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This is an astronomical clock that displays the following information:
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October 14, 2020
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This is an astronomical clock that displays the following information:
– Sunrise, sun peak and sunset
– Sun direction (hour hand) over Northern Hemisphere map
– Customizable motto of the day (text rotating with second hand)
– Azimuth (horizontal direction) to the sun, sunrise and sunset
– Blue and Golden Hour for photographers
– Civil, nautical and astronomical twilight
– Beginning of the Sabbath (Shabbat)
– Islamic prayer times (7 calculation methods)
– Tahajjud time
– Compass with reference direction (for example to Mecca, Qom or Jerusalem)
– Solar compass
– Horae Temporales / Zmanim (“Jewish Clock”) / Hebrew Hour
– Night hunting ban times in Germany
– World clock and second time zone

Times are displayed either on a classic 24-hour dial, an am/pm-dial with 2 x 12 hours or on a unique double dial with 12- and 24-hours.

Use it as app, wallpaper or widget.

Sunclock won’t drain the battery!

The location is set via the internal GPS / Wi-Fi receiver, an integrated city map or manually.

Especially for use as a background image or for the lock screen, a dark design can be selected.

By swiping on the screen, the time and date can be simulated. In this way, the cosmic rhythms and relationships of the sun can be discovered and studied in every hour and every day of the year for every place in the world. This simulation can also run automatically as an animation.

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Maintenance, Widget improvement and clock face fine tuning.

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