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June 6, 2021
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Proton Bus Simulator Urbano MOD APK (MOD, Premium Unlocked) –  is the original version that focuses on buses in urban areas to take passengers to and from cities. The game’s first release was in the year 2017. Also, It’s been nearly five years since the release! Our simulator has received lots of improvements over the past few years. The modding system used for buses has been upgraded and supports a variety of animations for rain wipers, windows, buttons and many more. The community has already created many buses, and there’s more coming!

We’ll be releasing a lot of new buses as mods shortly, and there are a few currently being made. If we put all the vehicles we have in the game, it would become extremely large, and nobody can play with all buses. As a modification, only keep the ones you enjoy the most, thereby saving space. The buses that were not animated weren’t added to this edition, and they will be launched as mods in the next few months.

In 2020 we will release the map modding systemin 2020, an extremely rare feature in games for mobile devices! It requires a computer to create maps. However, once they’ve been created, they can use them on all mobile devices with enough RAM.


The old routes are in use; however, with a major concentration on custom map design, these routes will soon become a thing from the past. The simulator is free, with a few extra features for PAYING users. It is possible to play all day long in the trial version, but we do not want your money solely due to its amount.

Only pay if you truly like this project and are aware of the process of development. Paying users will not see advertisements. They will also gain exclusive features like virtual mirrors and cruise control (automatic acceleration when a certain speed is reached) and screenshot capture 360 degrees, etc. Most other features are available for free, and most buses are free.

It’s more of a simulator rather than a game. So we do not care about points, checkpoints, blah blah blah. Please pick up the bus you want to take and go for it. Since it’s a sophisticated simulator, there are a lot of controls and a lot of options. Watch a tutorial or video online before making a complaint about it.

Features Of Proton Bus Simulator Urbano MOD APK

The majority of complaints are easy to resolve. For instance, press N before choosing the gear that moves the bus. Make sure to remove the parking brake. Certain settings may trigger undesirable behaviour. Be sure to read the description of settings before enabling a specific feature. Certain options work better on certain devices, whereas others do not.

The project is available on PC as well as Android. On PCs, the overall graphic quality is superior due to the more powerful hardware they usually are equipped with. There are a variety of settings that it can change to boost performance. It is recommended to use a modern middle or high-end device equipped with large memory (preferably 4GB and above).

If it isn’t running properly on your phone, check out older versions or with the settings. The problem is well-known. Issue when using 64-bit apps made by Unity designed for Android. If you are experiencing poor framerates with your device, you can download the 32-bit app from our website. Sometimes, it may be faster.

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What's new

* When installing a bus or map, an automatic texture optimization tool will run. This should solve 99% of problems of white textures! It can be disabled at Extras settings, or manually called on the mod screen.
* 4k textures won't be loaded anymore, they caused a lot of problems. Use the optimization tool to resize them.
* The low ram red message will be less frequent now! If it appears please disable custom skins at map selection - options.
* Don't forget the new routes on Fiktivdorf!


Version Size Requirements Date
290.0 42M 4.4 and up 06/06/2021
284 42M 4.4 and up 06/06/2021

You start the game as premium.

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