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ScourgeBringer is way better compared to what I anticipated it should be. The platforming and battle mechanics are smooth as margarine, there's a touch of the system by the way you pick updates, the music slaps, and the trouble is perfect.
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Package Name ScourgeBringer APK 1.61 free
Developer PID Games
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Content Rating Everyone
Architecture Universal
Version 1.61
Size Varies with device
Requirements 6.0
Last Update Dec 08, 2023
Date Update 14-Sept-2022
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Average Rating 4.7/5
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Downloads 1,575
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ScourgeBringer is way better compared to what I anticipated it should be. The platforming and battle mechanics are smooth as margarine, there’s a touch of the system by the way you pick updates, the music slaps, and the trouble is perfect. It took me around 18 hours to get all accomplishments, so it’s most certainly worth the effort, IMO, even though it is still perhaps just 70% element complete or thereabouts.


I can hardly stand by to return and play this game some more once it’s out of EA. There’s no inclination like barely sidestepping every one of the foes and slugs in a room that you let completely go over, yet in some way or another, making it out without harm. Scourgebringer is a speedy slug damnation roguelike that energizes aggressive playstyles with quick and liquid ongoing interaction. In the wake of beating the ScourgeBringer and opening every one of the abilities in the expertise tree, I can say this game is fun.

Many individuals might say it’s restricted because there are not numerous things in the game. However, they never discuss what makes your run fascinating: Blood Gifts. Blood Endowments fundamentally are the thing rooms of the game. They add specific new mechanics to your personality, such as stopping dials back shots by half. Every foe killed without contacting the ground builds your harm by 10%. It is the very thing that makes the runs fascinating and unique.

The Story

Each floor is genuinely tomfoolery, and specific individuals might say you need to play more. Slowly a portion of the floors made the interactivity less tomfoolery. I dissent. There are just two stories that you genuinely need to dial back on: floors 3 and 7. Floor 3 is the central significant trouble spike, fundamentally impacting how you play. Floor 3 is a ton of getting in, causing harm, and afterwards getting out, which is fine.

It doesn’t precisely dial you back that amount. It just alters how you need to play around with certain adversaries. My one problem with the game is floor 6, the last floor in the game. Its principal contrivance is the utilization of “disorder,” which are purple/red blocks that hurt you upon contact and must be obliterated utilizing crush assault Briefly. It’s incredibly irritating to manage this, and the quicker speed of the game since it simply denies choices.

You are Left in a Post-apocalyptic world

The way that it returns is the most terrible, and I think it needs a revision to remain gone perpetually once crushed or not hurt the player except if they stand in it for a long time. Other than that, this game is perfect. The ongoing interaction is quick and liquid, and the stream is excellent. Supervisors are testing and require fast responses. I love it. You ought to check this ScourgeBringer out if you like roguelikes with quick and liquid ongoing interaction.


  • The weapons presumably should be tuned/changed. They’re not exceptionally valuable for something besides managers because utilizing the sword is typically above and beyond for average crowd rooms.
  • I think ammunition requirements to feel like a more significant/unique asset. Perhaps, add expertise to remain in the air while discharging the firearm. It doesn’t feel as figured out as the sword in such a manner.
  • The interpretation of specific pieces of the game, particularly legend, comes up short. Moreover, I could never have been less keen on the code of the game, which is essentially fine since I played it solely for interactivity; however, something to note.
  • The scramble + crush (mythical serpent something?) expertise felt temperamental and too situational. I seldom utilized it, even though it looks fantastic because running and crushing were more secure and unsurprising.
  • I had many runs where raised area gifts were essentially useless. I think these could be made somewhat more remarkable as well as synergistic.
  • It was just periodically where I felt like I was making a “form” in the roguelike sense; in any case, there were commonly where each of the three endowments felt pretty dull.
  • it would welcome more assortment in the biome rooms with open arms.
  • After a significant number of runs, I felt that I had remembered most formats, and nothing got me by surprise or constrained me to ad lib any longer.

Kill All Ancient machines guarding the seal

Incredible game, compelling with an excellent game feel. Cutting and running across rooms, staggering foes before they can go after, is exceptionally fulfilling. The test is very high. However, it can perceive every error, and foe designs are not difficult to learn and survive. Even though the worldwide accomplishments significantly delay me. I’m definitely getting a charge out of it and can observe my advancement as I play.

The setting and environment are suggestive of Ghibli motion pictures, for example, The Palace overhead and Nausicaa, which are perfect. The small amounts of legend and story are excessively scant as I would prefer yet pleasant. I’ve enjoyed 2 hours with this ScourgeBringer, yet I know mechanics-wise, it’s become one of my top choices. There are certain things I wish could be improved (which I list underneath), yet not a single one detracts from my satisfaction in the game.

