Last Day On Earth MOD APK v (MEGA MOD) free on android

The survival shooter Last Day on Earth is set in a post apocalyptic world: in 2027 the world saw an outbreak of an unknown infection that destroyed almost all the human race. And it didn’t stop there. All those dead started turning into zombies and those few survivors that have resistance in their blood are trying to survive on the ruins of the once great world.
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The survival-themed shooting game Last Day On Earth Mod Apk is set in a post-apocalyptic time: in 2027, the world witnessed an outbreak of an unknown virus that decimated nearly all of humanity. The destruction didn’t stop there. The dead turned into zombies. Few survivors who have an ounce of resistance veins are fighting to make it through the rubble of the once glorious world.

The future of your character’s life is up to you! Be aware of the character’s health stats like hunger and thirst, collect precious crafting materials, make weapons and vehicles of various kinds, or use the items you have on your hands, such as a bat or road sign. Everything will be handy to kill hundreds, hundreds. Thousands of zombies!

last day on earth mod apk
last day on earth mod apk


Destroy intruders in your territory by not only using your strength but also by slyly constructing fortifications by raiding the settlements of other survivors in search of precious loot and resources. In the end, people will be anything and everything to survive.

The most dedicated fans will have plenty of activities to enjoy in the challenging places during the season. Before you embark on a grueling excursion, equip your surviving with the most gruesome weapon that can hunt down wild animals and take out the hordes of zombies that have mutated. You can get to the season’s location via a vehicle that is ready to be used to craft.


In addition, when you cross the wall to the west side of the map, you’ll enter an online world where wearing a unique costume to you, the player, it is possible to communicate and interact with others.

Explore the vast and deep-buried universe that is the Last Day On Earth Mod Apk! Enhance your hero’s abilities, upgrade your home, search for abandoned areas, hunt wild animals, and more New rules govern the new world.

I consider this to be the best survival game I have played. However, I think the game should simply offer parts of the chopper, similar to the drop from the sky and inside the chests you can find at every location. The raids should be accessible at levels above 80.

It is fantastic to fight zombies, but there’s an issue where you can’t make highly effective weapons unless you spend a significant amount of money on materials, so please design weapons that are easier to construct and use effectively. Another issue is that materials such as copper and many other materials are tough to obtain; therefore, please make it more accessible however I would recommend you play the game.

This Last Day On Earth Mod Apk is the most enjoyable I’ve played. The first thing I’ve been amazed about is the game’s gameplay. It’s great. I do have plenty of ideas for tiny things to do in the game. I’d love to present them to you. In addition, some things could be more realistic since some things are just too complex or straightforward. The rest is perfect.

Features Of Last Day On Earth Mod Apk

You should think about this idea of the bed, both in the second and first persona. It’s all about energy. Sure, you can replenish it using energy drinks and also with the healer advertisements. Why not use the bed to fill the power twice as fast? I would like it to become more than just a decorative piece.

It’s one of the greatest games of all time, and honestly speaking. The only issue is that players who play f2p have no chance of being forced to stop playing or switch to the modified version of the game. I’d suggest you help make your game simpler by increasing the likelihood of loot and removing weapons’ durability. When will you include the helicopter??

It’s not overly complicated, but not too simple. My only issue is the amount of energy needed to travel. There are many methods of obtaining it. However, in such a highly addictive game, it’s hard to find enough. I stopped playing this game quite a while ago, then returned with it recently and had a fantastic time playing. It’s not clear if the game has been changed too much since my last game, but I have no issues at the moment.

This Last Day On Earth Mod Apk is very challenging that I cannot play it for long also enough. Many free games are essential. However, this game was developed with lots of thought. The ads aren’t too bothersome and don’t interfere with the game’s gameplay. If you are a fan of RPGs, this is a fantastic mobile version.


I love everything you can do in this Last Day On Earth Mod Apk, like building the game, collecting sources, taking on zombies, and numerous others. I have recently removed the game, but it brought me many good memories, so I decided to restore it. I also love the other match, firstborn. I always play it with my buddies and enjoy playing PVP with other players. Frostborn and Lode are both excellent. Keep up the great work, creator.

Dear developer of the game. Don’t be fooled. I truly am in love with this game. I have been playing for over one year but have not found the tungsten bar/ore. And most importantly, the comments it’s simpler this way since guns are located in crates, which is excellent. However, I would like to construct this MI 26 Helicopter to start an entirely new map. Hope you’ll find this comment and then reply.

