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Typing Hero uses Accessibility Service to detect keyword and perform text replacement and execute macros.
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September 1, 2021
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Typing Hero uses Accessibility Service to detect keyword and perform text replacement and execute macros.

Typing Hero is a non-free Premium Text Expander and Keyboard Macro app. You must purchase Subscription or Lifetime License to use all features without limitation.

To help you making an informed decision before making a purchase, you can add up to 10 Snippets to try the Text Expander features without purchasing Subscription or Lifetime License.

If you purchase Annual Subscription or Lifetime License, you can request full refund within 7 (seven) days since the purchase date. No questions asked! Money-back guarantee!

Are you concern with the app’s rating? Please read the 1-2 stars reviews to understand that they’re not about the app’s quality nor customer service!

Text Expander

The Text Expander features in Typing Hero help you to expand your own keyword to any lengthy text you want in an instant. It means, you can type lesser and write faster with perfect accuracy using your favorite keyboard.

The Text Expander features have helped tens of thousands of people from various professions, such as salesperson, customer support agents, doctors, nurses, marketers, community managers, online shop owners, gamers, and many more.

They use the Text Expander features to quickly write various things, such as personalized cold email, email signatures, canned email response, complex medical terms, common medical diagnosis reports, addresses, current date and time, URLs, phone numbers, directions to a location, and many more.

More Text Expander features will be added in the future.


In addition to Text Expander features, Typing Hero also has Macro features that help you do various things faster.

Macros that are available right now:

⚡ Select and delete text
⚡ Move cursor to the beginning or end
⚡ Change the letter case to uppercase or lowercase
⚡ Capitalize first letter of a text
⚡ Capitalize first letter of each word
⚡ Copy text to, or paste text from Clipboard
⚡ Share text to other apps
⚡ Add new Snippet
⚡ Select, delete, or copy text before and after cursor position
⚡ Remove diacritics/accents from text (Führer to Fuhrer)

More Macros will be added in the future.


Typing Hero is actively developed since its first release over 2 years ago. An effort to document its features were made, but its state is always behind the actual app state. https://typinghero.app/docs/

If you need help with anything, please write to [email protected]. You can expect a response within 24 hours.


Typing Hero respects your privacy. Read the super simple privacy policy at https://typinghero.app/privacy/ before installing and using it!

Typing Hero is not compatible with some apps; the incomplete list is at https://typinghero.app/docs/#incompatible-apps. However, Snippet Copier feature helps increase your efficiency when using those apps. Read how to use it at https://typinghero.app/docs/#snippet-copier.

Typing Hero may not work properly if you have enable battery optimization and third party battery saver apps. Please follow the instructions on how to properly configure your device at https://typinghero.app/docs/#battery-optimization.

Typing Hero is not a replacement for a good password manager app. https://typinghero.app/docs/#security

Feel free to send feedback, suggestion, constructive criticism, bug report, or feature request to [email protected].

Typing Hero, the Text Expander and Keyboard Macro app for Android.

🇮🇩 Made in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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What's new

🐞 Fix rare crash when exporting Snippet on Galaxy Note 10+ 5G
⚡ Remove empty space on the left in Settings
⚡ Remove XDA from About section in Settings
⚡ Show indication that Macros is a Premium feature

⚡ Improve performance and stability when exporting large Snippets
⚡ Show message and progress indicator when importing/exporting Snippets
⚡ Disable move to Folder menu when there's no Folder
⚡ Upgrades tooling for various improvements

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