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Survive in a post-apocalyptic world!
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November 3, 2021
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No Way To Die MOD APK is an online post-apocalyptic, free survival game. Explore the locations that got inhabited by creatures who have survived and transformed into dangerous Symbionts. Create guns and secure your home against the raging mobs of zombies and foes that come each night. Find food and supplies to stay alive.

Your character wakes up in a hidden bunker many years after an unidentified impact of an asteroid struck the Earth. As a reward for protecting their family members from the catastrophe, your character got granted the power to regenerate. Upon death, they’re reborn as a clone, containing all the memories of their original body.

The artificial intelligence in the bunker can send you out to the surface to analyze the situation and identify dangers. Survival in a post-apocalyptic environment is the goal to be accomplished in the video game.

No Way To Die MOD APK Features

  • exciting action featuring many different zombies
  • the capability to make stealthy killings and avoid attracting attention
  • a variety of weapons, ranging from clubs to an AK-47
  • Bunker defence mode: dress and defend your home with sturdy walls or sly traps
  • a sophisticated crafting system that gives an array of choices
  • locations that got procedurally generated
  • an accurate simulation of survival
  • lovely low-poly graphics
  • (SOON) an underground multi-floor area with rogue-like gameplay

It is imperative to maintain your physical appearance in good health. The game is as in real life you could die of thirst or hunger. Gather berries and mushrooms from the woods, or live hunt game. It is what you need to pay to survive an apocalypse of zombies.

The ability to collect resources from different locations is essential to survival. You’ll need an axe, a pickaxe to cut down trees or mine clay ore from the forests. There are a few trash bins and chests and abandoned cars that it could fill with valuable materials.

After leaving your cozy small base, you’ll be running across all sorts of adversaries, from a variety of animals to bloodthirsty zombie-symbiotes that are a mystery that could knock you out by a single hit.

Make various kinds of weapons, equipment, and armour to ensure your survival or build a production facility with different crafting stations within your bunker. Utilize these stations to create powerful weapons and process weapons you have won during the battle.

Story And Missions

Create a shelter to survive. The bunker you’re in is the remains of a demolished construction made of walls of different strengths. After you’ve learned the basic rules of survival, you’ll need to make repairs, reinforce the walls, and put up craft stations or even chests to store the items you have.

The home you live in is a secure location. The symbiotes are hungry for one thing only: to enter your bunker and take it down. Until the night the moment, they appear. Make sure sturdy walls protect your bunker to ensure it is secure. Making traps isn’t an unwise idea either.

There are 50 character levels for players to choose from that can be achievable through earning the necessary amount of exp and guarding your bunker during the night from the mob of zombie Symbiotes.

Nobody knows what happened to our planet after the impact of the asteroid. Be the first to discover the truth and help your family members who remain in the bunker. The new locations are available as you level up, providing you with more information regarding the globe. This No Way To Die MOD APK is a no-cost survival simulator. In-game purchases are available in the game’s in-game store.

What's new

Fixed bugs
Minor balance improvements
As well as performance improvements
We wish you a good game!


Version Size Requirements Date
1.21 175M 7.0 and up 03/11/2021
1.19 183M 7.0 and up 10/08/2021

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