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Your Excellency, Commander! Muskets of Europe : Napoleon is here! Now in 3D! Welcome to the 18th century, the Age of Napoleon.
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Muskets of Europe Napoleon MOD APK is a remarkable addition to the Total War series since he promotes universal traits (I think everyone can relate to a Bedlam Goliath chewing the head off of some hapless dwarf. When I was younger and playing the original Shogun video game, I remember thinking, “All in all, it’s all rather fantastic, but it’d be cooler with a giant mythological snake and a fireball or two.”

Muskets of Europe Napoleon MOD APK

What is Muskets of Europe Napoleon MOD APK?

That amount of time was sufficient for an imaginative get-together. Battles in World War II are simply incredible. Hordes of Greenskins charge steam tanks, columns of the Realm’s pikemen are shattered by the Wind of Death spell (the spell’s vivacity is very charming, incidentally; you might actually see the spirits of its casualties taking off, torn from their vessels), cyclopean Treemen clash with winged serpent Beasts, and savages hurl themselves on Dwarfen infantry.

Fights may seem too fast at times, and although I like zooming in on the action in TW games, I usually have to stack a replay if I want to watch the fight in its entirety without giving up effective unit management. The fact that I have to make an effort to watch the repeat, though, vouches for how impressive the original was. If you compare it to other TW games, you’ll find that the key layer is far better.

All races are amazing and united by their own mechanics; yet, there is no disinfection, religion, or other things to get by on. For example, in Vampire Counts, it is not only necessary but also gratifying to discredit vampires in an essential guide (the real guide is quite clear and crucial). To help you balance out your masters, we’ve included a second plunder structure and expanded expertise trees.

Brand new Napoleonic war game

On very high difficulty, Disarray Intrusion is a good late-game emergency technician. It has a wide range of tasks that, unlike other 4X-ish games, seem hard enough the whole time you play. Furthermore, there is a slew (or, rather, a cadaver truck *wink-wink*) of questionably valuable downloadable content, but in all candour, at this point in time, the vast majority of competitive games are piled with it.

Progress in human civilization is undeniable; mystery novels are, too. Okay, so after completing each faction on either the hardest or the most difficult difficulty setting (I have a lot of time since I am now unemployed), I have come to the conclusion that this is the finest Total War game developed to date, surpassing Shogun 2 as my favourite in the series. I’ve seen some of the critical feedback, and I have to disagree for the reasons given below.

The approach used by each faction is completely different from any previous total war game. Despite the fact that Shogun 2 is one of my favourite games, the reality remains that, in the end, every faction employs the same troops. Not only do the troops each faction controls differ in appearance, but so does the method by which you accumulate wealth.If you’re an orc, you need to loot a lot of cities and strike, and if you fight a lot, you’ll be rewarded with a strong Waargh! army.

Play as 4 armies and repel enemy attacks

Mounted troops, heavy artillery, and spells all come together in the realm. Most vampire stories have a strong magical element. Dwarves have the finest weapons but no caverns, which is a bummer when their short legs are needed to chase enemies down the last stretch. Disarray exists, your military has mobile, flexible bases implanted in it, and you have an ongoing need to sack and level urban neighbourhoods.

Each team needs a unique approach to game understanding. The most challenging mode is “Mayhem,” where as soon as you get your second crowd, everyone wants to murder you, and you have to basically run and sack cities till you acquire enough. In addition, domain is really challenging, since you will be pursued relentlessly by chaotic and barbaric tribes after you reach about 35.

Both dwarves and orcs have advantageous starting locations and are well-protected, making it easy to survive the first round of hostilities if you can keep your cool. As a result of being ignored by chaos and the brutes until the very end, vampires are also very straightforward. Thirdly, it’s a lot more challenging than other total war games. I’ve seen a lot of negative polls where people complain about being wiped out by chaos when playing Domain.