I’ve played on and off for more than five years. It keeps players active, Searching for resources and Materials to put at your base, increasing your ground, and advancing towards better equipment or rare Materials. Dogs can battle alongside you as you construct vehicles. Last Day On Earth Mod Apk is an excellent game that keeps you busy, and the game’s developers have put a lot of effort into it.

Story And Missions

The graphics look nice, the looting, combat, and moving system are good, and the reason I’m giving it three stars because, occasionally, the Last Day On Earth Mod Apk requires me to update the game. the update button on the playstore doesn’t exist. There’s only “Play” and the “Uninstall” button. If you know of any developers who are aware of this issue, they should fix it.

last day on earth mod apk
last day on earth mod apk

You can only use a cheating mode for people who do not like the survival aspect. It could be helpful for me when I am bored of survival. Instead of taking 50 days off, I could go on and cheat to please myself. It is time to think about other features that it could use, but the only different idea I can imagine is to make less expensive crafting recipes for weapons and guns, which is way too expensive, even if you’ve been playing for a long time.

I download it at least once every year and am never disappointed! I love the latest updates and hope that developers keep improving both small and large. Overall I am enjoying playing the Last Day On Earth Mod Apk! If there were maps of cities shortly, they would be massive with lots of buildings be entered, but of course, the challenge would be terrifying.

I’m not worried about starting over, and how can I replace my saved data from my last save to my new saved data? However, some players ( but that’s not to say everyone is a bad player) don’t have patience, and the game can teach you new things that I’ve learned for two weeks. When you’re first starting, please don’t cut down the trees before the fun begins.

Graphics and Sound

To save them for later, use the trees and remove the branches and small stones. Also, a great thing that you could add an element to your Last Day On Earth Mod Apk is the possibility of regrowing trees can be very beneficial, and if you can think of a reason, you’re able to declare.

I’d like to reach customer service even if I have an issue that needs to be addressed. Before I make a decision, Tolstoy whether or not. There are various ways to reach them and, consequently, how to get them, but I feel that 8 of them think it’s indirect or buried. If you’d like me to be a Dd Prime, you have to hold 9f me first.

There are zombies, locations, vehicles, dogs, armor, weapons, and even more. It’s just that raiders must be more frequent than they were because I want to heal, and there must be an underground area secure from the ravaging of zombies. Raiders struggle to get through our houses and have more varieties of explosions, like mini bombs that are easy to create and kill a lot of zombies.

The main reason for the player’s anger might be the fact that at the moment of the end of your life, all your inventory is gone, but I’ll consider it as the downside of survival :P Also, it would be nice to have a player carry a weapon from their backpack or use an aid child while running. If you need to stop in your tracks, you’re a perfect victim for zombies or any other survivors.


I played this Last Day On Earth Mod Apk with my tablet and my Samsung phone. It was an old Samsung phone. I have no idea what model it was. I tried this game but was never able to access the bank. That’s when the game started. I played the game again, and it was incredibly effortless. You guys are now are making nasty comments due to being weak. Lol. I understand when people experience to purchase items not being delivered :) not because your phone is old or isn’t worth the cost.

Here are a few suggestions for the game: winter regions to freeze corpses, loot, and a chance to get an M16 that is fully durable or a Glock in a frozen soldier’s corpse. Last but not least, I’d like to tell an exciting story about the world or us as a player.

Progression must become more enjoyable for everyone, but there’s plenty that it could accomplish in other ways. I’ve had two accounts and can recall everything from season one when there was nothing to the game. It’s great for me to look back and see just how far we’ve progressed and, more importantly, that I received a response to my initial review. Creators are listening to players and making adjustments while creating new and improved things. Though I am aware that funds are needed, the pay-to-win could be cut.


The Last Day On Earth Mod Apk is quite enjoyable, but it’s a little difficult initially. I’m not saying it will be easier to play, but it gets difficult to play every day if you’re looking to play the actual game, but you can just play a simple game by not risking. But taking risks is the best part of a post-apocalyptic society, isn’t it?

You can play with this game many things, such as giving more free items and adding additional places to visit. I’m not one to go to the exact location every day, making parts easy to acquire, add additional items, and other stuff. Overall, I am happy with this game, and I’m speaking for the players who play. This game should continue to update and add more features to this game. the one thing I don’t dislike is that the energy must replenish a lot quicker.

