was back when it was still in the early stages of development; now, a year later, it functions flawlessly under any and all conditions.

Guided missiles

However, the conflicts in this Gunship Strike 3D are quite enjoyable, especially the lightning-fast assaults on the city of Mission. It’s tough, and I have to use my willpower and the guided missiles to keep going. Despite the moniker, the addition of more Soviet or Russian helicopters is a welcome addition. Most notably, I find that the Mi-28 and Ka-50 cockpits lack vital finishing touches like working gauges and displays.

Even though the Mi-8’s conventional cockpit has been modified in an unusually Westernized way, reports indicate that the aircraft’s improved performance is due to this modification rather than any inherent superiority of the aircraft itself. Seeing how the game has progressed has been quite satisfying. The designers paid close attention to the neighbourhood, and I feel that my input made a difference.

Based on the Mi-24 Hind, a legendary Soviet helicopter, Gunship Strike 3D is a combat pilot simulator game. When starting a single-player game, you will be presented with three options: a mission, a quick activity, and a practise flight. To help you become acquainted with the fundamental settings, this tool provides a brief tutorial right as you begin setting up camp. The real missions will start when you’ve completed the training.

Switch the degree of difficulty

All missions are based on made-up wars; however, you may travel through real-looking places like focal Asia or eastern Europe. When a mission is complete, additional armaments become available that may be installed on your helicopter. At any time before a task, you may switch the degree of difficulty and the gadgets you’re equipped with. Unfortunately, there aren’t many people playing this Gunship Strike 3D online right now, despite the fact that it has both multiplayer and cooperative modes. Excellent realism and an acceptable level of realism in the visuals

  • Reasonable + Practical + Realistic
  • Plus, incredible music
  • pinpoint accuracy omnidirectional rotorcraft
  • fantastic helicopter customization
  • ease of use
  • Effortlessly + may cause a problem
  • Plus, co-op and multiplayer
  • Steam-powered achievements
  • A list of competitors

Some minor kinks

  • Since nobody has seen the game yet, you may expect to find just a handful of gamers online.
  • an indistinct or elusive part
  • No trading of playing cards

The Gunship Strike 3D is now in Early Access, and it shows enough promise to become a respectable and enjoyable simulator for training fighter pilots. Even though this isn’t a huge engineering firm, they’ve already done a good job, and their games have a lot of advantages because of things like their realism, ease of use, and ability to be tailored to your preferences.


If you like games in which you fly, then I can confidently recommend this Gunship Strike 3D to you. When my ammo ran out on the third wave (for one weapon) in invasion, the firearm determination failed, and I was trapped on Alright for the rest of the round and had to go back to the main menu to make my selection. This is just an intentional endeavour with a lot of promise but not much material right now, so I would recommend waiting to buy it.

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