Last Pirate MOD APK v (MOD, Unlimited Money) free on android

Survival and Pirates in free pirate adventure simulator!
September 29, 2021
5.0 and up
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Last Pirate Mod Apk is a Survival and Pirates on a free pirate adventure simulator! Your journey to survival began on the island that was lost. Beware of dangers from the afterlife Sea monsters such as Godzilla, Kraken. Are you looking to survive? Create a raft and fish. Create an ark to shield yourself from Godzilla bears, bears, and even afterlife zombies. Check if your team survived the outbreak of plague! A long time ago, you were a seasoned survivor today. So, new survival challenges await you in the dark, exploring the islands as a wanderer, go through the rafts and live an active fishing lifestyle, or battle Godzilla and Kraken. The goal is survival!

It’s a blast and thrilling. I would love to see a storyline included and more places to explore. I’m hoping that I will be able to sail. Download it now and then wait for updates that keep making. There is also a bug I can use the floor as a wall the zombies can’t climb. While it is helpful, I think it is also unfair for the game because skeleton/zombies/monsters don’t attack it, so you can quickly clear any wave with no problem at all.

There are only two things that it must add 1. Make the game larger to allow players to accomplish a lot and perform more things 2: create lots of items and equipment to choose and perform more things 3: Monsters inflict much damage. The weapons aren’t strong enough to withstand the creatures 4: repair equipment.

Features Of Last Pirate Mod Apk

You’ll need to be able to find materials that are difficult to find. Make it a bit simpler 5. The final one is an offline and online version. I’m sure that this Last Pirate Mod Apk will hit the top of the list. Awe-inspiring game. A survival game is different from all the other games.

However, there are disadvantages 1. The weapon’s strength is meagre. The gun is very easily damaged, and to repair it, you need materials that are not easy to acquire. 2. If we want to attack an enemy, we can dodge; however, we are unable to attack in the event of a dodge. Therefore, the opponent can still hurt us (Melee weapons like spears ).

Fun survival game. It took some time to master it at first regarding water and food, but it was not a problem. There are a few deaths, and your equipment is saved right at the time of death. The difficulty has increased, but it can take time to build your skills because you’re trapped. Some chests and barrels contain goodies to help you ensure that you don’t end up stuck.

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What's new

Meet HUGE NEW Update!

NEW Dungeon - Arena!
NEW Animals: Crocodile / Rabbit / Goat / White Wolf / Bear Cub
NEW Type of Skeletons
NEW Decorative Items
NEW Quest Journal with Daily Quests and Events Log!
NEW Lighter and faster UI
BALANCE Changes for Animals
BALANCE Changes for Crafting
BALANCE Fishing is less difficult now
ADDED Opponents to some of the areas
ADDED Achievements
ADDED Bed to have a rest
ADDED Explosive barrel

...and many more fixes and improvements!


Version Size Requirements Date
1.4.12 165.9 Mb 5.0 and up 29/09/2021
1.4.11 177M 5.0 and up 29/09/2021
1.4.10 177M 5.0 and up 29/09/2021
1.2.1 177M 5.0 and up 29/09/2021
0.993 177M 5.0 and up 29/09/2021
0.919 180M 5.0 and up 02/02/2021
0.556 141M 5.0 and up 09/06/2020

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  1. You can make items in the game without the need for materials.
  2. it is enough to look at your money.

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