It was in 2017 when the game first came out. The Last Day On Earth Mod Apk has evolved a lot. It has become more welcoming to newcomers. However, there are some issues, one of them is. It’s a nightmare to build metal walls, and 2. You can’t play with two accounts on one device. Developers need to include this feature so that you need to alter your Gmail ID and switch to another account 3. Guns, specifically firearms and their mods, are tough to locate and are only available in Bunker Alfa, but you’ll need to check it out frequently.

Bugs and Other Issues

The best survival game, it runs perfectly, and the graphics are amazing. I highly recommend playing it if you’re bored of other games. It is my most played game thus far and is entirely free. However, if you’re looking to invest in it, do so because it will help a lot. I rate it an 8.5/10. I would like to thank the Kefir team, keep on working on this game. It has a bright and promising future.

It takes quite a long minute to enjoy. When you build your house, the wood you use and other materials break more quickly than usual If you could make it more stable, it would be amazing. When I was on my game, it made me fall behind in my progress over 4/5 years of work. I even spent money on the game.

For starters, Last Day On Earth Mod Apk is an excellent game. I’ve enjoyed it, and it’s kept me entertained and interested for quite a few years. The ground level is a bit too high for me; however, it’s not too obnoxious. The game offers a variety of in-game purchases. However, you don’t need these to have fun. If you’re okay with spending less than a few dollars per month, you’ll be more satisfied and ensure that the developers are paid for their work. One complaint, on-screen text is crucial for gameplay, but it’s too small.


I enjoy this Last Day On Earth Mod Apk due to its smoothness with 2GB of RAM. Also, without issue on the internet, however, I am having a problem reconnecting. I got the error message “connection lose,” so I disconnected from the internet and got the pop-up message. Please connect button instead of quitting when I reconnect to the WiFi if the pop-up message does not go away—all it needs to be to stop the game. I do not wish to restart the game while my connection is down. Don’t encounter any issue in playing on the internet, except for the quit button.

I am always so happy every time it is my turn to participate in this. It’s a lot of fun as it brings you into the real world. However, I do have a few suggestions. Often, a message in the game causes all the store items to go into P0.00, which is essentially free of cost. However, when you click to claim it, an alert will appear saying “network connection lost.” Another suggestion: please provide me with a list of friends or online acquaintances who I could be friends with since names aren’t searched

It’s a delightful survival game that’s real-looking, and the gameplay controls are very smooth. The game runs very smoothly even when your internet isn’t able to play other games online, in all honesty. I’d say that this is among the top games on the planet. It’s my favorite game to play on my phone.

How To Survive

The Last Day On Earth Mod Apk is excellent, but I did have some points to say. It’s challenging to find a dog friend who allows them to walk alongside us. Sometimes, when we’re killed in the jungle, our items get lost as it was lost and cannot be recovered, which is not a good thing. I would like to see the multiplayer feature provide players with experience, which could be more attractive to players who play for a long time and earn enough points when he begins playing.

I used to play Last Day On Earth Mod Apk when I was younger, and I always thought the game challenging, but now, as I grow older, I can appreciate an understanding of the game. the quality is excellent, and it’s an equal and fair game. There is a lot of betting on luck, and I am a fan of that. Although I think the free boxes are a little unfair since I’ve been playing with the packs for four or more days and have had nothing of value, and the angles are irritating, but overall it is a fantastic game. I would highly recommend it.

I’ve been playing the game for quite a while, and it’s just as enjoyable as ever! It’s always a pain when you lose your items (understandable); however, it’s incredible when you receive more loot. There may be some slow beginnings. However, it’s enjoyable to play any time. The game allows you to pay for it.

However, it’s not required for playing, and that is an advantage. But, I’d like to make an idea. Is it possible to include an additional security measure for items such as energy drinks or food rations? As in “Are you sure”?

Fast Travel On Map

It’s not a paying to win, as well as the visuals are amazing. Don’t just look at the pictures and decide because the real excitement comes when you play. The team behind the development is rapid in responding to all responses. My opinion is that they’re working to the best of their ability.

I love this game, so that I think it is the best survival game because you can update to the latest features, but there are some issues. There are a lot of bunker cards, but you can only go to two bunkers. There are zombie trucks and helicopters; however, we cannot build them. Also, there are horses saddle and horse feeder however we cannot have horses as a pet. Season, new features, as well as the lab sector, are a great excellent job. I am sure that the developers will make this Last Day On Earth Mod Apk a success soon.

