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Tempest Pirate is a naval battle and investigation game. You play as a specialist that can take on naval conflicts, gather in-game money Piastres, arrange or go after groups, and complete missions in more than three unique districts. This audit will cover the substance inside this early access title and the engineer's commitment.
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Package Name Tempest Pirate Action RPG
Developer HeroCraft Ltd.
Price Free
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Version 1.7.3
Size 63M
Requirements 5.0 and up
Last Update Jun 01, 2023
Date Update July 19, 2021
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Tempest Pirate is a naval battle and investigation game. You play as a specialist that can take on naval conflicts, gather in-game money Piastres, arrange or go after groups, and complete missions in more than three unique districts. This audit will cover the substance inside this early access title and the engineer’s commitment.


I would suggest Tempest Pirate as a visual novel above an activity game. You truly burn through 90% of the game swimming laps around different boats and 9% of the game going through the void wilderness (assuming you get the Jade development). However, the 1% of the time you spend perusing the story is astonishing. Somebody with a truly splendid creative mind and love of cruising legend put much of their ability into the short passages of adventuring text.

The other game takes away the vibe of a cruising experience rather well. However, it turns drawn-out rapidly because of tedium, buggy development, and crude programming. Nevertheless, if you view cruising laps while harming teams as unwinding, it is a simple game to save and return to when you want a little robbery supplemental class. For a multi-month-old game, Tempest has a great deal of content.

The Story

The essential thought is that you update your boat. You can redesign it by updating parts on your boats, remembering guns and frames to work on your viability for the fight to come, or purchasing or catching new ships. Every city has a store that permits you to sell or purchase freight to exchange with groups and purchase different ammunition depending on the boat you are looking for in the game. Tempest’s principal includes the guide.

The guide is your investigation and route screen. It contains all urban communities, districts, and all data for you on whether you need to enter a fight or find where to sail to finish a journey. It was carried out through a fix, yet I truly like the possibility of the guide as it supplements the idea of the Tempest Pirate in that you single out your fights. Another fantastic element is the multiplayer framework.

Destroy Enemy Pirate Ships

You can play multiplayer with up two others, and it acts indistinguishably from a single player. For example, in SP, you can cruise on the guide and travel to urban communities – in MP, it is something very similar, you do your assignments, and it acts on the off chance that it is a single player. Notwithstanding, what matters is that you can help other people in fights and finish journeys through fights. It is a consistent change since, regardless of whether you play MP, you can do what you need separately, and if you want assistance, you can request others’ help.

I truly love the element as it associates the two parts and destroys the Tempest Pirate idea. The naval battle perspective is straightforward; you principally enter a fight through the guide and assault different boats. On the off chance that you win, you gain plunder and things. Assuming you lose, you lose gold. You can likewise board ships during the fight, which takes you to a decent fight screen of your team battling the foe group, and there are choices on how to manage the boat if you win.

Use Canons For Precision Aiming

The naval battle is exceptionally liquid, and it supplements the climate and the climate framework, influencing you in a fight. The naval battle entwines into the group framework, indistinguishable from Mount and Cutting edge, in which various groups have various capacities, and going after them influences your relations. These groups award you missions that permit you to finish to acquire compensation and further develop relations with them.

The group framework influences your capacity to enter their urban communities since, in such a case that a group despises you enough, found in the in-game diary, then, at that point, you want to pay to enter their city. Tempest integrates a wealth of content, taking into account huge replayability. The reward is that a few elements progress easily, like single-player and multiplayer. I am happy the engineers added the principal map since it permits the Tempest Pirate to inhale by not compelling you to fight and go for a walk around the districts continuously.

Travel Across Huge Map

Besides, the guide lets you know fundamental data instead of stuffing your screen with pointless data. I am much partaking in all happiness. As referenced earlier, a significant point is a space to breathe where I can loot shipping lanes through auto fights for an hour. In Tempest, you will play the skipper of the powerful boat oceans in search of great fortunes, obliterating any who set out to cross him. Albeit still an Early Access title, Tempest has great content to keep you playing.

Including an enormous open world for you to investigate at your recreation, numerous mission lines, groups, and battle valuable open doors. Transport customization like weapons, colors, sails, and nonentity. Furthermore, different hordes like privateers, sharks, and Kraken (so I have heard). You can decide to carry on with the privateer’s existence with you and your team or find a collision with one of the different groups you will experience all through the world.

