The Pirate Caribbean Hunt MOD APK v (MOD, Unlimited Money) free on android

Hail to the Captain!
Home Net Games
August 30, 2021
4.4 and up
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Package Name The Pirate Caribbean Hunt
Developer Home Net Games
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Content Rating Everyone
Architecture Universal
Version 10.0.1
Size 51M
Requirements 4.4 and up
Last Update Dec 02, 2023
Date Update August 30, 2021
Verified AppSecure Verified
Average Rating 4.3/5
Page Views 989,826
Downloads 230,192
Comments Enabled Yes
Supported Platforms Android

The Pirate Caribbean Hunt Mod Apk is the best pirate game ever. I love how to make money and how you can send ships on Ventures to help you. Once you have enough merchant ships, you can do anything you like! I would love to sail into Port and dock like in plague of the Dead. Also, I discovered a bug where you can ram the shore at maximum speed (for at least a Clipper), and you can sail into the land.

The Pirate Caribbean Hunt Mod Apk and its developers deserve more than 500 words. It is the best game I have ever played. There are no gimmicks. It’s straightforward and highly detailed. To excel, you don’t need to spend a lot of money. It is a rare quality in today’s video games. My favorite features are graphics, detail, fantastic realism, and a massive open world. You can create custom FX, even at night. Watch your step!

It’s not pay-to-win. While I would happily spend money to play this game, it’s nice that you can move forward without spending money. I love everything about this The Pirate Caribbean Hunt Mod Apk . I wish we could walk around the harbor and the tavern.

This game is a joy to play. It reminds me of Sid Meier’s Pirates! The MMORPG Pirates of the Burning Sea. It’s a great game with a great gameplay loop. The difficulty is not too difficult, but it’s not too hard to find the correct answer. Many ship types span the entire age of sail. I love the fact that the gameplay mechanic unlocks more as time goes by. Although ads exist, they are not intrusive. I got paid content for this game because I loved it.

The Pirate Caribbean Hunt Mod Apk All Ships Unlocked Free Download For Android

The gameplay mechanics are excellent, the graphics are very realistic for a mobile game, and the stories and missions are entertaining. Keep improving the game.

The Pirate Caribbean Hunt Mod Apk is the Best game I installed after watching the pirates of Caribbean movie series, which gave me an excellent experience. Still, the bad thing is premium ships are so expensive. Smuggler missions are the only source for earning more money. Military vessels like a schooner, brigantine, xebec need to be improved because they give a deficient performance at a high price, and I think this game needs a boat that can defeat the duke of kent.’

Many play styles and hours of entertainment make for a great game! The map is enormous, especially when you are manually sailing in open sea mode—a great selection of ships, decent customization, and fantastic storylines. There are only a few things that could tidy it up:

  • The flag system
  • The “seamless world map.”
  • The ship stat balance from the plague of the dead

I would love to see LOM governors and smuggler missions issued in the appropriate ports, as well as dynamic weather in open-world and day/night cycles.

The Pirate Caribbean Hunt Mod Apk is one of the most amazing stories on Android. I loved it! Also, It is the most compact game under 50MB, with no bugs or glitches. It is a must-download game as The creators deserve a big hat.

Hoist the Jolly Roger and grab the steering wheel to sail through battles and raids

The player must target the masts or the rudder to disable the ship. (I understand that you can rip the sails, but regular cannonballs will cause more damage to the boat than just the hull integrity. Your ability to fight will be affected by the masts and rudder breaking. You can add more damage to weaker points. To do maximum damage to the magazine, you can target it.

Since it was not popular, I have played this game before. It’s great that people are noticing this game on playstore. The Pirate Caribbean Hunt Mod Apk All Premium Ships Unlocked is fantastic and epic. Even though I lost my account, I have to create a new one. The Pirate Caribbean Hunt Mod Apk is still the best pirate game on Android. Yes, I sent feedback to the developer. They responded and took action.

It has everything you could want. However, I do have one suggestion. I have five strong ships in my fleet, but it’s hard to remember which one is which. It makes it challenging to exchange cargo from one ship for another during battles. It would be beneficial to have an option that allows me to see each boat I own’s exact location and direction.

You get the feeling of naval combat but in your pocket. The Pirate Caribbean Hunt Mod Apk All Premium Ships Unlocked is a favorite of mine. Although it is very grindy, it’s an exciting and fun game. It’s easy to run at high speed on low-end devices, thanks to the excellent graphics. 

The Pirate Caribbean Hunt Mod Apk Unlimited Money Free Download On Android

I look forward to more updates in The Pirate Caribbean Hunt Mod Apk All Premium Ships Unlocked . Map Increased: A long river that runs to the other side, with forts. You can also add an “auto-board ship button” to your battle screen. It will allow you to auto-board enemy ships when they are close. My base with fortress towers should have the ability to defend itself against raiders, rather than us having them destroyed, which can be time-consuming. You can replay the “Jewel Quest Journey” replay as you did with the Portuguese quest.

I’ve been playing it for many years—stunning graphics, challenging but fair, great story, lots to do, etc. The only problem is that once you finish the story, it becomes a bit boring repeating the same thing repeatedly. Are there any story missions you could add? If it is too much, you don’t need to. It doesn’t matter what. I will still enjoy this game. Edit: Could you please make this game accessible on Chromebook? Although I don’t have enough storage on my phone, I still want to play the game.

The graphics are great in The Pirate Caribbean Hunt Mod Apk , and the ships look amazing. You can also customize the color, armament, and historical accuracy. The history and year progression are great. I also love the freedom to roam. If the age of sail RPG creates your storylines games appeal to you, this game is perfect.

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Version 9.7 changelog:
– Bug fixes and improvements.


Version Size Requirements Date
10.0.3 51M 4.4 and up 30/08/2021
10.0 51M 4.4 and up 30/08/2021
9.7.1 51M 4.4 and up 30/08/2021

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when you log in to the game, it is enough to look at your money.