Shadow Hunter Lost World MOD APK (MOD, Unlimited Money)

⚔️ Hardcore Hack’n Slash Action-RPG.
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Package Name Shadow Hunter Lost World
Developer Enigma Software JSC
Price Free
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Last Update May 30, 2023
Date Update December 29, 2020
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Shadow Hunter Lost World MOD APK (MOD, Unlimited Money) – Shadow Hunter is an action-packed, dark cyberpunk hack and slash that features an amazing combat system and amazing boss fights. It is supported by a one-of-a special character control system and a great mixture of RPG elements that give you a thrilling experience.

Everything was covered by Hell’s darkness when the world was attacked and devastated by the horde of dark shadow monsters and demons. The constant noises resulted from the continuous screams of those evils and the crying and mourning of those few lucky ones who endure the horror.

The player will become a Shadow Hunter in this world, which means that they were gifted with God the Ancient One with a special power to fight the evil demons. Through many battles and challenges, Shadow hunters are bound to bring light to the world of our mortals.


One of the most thrilling moments in Shadow Hunter is the epic boss fight, where the Hunters must take on the dark giant demons to take their souls and progress into the most secret dungeon and the top floor of the tower of evil.

Without the right equipment and well-trained techniques, any athlete will likely be smashed by these powerful bosses. However, the great satisfaction that players feel when they have overcome those obstacles will be worth it.

In addition, the souls of the dark demon can help improve the quality of hundreds of shadow gear and weapons, transforming them from a simple sword of warriors into a legendary hero’s weapon, which generations will revere to be.

Features Of Shadow Hunter Lost World MOD APK

Shadow Hunter will have 4distinct PVE sections, each with varying difficulty levels and a PVP arena for players to conquer and explore. “Adventure” is the first place players begin the game by playing. It’s not the most difficult portion. However, it’s a crucial part of the game, as you must keep progressing through it to unlock other areas in the game.

When you’ve reached a dungeon’s level, you will be able to gain access to “Altar of darkness,” “Boss Mode,” and “Clock Tower of Challenges.” it is where the ultimate challenge of power and skill takes place. For our shadow hunters to beat those obstacles, learning the art of fighting is essential.

You are understanding the specific characteristics of each demon and devising a well-planned strategy. Also, strengthening the equipment for shadows is a major benefit.



What's new

- Add sound fx
- Add main menu music
- "Upper Striker" now are unlocked at level 1
- "Sword Fade" now are unlocked at level 2
- "Challenge" mode is unlocked after node 1-2
- Rebalance monster strength of node 1-1 to node 1-5
- Rebalance monster strength of Map 2
Control system:
- "Big Button" is enable as defaulted
- Update collider