It’s my absolute favorite application right now and the most addictive and fun game I’ve ever played. I believe that the Kefir game designers are simply geniuses! The only thing I would like to criticize is that I’ve been having trouble connecting to your server over the past few days. I could not play as much as I’d like to – Please fix this problem as soon as possible! I’m suffering from withdrawal!

Duplicate Items

I’ve played Last Day On Earth Mod Apk from the beginning and am sorry that I’ve taken this long to give it a rating. After all these seasons of this incredible game, I’m about to declare one thing I’d like to erase my memory and experience the game again to feel the same thrill I felt four years ago. It is why I want to tell those who have played from the beginning: Save your progress, and then start with a new game. Trust me when I say that you’ll be amazed and amazed when you realize how much the game has evolved.

I must say that I am a fan of this game. However, I would like to have included additional animals and pets such as cats. They can give you fish or coins. Perhaps you could ride bears or tame them with fish. Maybe you can also tame deer. You could hang them or even RAM down ZOMBIES. All I’m asking is additional animals and pets. Please think about my suggestion.

I’ve played the last day of the earth since it came out, and it’s been an incredible adventure. Watching the progress the game takes is fantastic, and it always introduces new elements that make it more challenging that make everything worthwhile and enjoyable. The seasons that change can also add spice to the game. This game is among the most fun games you’ll play on your smartphone. We are grateful to the fantastic players working for this app to ensure that we are satisfied and have fun while playing.

Online Events

I am enjoying the game, but I have issues with the bases of other players. The only time I had to go through the process of raiding bases was during the time I downloaded the game. It was back in March 2021. Now, I don’t know why there aren’t any bases showing up on my map. Perhaps there’s something I have to accomplish to get it to appear on my map. It’s pretty confusing. I hope this is noticed and inform me of ways to fix this issue in this particular game.

This Last Day On Earth Mod Apk is one I enjoy very that I play it daily. I reached the level of 30+ within three days, or maybe two, I can’t remember. However, I opened the game after several months, and it said that my device wasn’t fully supported and the game could be experiencing problems.

However, the progress I had lost when changing my device. My speed improvement has been affected in some way, and I have no way to retrieve it. I’ve tried email as well as in-game support chat, no agent, and no one has joined. I have provided all the info, the purchase order no. My ID number is long. My issue was described, but there was no response.

It’s dead if I don’t get my account back. I devoted more than three years to this online game. I’ve been playing Last Day On Earth Mod Apk since 2018 and have been enjoying this game ever since. Most of the time, I don’t like spending money on gaming since most gaming companies are flush with cash; however, this game is the highly addicting game I’ve ever played. It’s worth the money because I’m getting the value I pay for every occasion. the problem is that I purchase the mod book in the store.

Explore the large and deep-laid world

Last Day On Earth Mod Apk is the most addictive and addictive game, even the online game. However, if you’re clever and rich, you can reach 20 in less than a day, and I don’t care about playing it. It’s still enjoyable. There is so much to do that you can enjoy for 10 minutes on a game. I play it for two hours every day, and there is an energy boost, but be mindful of that.

There’s just plenty to play in this game that I do not get bored. I love the fact that there are numerous items and weapons to collect, and I enjoy it. However, to obtain specific items, you need to grind. And when you die someplace, you’ll be unable to retrieve your items. However, I enjoy it this way as it makes the game more enjoyable.

Instead of using the weapon’s durability, why not add some ammo, and Reload animations to make it appear more lively in addition to using a turn-based attack? How about you improve the combat system to make it more dynamic and give the players more options for handling the infected, making the game more of an actual survival scenario. excellent game designers! Keep it up :)

The bunkers and missions are tough to beat if your weapons aren’t upgraded. The game is challenging certainly. It takes some time to master, such as the process of leveling and leveling your dogs. Grading your skills and Fort upgrading can take a lot of time. Finding the right parts can be difficult, so make sure you have your guns ready for the bunkers, laboratories, and farm. That’s all the place you’ll find the parts for driving vehicles.

Construct fortifications with traps

Fantastic game that has been played all day long for months; it’s completely free! This Last Day On Earth Mod Apk keeps its loyal players and is refreshing compared to other free games available on the market today. You don’t have to play each day. Just pick the game up whenever you’d like. The perfect choice for those who don’t want to work for a profit.

The game begins slow. Like Minecraft, you punch trees or kill zombies. You can also construct a home. However, it’s intense. There are a lot of events and surprises and plenty of space to upgrade gear and level up. The graphics are excellent, I’m thinking, and I like the gameplay mechanics. There’s a real-money shop, but it’s not over the top and loud about it.

