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Real Racing 3 is a new level of the racing game on Android.


Real Racing 3 was developed by ea and this is an award-winning game. this game got over 200m downloads till now, you can imagine how popular this game is. recently the game got reviewed by ign and it has got a good rating that it is generation far ahead. when we are talking about the truth of the mobile racing game, this is the most realistic mobile graphics game available for free of cost on the Android platform. the recent update cane and tye stopped syncing with the google plus, I don’t know the correct reason why it has happened. you believe it or not I am completely amazed at this game. when we talk about the camera angles or any other type of view angles, this game has nailed it to a mark that no can get at least near to it.
There are over 140 high detailed cars which are so real that you cannot stop the car from driving. the game was updated with a real track from around the globe where you can experience the reality in the game. the new update is added with the new items weather technology which makes the weather in the game looks so realistic. I have played the game personally and found the steering controls are so realistic in the game, it is very simple and effective.there are a lot of cars to choose with and they are unlocked so that you can choose the car you want and simply get into the racing and defeat the enemy by leaving him in the dust.
The other thing you find is the real people, yes here you can find real people and the other thing is you can compete with other players around the globe in the multiplayer mode. those realistic physics aura engine in the game is awesome and everyone will love it. the brand new ray tracing is implemented in real racing 3 which is a good option for mobile gaming technology.
The gameplay is super smooth that you cannot expect on the Android device, realistic steering while view gives you the realistic car driving experience. The fun part is Hitting the Opponents cars and watch them crash into the rails.
You get new BMW, Mercedes in this new update and you can get it for free as all the cars in the game are unlocked. Just go to the garage and select the car you want and get ready for racing. 
And one thing keeps in mind that you can upgrade engine, parts so that the performance of the game will be increased. my favorite car is the BMW as the controlling of the car is so smooth and traction control is so good when compared to the other company cars.
Here you get a real racing experience with real exotic cars, why are you still waiting just download the game and enjoy the experience all the player are doing. hope you like this post see you soon in the next one, bye
Os Requirments:-
Real racing 3 needs 4.0 +
In Game Screen Shots:-







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Personal Review on Real Racing 3:-
Real Racing 3 is completely new kind of racing game on android you can see realistic race cars and tracks they are so realistic along with the signal indicator. the inside view of the game is at it extreme level, as most of the game companies cannot provide this high-quality interior as you can see clearly from the above screenshots provided, you will easily learn high-speed racing by this game.

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