Create your own battles

And that, man, is the point! As a group, they want to clean the planet. If the game were too easy, people wouldn’t complain about it being too easy, so I find it hard to believe that people are complaining about how difficult it is. Thank God we don’t have to deal with the wreckage of Rome 2 again; today’s AI is far more advanced and effective. It’s far more challenging to prevent enemy military forces from escaping in difficult settings.

Once again, this has been the source of complaints from the general public. Playing on the lowest difficulty level is the best strategy then; I’ve tried it and found that, as in other total war games, the enemy collapses without much resistance. If you play extremely hard or incredible, you will need to engage in a perfect conflict to win if the odds are even slightly against you. The fourth rule of Journey is that you must fight.

All of the fantastic emperors provide unique quests that, should you complete them successfully, will net you a special reward. Although it’s not crucial to a team’s victory, it is a fun addition to the game. The only criticism I have of the game’s mechanics is that the battles happen too quickly, which is reflected in some of the poor reviews. This means that, unless you’re a guaranteed winner, you can’t zoom in on the action and see how the fancy units are doing.

Difficulty of the game

It’s true that the battles are smaller now, but I believe this was done on purpose to increase the difficulty of the game; getting your troops into a winning position requires lightning-fast, tiny maneuvering. If you like seeing amazing designs, feel free to take it easy and give yourself more time to enjoy the presentation. It’s not easy to win at this game. Not everyone is given the title of “general.”

People who aren’t happy weep over those who are. Truly? A game where everyone is out to get you and you just want to take a leisurely walk in the park? Just like it should be, the “basic” mode is available for your gaming pleasure. I think it’s awesome how each team has its own distinct play style, especially when you factor in replay value and difficulty. BTW, if you’re surprised by how long I’ve signed in, it’s because I leave the game running even while I’m out doing errands or watching movies elsewhere in the house.

You may read the comments section if you want to see how many jerks there are in the world that feel the need to criticise and threaten others. The intriguing part is that the vast majority of them are avid gamers whose gaming resumes dwarf mine. In all honesty, by the year 2020, Muskets of Europe Napoleon 1 should be seen as a massive downloadable content pack for Muskets of Europe Napoleon 2 (and eventually, Muskets of Europe Napoleon 3), that includes all of the Old World factions as playable factions.

Downloadable content

If you wish to play as the Domain, Orks, Dwarves, Vampire Counts, or Bretonnia (apart from any factions included as downloadable content in Muskets of Europe Napoleon 2 or 3), you’ll need to pick up Muskets of Europe Napoleon 1.

Muskets of Europe Napoleon MOD APK

If you’ve played the first game in the series, you won’t recognise the races in the sequel, Muskets of Europe: Napoleon 2, since they’ve undergone such radical improvements and modifications in the way they function. All downloadable content for this title should be treated in the same manner.

It’s all going to be in the next games in the series. Muskets of Europe: Napoleon has not been updated with any changes made to other games in development. Unless you’re feeling very nostalgic, there’s currently no good reason to play Muskets of Europe: Napoleon more than twice (or twice in the future). There is a lot of downloadable content. Despite this, every piece of downloadable content deals with actual gameplay.

Troops and Groups

In either case, you’ll be able to face off against the combined forces and new troops in your game. If you’re interested in making use of the troops and groups on your own, you may need to purchase the DLC. Don’t bother buying wooden mythical creatures if you just want to play a game where you beat them up. The same may be said for the Master Packs; are you similarly uninterested in playing Belegar or Skarsnik? If at all possible, avoid purchasing Lord and Warlord.

They’ll still exist, but you won’t be able to join forces with them or assume their identity in games. This game is getting on in years, and despite the addition of downloadable content, it still often supports pretty meaty bargains. If you want to stock up, wait for a sale and then do so, keeping in mind that you need to buy what you’ll really need for playing and using the game. Wait for a sale if you really must get everything.