Upgrade Your Ships

You are free to loot your direction to wealth or attempt the straightforward existence of an ocean shipper exchanging plunder for gold. Both are suitable choices, meanwhile partaking in the rich designs the Tempest Pirate brings to the table. You start with just you and your boat and a journey that guides you to a nearby port to kick you off.

There you will find a couple of missions, perhaps a group part, and you get an opportunity to investigate the port connection point a bit and see the choices, for example, recruiting and disseminating your group, transport customization, accessible journeys, and dealers. Each port has a place with a group, and you can see the group banner close before you moor your boat. You will make partnerships and become adversaries with these groups, influencing which ports will be tranquil and unfriendly towards you.

Defeat All Your Enemies

There are different ports spotted from one side of the planet to the other that you will get the opportunity to find either being directed by missions or similarly as you meander. You can move your boat in one of two ways, the first being the guide screen. You can draw the course you believe your boat should take on this screen. Any boats you could experience en route will show up as a little spring-up, and you can choose whether to change to the next interface and lock in.

The second method for voyaging is in the 3D mode, where you control your boat the same way you do while in battle. The 3D mode is substantially more vivid and gives you the sensation of cruising on the seas. Assuming you zoom right in, you might drive in first individual mode from the wheel of the boat, which, on the off chance that you can disregard the unbending team part sprites, feels wonderful.

Story And Missions

While controlling your boat straightforwardly, you can decide to play with your camera, free or locked. Exchanging between the two can make battle significantly simpler. Battle in Tempest is ongoing and comprises you picking which assault you believe you should do and which side of the boat you need to fire. Various assaults have various reaches and reload times, yet expanded or diminished precision relies upon the assault you are doing.

You can likewise pick which cannonballs you need to fire, which will decide the harm managed to unfriendly boats. However, I partake in the battle. I do not see why there is an opportunity to miss on the off chance that I am 100 percent focusing on the boat being referred. It does not function admirably with ongoing battles, and I figure the battle mechanics in the game could do with a tad of a modification. As you endure shots, your boat will lose a portion of its well-being over the long haul.

Interactivity in Tempest Pirate

Your team individuals will take harm and become injured, preventing them from being dynamic at their posts and lowering your boat’s general effectiveness. The more harm you take, the more risk of your team individuals kicking the bucket totally and your boat sinking. When the battle is over, you can steal from every fallen boat (even those from groups you are aligned with), which will be one of your primary kinds of revenue.

If you sink in the wake of taking an excess of harm, you will not bite the dust or get a game over. You will respawn at a close-by well, disposed port; however, you will have lost many of your riches, so sometimes a retreat is suggested or even searching off of fights from the beginning as I did. Despite Tempest being fabulous as far as interactivity, the absence of an instructional exercise is something that thwarts the game greatly.

Graphics and Sound

There is next to no that is clarified for you, and it took me around three restarts before I believed I had a strong grasp on what I was intended to do. The battle is remarkably difficult to learn without being sunk a couple of times and can turn out to be extremely baffling. Additionally, conveying your group is never completely made sense of close by what is impacted by ‘productivity.’

Things could be made sense of significantly simpler by some text when you float over choices or symbols; there is not anything as of now. At this moment, Tempest frantically needs some tooltips. Based on the discussions the designer referenced, this is coming soon, so I will update you.


  • – great world making
  • – great composition
  • – great atmosphere
  • – fun music
  • – appropriate privateer experience feel
  • – awe-inspiring sea monsters
  • – great artistry
  • – runs on low-end PCs


  • – arbitrary passings without legitimate advance notice
  • – monotony during a fight
  • – rep-based journey crushing
  • – senselessly grinding accomplishments
  • – lethal producing oopses
  • – awful skirmish mechanics
  • – journey movement requires pausing (a great deal)
  • – nondescript groups (cool origin story, yet do not know who)
  • – unfortunate mission bearings
  • – mission marker over-burden


Exceptionally fun up until this point. Loads of profundity yet at the same time congenial. The game is enormous, with a lot to do. The player likewise constrains transport boarding in the third individual battle, which is much more fun than watching a bar top off. The walking controls take some becoming accustomed to; however, that is certainly not a gigantic piece of the game so I can look past it. You can likewise decide to auto-complete naval fights or play them physically.

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What's new

Go ring the bell, Bosun! We got new update here!

What's new:
- improvements in 3rd person mode controls;
- added shortcut from quest log to global map;
- lots of bug fixes and improvements.

Good luck, Captain!


Version Size Requirements Date
1.5.3 63M 5.0 and up 19/07/2021