Sharpen your skills

The hopping feels extremely exact (like Celeste), and it is unbelievably simple to feel boss. Assuming you watch ongoing interaction recordings, it looks fantastic. However, playing it feels extraordinary whenever you’ve gone through your fifth room, taking no harm, running, going after, avoiding slugs, and shooting a foe across the room. There’s a great thing too about combo-ing on a troublesome foe and having a foe attempt to sneak a shot at you, and you time it impeccably to send it back at them.

The ScourgeBringer seepages with style, and the maintenance specialists are straightforward yet fun. It’s anything but an ideal game, yet there is an excellent groundwork that I think could put up for confident nonmainstream top choices like Dead Cells, Empty Knight, and Celeste (the last option being the most straightforward correlation). A portion of the complaints I do have with the game:


  • Knowing when you have your run or hammer/weighty assaults isn’t quite as clear as I’d like now and again.
  • The time between each is genuinely short, so this is in no way, shape, or form a huge issue, and if nothing somehow managed to change about this, it wouldn’t reduce any delight from the game.
  • Portability is colossal in this ScourgeBringer, especially with your twofold leap, and in some cases, it’s only difficult to tell when you have a twofold jump accessible. Making the correlation with Celeste once more, yet when her scramble was spent, her hair returned to being red.
  • Something visual on the person would help me, but on the other hand, it’s unquestionably simple to get a leap back, and the scramble is on a short cool down.
  • So with how long you can spend combo-ing foes, you’ll unquestionably have a jump and run all set.
  • The heavy/influence assault’s diverted capacity has a few bizarre casings that occasionally lose me. There are once in a time where I’ve been in battles (strikingly the principal judge action) where

Explore the infinite depths

However, in the several edges of the move, the foe’s shot went through. I don’t have the foggiest idea of what it is, yet outwardly it loses me, and I sometimes get discovered making this mistake. The vast majority of the time, it’s okay, and I can time it right. However, for moves with a flood of slugs (3-4 in succession), I find the assault lets the last one go through. Thus, regardless of getting the game, be careful about how those assaults are coming at you.

In general, this ScourgeBringer is tomfoolery and feels very fulfilling. It truly harmed my hand due to the multitude of exact developments I was attempting to pull off (so perhaps checking the crate for holding the assault button in Openness settings is not a poorly conceived notion at all, haha). I’m attempting to move beyond the subsequent chief. However, the repairers are fun enough that I appreciate battling comparable adversaries.

Uncover mysteries

A couple of parts of the game are not as pleasant. Conflicting movement. In the initial 6 hours of the ScourgeBringer, I had the option to open practically the whole expertise tree. The main credits I could not open were gated behind completing the game. The level plan doesn’t offer numerous open doors for wall running. While the game has multiple development mechanics that are amusing to utilize (twofold leap, run, ground pound, “amplified run”), the majority of the walls have edges/”channels” that block you from utilizing wall run the vast majority of the time.

It makes wall run all the more a curiosity you use unintentionally occasionally. If you’re not playing it on a gamepad or gaming/mechanical console, console ghosting can be the main problem. The “amplified run” (run + crush) won’t come up more often than not when inputting diagonals close by the button blend. The forward level in this game depends on this specialist to go through walls, and it’s a genuine issue on my PC.

Defeat Giant Bosses

Likewise, a move permits you to evade/scatter large groups of slugs, yet 70% of I get hit while endeavoring this move in light of console ghosting. A different keybinding choice for that move would take care of the issue. Redesigns are not adequately substantial. While I believe it’s an actual game, it would be good to have the option to partake in an Overpowered run occasionally, with 5-10% worth of redesigns that are only from time to time the case.

Generally speaking

Likewise, updates are scattered north of 6 credits, so there is certainly not a simple approach to a solitary detail. As far as getting better at the game, it would be ideal to have the option to choose a beginning stage, as the foes can get pretty fluctuated. I’ve also observed the third stage more enthusiastically than the forward one because of ecological risks.

While I’ve just arrived at the fifth stage two times, my ongoing assessment is that it makes the game confounding. As the fifth stage has entryways on practically every one of the edges of the field (think exemplary Space rocks game), I find it extremely simple to neglect to focus on my personality and the adversaries.


So far, so astonishing that the music hits hard, like the foes. You bring down a brilliant hack and slice and simple movement framework with a secretive story to back it up. Its the ideal blend of what a 2D hack and piece ought to be.

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