As far as I’m concerned, the existence of Muskets of Europe: Napoleon 2 completely discredits the original game, and players should only consider it a DLC speculation for future games in the series rather than a true game to be played in its own right. The remaining downloadable material and the games as a whole should be evaluated in light of this project. Yes, it’s a lot of money, but the amount of content is really staggering.

Greatest dream elements

Since I was a little kid, this has been my all-time favourite fantasy location. Games Studio’s Muskets of Europe: Napoleon is the only world of its kind because it combines the greatest dream elements with a glorious Renaissance era and then adds death and grief (and break-dependent rats!) in such large quantities all at once.

Before you write off the rest of this poll as the ravings of a fanboy, I think it’s important that you realise that my unabashed adoration for Musketeers of Europe and Napoleon has led me to have the highest standards for everything having to do with IP.

I’ve tried every video game with the Muskets of Europe Napoleon emblem and been profoundly disillusioned by each and every one of them, with the exception of Vermintide, which satisfies a different need completely. I’ve wanted a video game that placed me in charge of The Heads’ armies and gave me a look into the old world in all its glorious and terrible detail since I was eight years old.

Napoleonic battles

My hopes have been heightened with each new Muskets of Europe Napoleonic game that I’ve seen, certain that this is the game that would finally let me play Napoleonic battles with my tabletop models. I’ve been disappointed by every new game released lately. Indeed, this is a striking example of precision. The game is really well optimized; I’ve played for 30 hours with all settings at extreme and have yet to notice so much as a hiccup.

Muskets of Europe Napoleon MOD APK

The graphics are top-notch (for a Total War game), and the additions and monsters seem really terrifying. The realm-building portion of the Total War series is now more enjoyable and less of a hassle thanks to certain changes to the crusade mechanisms. You need not worry about food, cleanliness, or productivity ever again. The player’s primary focus right now should be on public demand.

You won’t have to consider whether the -12 public request is worth the 10% increase in your warrior’s protection any longer.Currently available buildings either facilitate the recruitment of troops or provide advantageous results. It may not make domain construction easier at all, but it does make it less of a chore. There are just a few available building plots across the board, so careful planning is required.

Deep level of complexity

The addition of these new concepts to the mission map is fantastic, and it provides a welcome addition to the game’s already deep level of complexity. Degradation is one such thing. On the ground, some communities spread debasement. This often occurs gradually and without warning until it seems to occur all at once. Pollution has the dual effect of weakening a country’s military and satisfying public pressure to punish those who do not use them.

Structures and myths may be used to combat this. The city’s defences have been strengthened, so attacking them now just requires assaulting a little section of wall rather than the whole structure. Although battles are easier to follow, artificial intelligence is still used to keep the player from getting too off-kilter, and there is an increased emphasis on goofy attacks. Due to the monotony and weariness of battles in Rome 2 and Attila, I often resorted to auto-settling most attacks.

The European Musketeers, from the wiki: Napoleon Attacks are exciting and exhilarating, so I never let them automatically resolve. Seeing my Orcish forces duke it out for dominance against the Dwarven defences is a thrilling experience. In discussions on myths and tales, they serve as a substitute for trained experts.

Mission profiles

There is a striking resemblance between these people and the experts of yore in terms of their skillset and mission profile, but they also possess the ability to join the military. An army with a legend in its ranks is a force to be reckoned with, wherever the fight may lead them. They are flawless in appearance and unquestionably capable of amazing things. Masters are an enormous improvement over their predecessors, the officers.

They still operate individually, but they are more robust and resilient than the overall troops in previous games. They also amass allies, weapons, shields, and other items that may be outfitted for them and the legends in any way you choose. The AI is much more sophisticated than in previous Total War games, but that doesn’t mean it won’t make some boneheaded moves from time to time.

Time and again, I’ve brought up the topic of group harmony, only to have it first shot down before subsequently being given harmony and a hefty purse in exchange for tolerance. This makes no sense and defies logic. The artificial intelligence deployed at the front is not only considerably smarter than mine, but it is also prepared to make use of the new troops in a manner somewhat dissimilar to my own (albeit sometimes worse).

