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Embark on an extraordinary adventure to the captivating Dream Garden Island! Get ready for a fantastical adventure full of secrets and enchantment. Put your match-3 skills to the test and see how far you can go in this uncharted paradise!
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Package Name Matching Story MOD APK
Developer JoyCastle
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Content Rating Everyone
Architecture Universal
Version 0.68.03
Size 169.3 Mb
Requirements 6.0
Last Update Feb 23, 2024
Date Update 19-Jun-2023
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Discover the Enchanting Dream Garden Island and Unleash Your Match-3 Skills!

Embark on an extraordinary adventure to the captivating Dream Garden Island! Get ready for a fantastical adventure full of secrets and enchantment. Put your match-3 skills to the test and see how far you can go in this uncharted paradise!

Matching Story APK
Matching Story APK

Unleash Your Match-3 Skills and Unearth Hidden Miracles

The arid environment of Dream Garden Island begs to be explored as soon as you set foot on the unexplored territory. You have the ability to bring this otherwise dark landscape to life with your match-3 prowess. Get ready to see miraculous things happen right in front of your eyes!

Embark on a Fascinating Matching Story Adventure

In Matching Story, you’ll dive into the world of match-3 puzzles while uncovering an intriguing storyline. Find the answers, and you’ll be able to access a wide variety of incredible bonuses. You may use these artefacts to decorate your island and learn more about its mysteries.

Design, Decorate, and Unveil a World of Wonders

The Dream Garden Island is home to an amazing variety of cute plants, tasty treats, and cuddly animals. Change your environment for the better, and you’ll get access to a universe full of wondrous things. Make use of these alluring components to create a sanctuary that is a true reflection of your individual style and tastes.

Captivating Features await.

Uncover a host of captivating features within the game, including:

1. MATCH – Help Alice on Her Magical Adventures! Dive into Alice’s fantastical world as you match cute pieces and give her a hand with her potent spells. You can help her reach her full potential by applying your knowledge of match-3 puzzles.

2. RENOVATE –  Personalise Your Island: Give free reign to your imagination and make your island the haven of your desires. With limitless personalization choices, your dream island will be an embodiment of your individuality.

3. EXPLORE – Explore Dream Garden Island and its lovely scenery as you embark on exciting missions and learn the mysteries buried there. Meet a profusion of strange people and immerse yourself in riveting stories to keep you interested in your quest.

4. CHALLENGE – Take on the challenge of varied and interesting stages, where your every action matters, and make use of potent boosters along the way. Discover hidden power-ups and explosive combos that will rocket you forward in your quest. You may take your match-three skills to new heights if you master all the levels.

5. ENJOY – Explore the depths of the fantasy world of Dream Garden Island and become engrossed in its main plot. Get lost in the dreamlike scenery of this imaginary realm and discover its hidden mysteries.

6. PLAY OFFLINE – Convenient offline play means you can carry your enchanted island experience with you wherever you go. The attraction of Dream Garden Island is never out of reach, whether you’re embarking on a fantastic vacation or unwinding at home.

Unleash Your Imagination on Dream Garden Island.

Embark on an Extraordinary journey.

To discover the full extent of your match-3 abilities, embark on this remarkable trip to Dream Garden Island. There are wonderful stories, stunning images, and charming people waiting for you. Dive into this fascinating setting and let your creativity run wild as you create your own paradise.

Discover Mysteries and Miraculous treasures.

On Dream Garden Island, you may uncover secrets, create a sanctuary, and find wonderful riches. Captivating match-3 puzzles, interesting narratives, and extensive personalization choices combine to create a game that is both unique and unforgettable. Dream Garden Island’s offline mode means you can experience its enchantment whenever and wherever you choose.

Shine a Light on the Wonders

Don’t let the chance to go on this fantastic journey pass you by! Come experience the magic of Dream Garden Island alongside the numerous other gamers who have fallen prey to its charms. It’s time to turn on the lights and see what mysteries lie beneath the bare ground. Get ready for an adventure like no other—a trip where your thoughts may go anywhere and your wildest desires can come true.

Write Your Own Fairy tale

Enter the fantastical realm of Dream Garden Island, where your match-three prowess and imagination will be put to the test. Let your inner wizard out, and you’ll enter a world of wonder that will hold you captive. It’s time to go off on your greatest journey yet. Dream Garden Island is the perfect place to start your own fairy tale.


Players looking for a compelling match-3 adventure will get what they’re looking for and more in Dream Garden Island. This game allows you to let your imagination run wild by providing you with stunning images, compelling tales, and an almost infinite number of ways to personalise your experience. Experience the charm of Dream Garden Island as you go on a fantastical adventure and unearth secret riches. Dream Garden Island is the perfect place to start your own fairytale adventure.

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