Walking around is limited initially; however, your sprint is recharged when you unlock your second character. The second character is an excellent aspect of survival, being alone against the city. This is superior to the one we’ve its counterparts. It is essential to develop a strategy to conquer any space.

The Last Day On Earth Mod Apk can be challenging, and getting guns is complex, and the most important thing is that you can play as a team and challenge each other. The only downside is that there is an endless loading screen is a problem.

I like how they send us all gifts to our inbox each year for the holidays. I love that feature; however, I’d like to offer suggestions if you can add a method to fix tools that might be unintentional, like a repair station or some other thing that could be interesting. Also, I do not know if this feature is already available in the game since I’m not advanced ( I’m at Level 15-16 ).

How To Play

If you can include this feature, I’d like to know if it isn’t there already. It’s pretty good for a pay-to-win game, but I’d like to change to have more rare loot spawns more often because people don’t invest money in tournaments and recognize that playing for money is not the way people enjoy playing the game.

For improvement, all you need to be able to do is to make. We all have our budgets, and if you considered liking my post, it would be greatly appreciated. A genuinely unique survival crafting game, It is extremely popular with over 11 million downloads. It can be slow-paced for those who enjoy speedy GPS games.

You might find it tedious and dull. But the more you are inclined to have fun with your device, the more you’ll like this one. GO to play this one ..ill bet you’ll desire to play it for at least a couple of hours per day.

Last Day On Earth Mod Apk is one of the most enjoyable games I’ve played available on Android. But it isn’t stocked with fresh content. I’m grateful for the developer’s work. I think it can resolve this issue if you the game’s the loot pool in late game and rework the mechanics used for the zombie spawning that has been bothering me from the start.


Random zombies can appear in front of my head at any time. So when I needed to open with a brand new account and didn’t have this issue on the version I created. KEFIR is an excellent company. KEFIR developers are among the most reputable dev firms out in the market. Keep up the great work.

I was at level 24 and then changed accounts and was trying to rejoin, but, yeah, excellent game Kefir, you did a fantastic job of it. I’m working hard to build an animal crate. I have the materials, but not at level 10 yet. Love the game. Five stars. Good job, thanks for the job also. By the way, I’m not yet Glennie logan, but thanks for the game. One year later, I’m crying as I enjoy the most enjoyable thing in the game, but I have no bars, and it’s only for 24 hours.

There are some things that they could improve, and the early game might be more straightforward. But my favorite aspect is the dogs, and you can acquire them at a reasonably low level. However, I don’t appreciate the levels system but prefer to have a guideline to follow to create an item that changes the game. Overall, it’s a delightful game.


Developer, I’ll add one more thing: isn’t it possible that the players could cancel travel between the two loans and then return? It may be that the players should be able to utilize the resources available in their base without separately putting them into bags and then crafting them? Melee weaponry(essential/no modifications) is lacking something a pan? Hope to see some positive changes. It would be nice to add kidnapping and raider attacks, and more often.

I’ve been looking for a game similar to this for a long time. I have finally killed zombies, built my base, owned my pets, and got rid of the trash this game offers, and their loot prices are excellent. It’s not a lot of money to play this game . have fun. Congrats to the game’s creators, and I wish they continue with the game as they can continue to take my money.

However, I would like to see the storage in the home base change between them rather than going to each one at a time. It’s a little frustrating by the unidentified box for no cost. You never get useful items. It’s always just rock or coins or weapons unless I happen to have bad luck.

I gave this game low marks before, but I realized it’s an excellent, enjoyable game after some good playing time. You must think and plan your strategy and not waste your time. It’s as real life. Things are complex, and resources have to be located as firearms.

You could accumulate a large amount of them if you don’t waste them. Utilize only for things that need to be used for only utilize them when they can help you. This game is more of a computer game rather than a phone game.

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What's new

– Season 7 is already available!
– New event location – Prison.
– Bikers have set up a camp nearby and offer you to take part in a daring robbery.
– Stealth or an explosive assault – it’s up to you.
– Various quests on preparation for the robbery depending on the chosen style.
– Changes in healing of the character.
– New weapons and armor.
– New skins for bikes and backpacks.


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1.20 703.7 MB 4.1 and up -
1.19.8 703.7 MB 4.1 and up -
1.19.7 703.7 MB 4.1 and up -

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  • You can create all the items in the game without the requirements.
  • You can travel quickly by pressing the WALK button on the map in the game.
  • You can duplicate many items in the game by splitting.


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