Total War Features

When discussing the brand-new models, one may say: European muzzleloading firearms from Napoleon’s time are a perfect addition to the Total War setting. All of the new creatures and troops are very specific and bring exciting new elements to the battlefield. Adding flying soldiers, goliath creatures, and enchantment to Total War’s tried-and-true formula is a great idea.

Muskets of Europe Napoleon MOD APK

When steam tanks face off against winged serpents, the battlefield takes on a whole new level of extraordinaryness that it never could when the Romans faced off against the Carthagenians. It’s not that the level of confusion increased dramatically in those brawls. Spearmen arming themselves against charges now automatically assume the charge will be stopped, eliminating the need for specialised capabilities (such as spearwalls for hoplites).

When you have a lot of Masters, Legends, Wizards, and magical stuff, it can be confusing, and sometimes they can turn into always hanging around damnation, so this is fantastic.Even if battles are now convoluted, tumultuous wrecks, they are nonetheless, despite all else, mostly rational. The game’s replay value is greatly increased by the fact that each of the five groups is unique, both in terms of mission map and battle map.

Certain drawbacks

I’ve seen complaints that the final plan is boring since all groups need to beat Bedlam back to their losses at the end, but I have no clue what they were hoping for. If you want to send the Musketeers of Europe and the Napoleonic World packing, you should give them a good, solid beating for being the huge, horrible creatures that they have always been.Overall, it’s been fantastic. Right now, for the record, this game does have certain drawbacks, but they are quite uncommon.

In the final analysis, this is the biggest problem. While certain damage spells are very potent and may wipe out high-level troops with a single cast, the vast majority are not worth the effort put into casting them.

Specialist activities are also overburdened, inflicting massive damage to whole armies for very little investment. When it comes to sticking with the World Legend, there are a few more things that really get on my nerves. To simplify matters, most of the lesser human nations have been given a new skin and made into Domain colonies. This is tragic, since these nations have great symbolic value in the myth.

I get that they can’t be played and probably won’t be, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be classified a little on the mission map. Come on, Kislev doesn’t get the Tsarina Katerina as their leader; they get a regular Domain ruler. Furthermore, certain places don’t receive the attention they deserve. Some of the realm’s major cities could really shine if they weren’t so generically similar to one another.

How to Play

By every objective measure, the legendary status of Dwarfen strongholds is far from reality. Similarly, other teams are missing major aspects of their schedules that, I’m certain, will be delivered through downloadable content. Because I’m used to GW annoying you, it’s not even that it happened that bothers me.I was surprised to see mod support included in the game, given GW’s involvement.

Muskets of Europe Napoleon MOD APK

The game has issues, but CA is putting in a lot of work now and for the foreseeable future to make it what it is, and it’s wonderful. You can quickly communicate the amount of care that has been put into the game, and if more games were as attentive, we’d all be better off. The effectiveness of cavalry charges has been restored, along with that of individual troops and the variety of playstyles enjoyed by whole groups.

After Rome II and the factional tastelessness of Attilla, this is a welcome return to structure. It plays smoothly and looks almost comparable to Rome 2, but don’t expect 60 frames per second unless you have top-tier gear, and even then, you could be taking a risk. Even though it seems like AMD users should have greater performance in DX12 because of the hardware-based Asynch Register, I can’t confirm this as an Nvidia user.

Multiplayer Components

As I am using a budget hard drive, it might just be the framework, but I won’t state for sure that stacking times are a bit dangerous. However, if you’re into that kind of thing, the Gap Et Impera mod for R2 is a lot speedier, though that’s more of a criticism of DEI than TW:W.

Yet, the game’s turn times are among the shortest I’ve seen since the Medieval 2 era. In addition, there’s going to be some difficulty. Some may find this to be one of the best TWs ever, while others may find it to be one of the worst.

