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Jul 6, 2022
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Package Name Modern Command MOD APK
Developer Blast Bit Enterprises AB
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Version 1.12.3
Size 260 MB
Requirements 5.0
Last Update Dec 03, 2023
Date Update Jul 6, 2022
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Modern Command MOD APK (MOD, Unlimited Money) –  is a wargame, not a computer game. Even though there’s a 300-page manual and long periods of video instructional exercises, you should know all about present-day weapon stages like naval force vessels, aeroplane, vehicles, weapons, and their capacities. This product gives you an AWACS-style perspective on the fight space, with discretionary coordination for TacView 3D

Modern Command MOD APK


You ought to plan by perusing the manual and watching the recordings; you should contribute a lot of chances to make the most of this product. It is undoubtedly the right title to work on your interchanges and mindfulness abilities.

There are no Steam accomplishments, no combination with the Steam overlay. Also, The illustrations of a 3D perspective on the globe, some photographs from the public authority, and different sources. Audio effects are restricted. However, that is because they’re superfluous, and there is some music, yet it’s ideal for turning it off. Multiplayer is conceivable. I think playing by email is the most well-known technique.

Features Of Modern Command MOD APK

• Safeguard your base as you join the battle to supply control of the World’s Protonium
• Ward off fear-monger dangers in South America, Africa, Europe, and Asia. From there, the sky is the limit
• Run your activities from MCA Base camp and examination and assemble new advancements
• Complete missions to acquire insight and rank up
• Straightforward touch orders give you complete control of every 3D war zone
• Bring in exceptional mandates to help you in extreme fights
• Co-ordinate and join with companions utilizing Facebook to build your base’s efficiency
• Lots of accomplishments, targets and every day missions to finish

The reproduction is very computer chip serious. An Intel Center i7 (sixth-gen or more current) is undoubtedly the base. The latest Center i5 or AMD comparable is suggested, preferably eight centres at 4GHz. Committed GPU isn’t needed. However, it makes a difference. Since it runs as a typical Windows application, you can run it on a virtual machine in the cloud – ask your association for cost choices.

The Story

There are many included situations (and around 1,000 studio situations), and it’s somewhat simple to make your own. There is a scoring framework, albeit not accessible for all conditions. Assuming you know how to code, you will want to make the most of the Lua prearranging framework that opens up a few refreshing doors for connecting with vivid substance. Just about two years after it delivered the completed Order MO rendition, it is as yet being created, with new highlights and situations added.

Modern Command MOD APK

I strongly suggest this title alongside TacView (I’ve acquired TacView straightforwardly, not through Steam, as I was made mindful of likely issues). Included situations change in their period from 1946 to the 2020s – you will battle in Korea, Vietnam, Persian Bay, and the Cold circle and directly impact the course of the war. Will you raise and send off precautionary strikes, assign restricted air spaces, or embrace a cautious stance?

The Open World

The existence of millions of individuals and the destiny of countries is in your grasp—best of luck, General. CMO is the ideal apparatus anyone could hope to find for the general population to mimic present-day air and maritime activities. In light of that, it’s critical to comprehend what Order isn’t. It’s anything but a get-it-and-go sort of game where you can hop right in and work your approach to dominating it.

Likewise, while the UI is perfect and straightforward to explore once you comprehend how everything fits together, the focal point of Order is authenticity. It is a beautiful graphical encounter. I hope to invest a great deal of energy in learning your strategy for getting around the UI and becoming acclimated to how frameworks communicate by playing through however many instructional exercise situations you can and perusing the data set.

Graphics and Sound

There is likewise a ton of incredible data on the gathering and YouTube. An extensive fighting sim, done and very much upheld by the devs. Steep expectation to learn and adapt (as yet learning following 1000 odd hours) makes your triumphs all the really fulfilling. The fact of the matter is, once in a while, ruthlessly exact, so at first, it seems you are obsessively hovering over constantly; however, this can lead to an extraordinary arrangement involving tuned missions as you acquire insight.

So if you wouldn’t fret about getting your butt regularly kicked yet catching fulfilment from the way you are constantly advancing from your mistakes or potentially exclusions, the sim is an extraordinary take a break. Note. Do every one of the instructional exercises first. They are a great learning device as well as charming to do. Somewhat of a period sink, yet with everything considered, one of the greats.

How to Play

Not everything from the days of history was executed. However, it modernized the units, and it addressed verifiable units. Finding the local area made situations open from Steam to over two times the number accessible with the Modern Command MOD APK. For individuals curious about this kind of game, it requires much exploration (open in-game) to boss your units around shrewdly. It could be a decent counterpart for you on the safe learning subtleties of the military ocean and air fighting.


Land units are not, as of now (to some degree in the base Modern Command MOD APK and chains of war add-on) in any way, shape or form reasonably addressed, similar to battle. You could most likely remember firearm mechanics as something not practically displayed.

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▶ Added support for newer devices and Android versions
▶ Reduced download size
▶ Lots of stability fixes


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1.12.0 - 5.0 06/07/2022

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