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In today's fast-paced world, capturing and sharing moments on our mobile devices has become an integral part of our lives. Screenshots are a quick and effective way to do just that. However, finding the right screenshot app that combines functionality, ease of use, and additional features can be a challenge. Enter "Screenshot Touch," an Android software built by Daejeong Kim's skillful hands. In this piece, we'll go into the app's features and analyse its success on a global scale.
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Daejeong Kim
Jul 12, 2023
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Package Name Screenshot touch APK 2.1.1
Developer Daejeong Kim
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Version 2.1.1
Size 3.7 Mb
Requirements 5.0
Last Update Feb 22, 2024
Date Update Jul 12, 2023
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Unlock the Power of Screenshots with Screenshot Touch.

In today’s fast-paced world, capturing and sharing moments on our mobile devices has become an integral part of our lives. Screenshots are a quick and effective way to do just that. However, finding the right screenshot app that combines functionality, ease of use, and additional features can be a challenge. Enter “Screenshot Touch,” an Android software built by Daejeong Kim’s skillful hands. In this piece, we’ll go into the app’s features and analyse its success on a global scale.

The Brainchild of Daejeong Kim

Who is Daejeong Kim?

Daejeong Kim is a creative app developer who is driven to provide simple, elegant answers to common issues. Kim’s applications have a reputation for excellence thanks to his expertise in computer science and meticulous attention to detail. There isn’t an exception to Screenshot Touch.

The Inspiration Behind Screenshot Touch

Screenshot Touch was inspired by Kim’s need to take screenshots while using other programmes. He found that many preexisting programmes were missing crucial functionality and were frequently interrupted by annoying advertisements. Kim was so frustrated by this lack of a solution that he set out to create an app that would not only make taking screenshots easier but would also improve upon the process by adding new features and making the app ad-free.

Key Features of Screenshot Touch

1. Easy-to-Use Interface

The intuitive design of Screenshot Touch is one of its best qualities. People with varying skill levels can use the app because of its straightforward and intuitive user interface. Screenshot Touch is simple and straightforward to use, regardless of your level of technical expertise or familiarity with smartphones.

2. Customizable Screenshot Settings

Users can adjust the settings for Screenshot Touch to meet their individual requirements. Users have the option of taking screenshots with only one tap, by using gestures, or even by setting a timer to catch fleeting moments. Depending on their needs, users may choose to save screenshots in several formats, including PNG and JPEG.

3. Edit and Annotate

Screenshot Touch goes above and beyond competing programmes by including simple editing and annotation features. Before saving or sharing, users have the option to modify screenshots by cropping, drawing, adding text, and highlighting. By removing the need for any supplementary editing programmes, this function helps users save both time and space.

4. Share with Ease

Screenshot Touch makes it simple to show off your screen captures. Immediately after taking a picture, users may send it to anyone via a number of different methods, such as social media, messaging applications, or email. The app’s overall usefulness and efficiency are improved by this frictionless sharing feature.

5. Ad-Free Experience

The steady stream of advertisements might be quite annoying while using some free apps. When compared to other similar apps, Screenshot Touch stands out since it doesn’t distract users with advertisements.

How Screenshot Touch Ensures User Satisfaction

1. Regular Updates and Bug Fixes

Daejeong Kim is a firm believer in the power of user input to shape the evolution of his apps. Screenshot Touch is updated often so that it works with the most recent versions of Android and devices. Kim also promptly fixes any issues that are reported by users.

2. Community Engagement

A large group of satisfied Screenshot Touch customers often provide constructive criticism and feature requests. The app has a dedicated support team that engages with customers on many channels to make them feel valued and heard. This user-centric strategy has resulted in a dedicated following of people who rely on and appreciate the app.


The talented Daejeong Kim created Screenshot Touch, one of the best screenshot applications for Android. It is the go-to option for customers wanting a streamlined experience while taking screenshots because of its user-friendly design, adjustable settings, editing capabilities, and lack of ads. We can anticipate Screenshot Touch to be a dependable and feature-rich solution for all screenshot needs so long as Kim continues to listen to user input and enhance the software.


  1. Is Screenshot Touch compatible with all Android devices?
    • Yes, Screenshot Touch is compatible with most Android devices running Android OS 5.0 and above.
  2. Can I capture screenshots in different file formats?
    • Absolutely! Screenshot Touch allows you to save your screenshots in various formats, including PNG and JPEG.
  3. Does Screenshot Touch require a constant internet connection?
    • No, Screenshot Touch works offline and does not require an internet connection to function.
  4. Can I edit my screenshots within the app?
    • Yes, Screenshot Touch offers basic editing and annotation tools for your convenience.
  5. Does Screenshot Touch have any in-app purchases?
    • No, Screenshot Touch is completely free to use without any in-app purchases or hidden fees.

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