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Video editing is an important skill for companies, content creators, and video fans alike in this digital age. There is a lot of software out there for editing videos, but PowerDirector stands out as a powerful yet easy-to-use programme that lets users be creative. PowerDirector has all the tools you need to make your idea come to life, whether you're a beginner learning the basics of video editing or an experienced pro looking for more advanced features.
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June 9, 2020
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Video editing is an important skill for companies, content creators, and video fans alike in this digital age. There is a lot of software out there for editing videos, but PowerDirector stands out as a powerful yet easy-to-use programme that lets users be creative. PowerDirector has all the tools you need to make your idea come to life, whether you’re a beginner learning the basics of video editing or an experienced pro looking for more advanced features.

Introduction to PowerDirector

What is PowerDirector?

CyberLink made PowerDirector, which is one of the best programmes for changing videos. It is known for having a simple layout and a lot of powerful features, which makes it a popular choice among video editors of all levels.

Key Features and Powers

PowerDirector has a lot of features, such as editing in a timeline, editing with multiple cameras, and a huge library of effects and transitions. Its best features are AI-powered tools for improving videos and seamless interaction with well-known social media sites.

Why should I pick PowerDirector?

PowerDirector is an excellent choice for video editing software because it offers a number of benefits that make it stand out:

An interface that is easy to use

One of the best things about PowerDirector is how easy it is to use. Even people who have never edited before can quickly learn the basics and find their way around the programme with no trouble.

More powerful editing tools

PowerDirector has a lot of powerful editing tools for experienced editors. It allows professionals to precisely control keyframes and edit sounds in a variety of ways.

Features powered by AI

PowerDirector uses artificial intelligence to make hard jobs easier. Its AI Style Packs can quickly add artistic flair to videos, and its motion tracking and stabilisation features make sure the results are smooth and professional.

Getting started with PowerDirector

Installation and Setup

It’s simple to start using PowerDirector. Just go to CyberLink’s website, download the software, and then follow the installation steps. Once launched, launch the app to begin editing immediately.

A look at the interface

The layout of PowerDirector is clean and well-organised when you first open it. Panels divide the workspace, allowing you to add media, adjust the schedule, and view a preview of your project.

Basic editing tools

Trimming and cutting

Cutting and trimming film is one of the most basic things you need to do when editing videos. PowerDirector’s editing tools are easy to use, so it’s quick and simple to trim clips and rearrange them on the timeline.

Creating effects and transitions

Add different transitions and effects to your movies to make them better. PowerDirector has a huge library of effects, from subtle changes to dynamic improvements to the way things look.

Advanced editing techniques

Colour Grading

PowerDirector has powerful colour-grading tools that can help you give your videos the look you want. You can make beautiful images by changing the colour, contrast, and saturation.

Changing sounds

A professional movie must have good sound. PowerDirector lets you edit music precisely, allowing you to change the volume, remove noise, and improve the sound.

Keyframing and hiding things

PowerDirector lets you use keyframing and masks to make complex changes. You can animate items, add your own effects, and make complex compositions with these tools.

AI-Powered Features

AI-style packs

With AI Style Packs, you can change your movies right away. These ready-made themes use artistic filters that are based on well-known painting and photography styles.

Tracking motion and stabilising it

PowerDirector’s motion tracking and stabilisation tools will make sure that your movie is smooth and steady. It’s easy to track items or stabilise footage that is shaking.

Enhancing Videos with Effects

Particle Effects

Use particle effects to make your movies look more interesting. You can change many particle effects in PowerDirector to enhance the visual appeal of videos and enhance the intrigue of scenes.

Forms for titles

PowerDirector has a library of customizable title themes that can be used to create professional titles and captions. You can pick from different styles to match the theme of your movie.

Exporting and sharing

Formats and settings

PowerDirector lets you send in a lot of different formats and resolutions. You can change the settings to fit your needs, whether you’re making videos for YouTube, Instagram, or a DVD.

Introducing social media features

PowerDirector has built-in support for social networks, so you can easily share and export your movies to sites like YouTube and Facebook.

PowerDirector for Mobile

Features on Mobile Devices

PowerDirector can also be used on mobile devices, but it is a streamlined version of the desktop version. You can edit movies on the go with features that work best on phones and tablets.

Changing the workflow

PowerDirector’s mobile interface keeps the same simple, easy-to-use layout, so you can edit videos quickly using touch gestures and fewer tools.

Tips and Tricks for Efficient Editing

Keyboard Shortcuts

Use computer shortcuts to get the most out of PowerDirector’s editing tools. These instructions will save you time, make editing easier, and help you get more done.

Improvements to Workflow

Organise your media assets, use themes, and take advantage of PowerDirector’s automation tools to make your editing process run more smoothly.

PowerDirector Community and Resources

Online tutorials and forums

Join a group of active PowerDirector users. You can learn new things and improve your skills by using online tutorials, forums, and user-generated material.

Help and New Versions

CyberLink offers full customer support and regular updates for PowerDirector to make sure users have the newest features and improvements.

Comparison with Other Editing Software

Strengths and weaknesses

PowerDirector is different from other video editing programmes like Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro because it is both cheaper and more useful.

What makes you stand out?

PowerDirector stands out from the rest because it has AI-powered features and an easy-to-use layout. It has tools for both beginners and experts looking for new ones.

Changes in the Future

Keep an eye out for new features and changes from CyberLink. PowerDirector keeps getting better and adding new features to meet the needs of current video editors.

In conclusion

In conclusion, PowerDirector is a flexible video editing programme that makes it easy for users to make interesting content. PowerDirector has powerful features and AI-driven powers that make editing smooth, whether you’re on a desktop computer or a mobile device.


  1. Is PowerDirector suitable for beginners? Absolutely! PowerDirector’s intuitive interface and guided tutorials make it accessible to beginners learning the ropes of video editing.
  2. Can I use PowerDirector on both Windows and macOS? Yes, PowerDirector is compatible with both Windows and macOS operating systems, providing flexibility for users across different platforms.
  3. How does PowerDirector compare to Adobe Premiere Pro? While Adobe Premiere Pro is more feature-rich and industry-standard, PowerDirector offers a more affordable and user-friendly alternative with advanced AI features.
  4. Does PowerDirector support 4K video editing? Yes, PowerDirector fully supports 4K video editing, allowing users to create high-resolution content with ease.
  5. Is there a free trial available? Yes, CyberLink offers a free trial of PowerDirector for users to explore its features before purchasing.

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What's new


• Enjoy precision editing with new keyframe controls: opacity, rotation, position and scale for picture in picture and masks.
• Add stunning video effects to any and every overlay video and image.
• We're always improving our core features and user experience:
- Not only by drag & drop, now you can tap + button to insert clips at 00:00
- New option in Settings to show file names in your library
- Add a settings entry to the bottom of the launcher
- Display the duration of each project


Version Size Requirements Date
11.1.0 59M 4.4 and up 09/06/2020
7.2.0 59M 4.4 and up 09/06/2020
7.1.0 59M 4.4 and up 09/06/2020
6.9.1 59M 4.4 and up 09/06/2020
6.6.1 59M 4.4 and up 27/02/2020
6.2.1 65M 4.4 and up 08/10/2019

  • Premium / Paid features unlocked;
  • Export to Ultra/Full HD Quality Unlocked;
  • Watermark Unlocked;
  • Overlay up to 9 tracks Unlocked;
  • All Premium Packs Unlocked;
  • Ads removed;
  • Drive cloud works;
  • Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions
  • Analytics / Crashlytics disabled;
  • AOSP compatible.

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