At last, an MP The servers are so overloaded right now because of the launch that I have no idea how the multiplayer component is, but based on the critiques I have read, I can safely assume that there is more R2- and Attila-style multiplayer than there is in The Symbol Success of Shogun. With centred play, I’d recommend installing a mod that swaps out the auxiliary master for a member of another group of the same race.



Before, I was always reluctant to complete long missions since they were so tedious and doing them was only a convention. Because of the constraints placed on players, they are less likely to get complacent too quickly. It lets you work with diverse groups without seeing them as “future property of mine,” but rather as allies or adversaries. Even though this shift made me uneasy, it ended up being quite helpful in providing me with a clearer path to follow in my quest. After all, I do plan on making use of the upcoming Overcome the Guide Mod, but not consistently. The Confusion event was entertaining in a way that didn’t become annoying after a while (looking at you, Rome II: A National Strife).


War is serious business. The dream environment is put to good advantage by the impressive gun sounds, the rulers who slap away combatants like Sauron from The Lord of the Rings, and the unit plans and movements. The landscapes shown on maps are varied and visually fascinating. Because of this mindset, I used auto-resolve for a number of tasks that were not initially my responsibility. Attila is the most similar to him in terms of user interface and management.


In the most recent games, you may have encountered an artificial difficulty on the simple or typical difficulty level in which large groups of people from a single city were entangled with your advancements using a military or two. By the middle game, the confederations have usually been decided, allowing for much larger, more legendary conflicts against much better-balanced opponents. The problems that most people face on a daily basis are so basic that they have never been more exact. The challenge is very much alive and well; I still couldn’t test higher, but after seeing Hero of Carthage (Hard/VH) and Legend of Total War (Unbelievable), I can attest to that. You may look into their LPs and become the designated authority that way.


Both “Officers” and “Specialists” include a level of depth that was previously only attainable with modifications like “TTT.” Given the sheer number of troops at your disposal, you may choose to assume the role of the raiding units’ top commander. If you play Dwarves like me, you may train your general to be more effective at laying traps for the orks above ground. Mods and add-ons can make this even better. There were a lot of preplanned dramatic battles in the group chief assignments.


Even on my most memorable mission, I would be shocked if I had to wait more than ten seconds for the last turn. The average duration was less than 5 seconds. My system is an Intel Core i5-4690, and the game is installed on a solid-state drive. The GTX 970 graphics card allowed me to play at extreme settings, but I had to drastically reduce the quality of a few edges. Although not everyone uses the same foundation as me, this is a “star” since Rome II and Attila both run far worse on the same hardware.


Urban Areas:

Since the release of Realm, urban areas have not seen much innovation (perhaps Shogun 2). You will quickly find the proper structures to function in your 6/4/4/4, with the exception of a few sites that have an amazing structure chain to encourage you to ponder. This was probably the point. I advocate rethinking population and expanding the range of factors that may affect a given area’s density beyond only buildings and their modifications. In spite of the awful war and artificial intelligence, Domain was still one of my top favourites because of its populace, charges, trade, and plenty. There is no longer any food or sanitation. While I don’t mourn their loss, it does leave me with fewer resources with which to get by.

As an expert:

it might be difficult to keep up with artificial intelligence. As the game began, the AI was dealing with level 11 specialists, while I was only level 4. This continued throughout the game on the lowest difficulty setting. We were able to achieve a success rate of about 20% against AI experts with a similar number of injuries.When enemy experts were successful and eliminated, it was always difficult to make up for lost time. There is little cost associated with sending rewards (a level every 8 turns or more).

From what I can tell, the game insists on a heavy-handed approach to conflict resolution, but I just couldn’t keep up. All that’s needed to improve this, in my opinion, is a little bit of going back over the data.


Although specialists are less likely to spam you, your representatives will likely find themselves just as useful in crusade activities as they were in Realm Total War (quite terrible). I’m relieved that this survey is over since I really need to get started on my next assignment. Because of how effectively it meshes with the current engagement, this game is a must-have for TW veterans and fans of the game’s intellectual property.

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