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December 22, 2021
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Package Name Truck Simulator PRO Europe
Developer Mageeks Apps & Games
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Content Rating Everyone
Architecture Universal
Version 2.6
Size 46M
Requirements 4.4 and up
Last Update Mar 03, 2024
Date Update December 22, 2021
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Average Rating 3.6/5
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Downloads 5,629
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Supported Platforms Android

Truck Simulator PRO Europe MOD APK (MOD, Unlimited Money) – Truck Simulator PRO Europe is a First class truck driving simulator. With help for TrackIR, and haggles, this game has turned into a jewel of the reenactment kind. Before attempting it, seeing why this Truck Simulator PRO Europe will be so addicting is difficult. I suspect a lot of that feeling comes from the movement from a modest truck driver not, in any event claiming a truck to a multi-country Coordinated operations organization possessing 100 trucks and utilizing as numerous drivers.


You “step up” different abilities, further developing the prizes you get from specific conveyances or opening up additional positions like longer distances or various classes of perilous freight. Driving the trucks is a joy. It is shockingly remedial driving from one city to another, submitting to the street runs instead of crushing things like a maniac.

If you debilitate the speed-limiter in choices (90kph), you can get a piece insane, getting as high as 150kph+ on certain highways, somewhat of a rush considering the freight you have close. However, speed cameras will turn into your foe. Truck Simulator PRO Europe is a decent relaxed truck driving simulator created and distributed by SCS Programming. The Truck Simulator PRO Europe was delivered in January 2013.

Features Of Truck Simulator PRO Europe

You, the player, will make a truck driver that can browse a few conventional appearance choices, and you will do your business with a name and logo. The game’s target is for you to pick agreements to convey labor and products to different objections as a trade-off for cash. This survey will look at Euro Truck Simulator 2’s primary elements concerning ongoing interaction and climate regarding execution. Truck Simulator PRO Europe highlights engaging ongoing interaction focused on casual gamers, as players can play, unwind, and pay attention to music. 

Truck Simulator PRO Europe highlights a task market split into speedy work, cargo market, and outside agreements. The last classification is Universe of Trucks related; I will not cover it in this manner. A speedy occupation is for starting the game. You pick a task, drive a business-doled-out truck to the objective, and bring in money. A cargo market is for when you buy a truck and complete tasks to develop your business.

Over 18 European Cities To Play

Besides, when you bring in cash, you purchase more trucks and recruit workers who naturally pick and complete positions on a period premise and make money for your business. Toward the finish of every conveyance, may it be you or your drivers, all acquire experience that expands your levels and awards your abilities, so you can be put into one of six classes, which include different traits.

The game highlights a few brands for trucks, and there is a redesign framework that permits you to utilize the cash to buy different overhauls for yourself and your worker’s trucks, including wheels, plan, and inside. The whole interactivity process is not difficult to handle, and it was quite easy for me to learn because it is picking an agreement, finishing that agreement, and getting cash. Besides, the Truck Simulator PRO Europe is perpetual through the goals of developing your business and learning about the various regions in the game; there is significant replay potential in Truck Simulator PRO Europe.

Console Level Graphics

Furthermore, the game highlights an exceptionally pleasant assortment of trucks, plans, and customization. The game highlights an in-game radio framework that permits you to download live radio broadcasts from the Web. For example, I played and paid attention to BBC Radio 1, which was life. I had Emilia Clarke from Round of Privileged positions in for a meeting, a supplement to the ongoing interaction.

Finally, the game is exceptionally reasonable and analyzes genuine partners through the way of behaving of artificial intelligence drivers and guidelines. The Truck Simulator PRO Europe elements speed limits, tollgates, traffic signals, stop signs, and anything you see when you drive on. Hence, it adds a high degree of authenticity to the center mechanics of the game. The main negative I have with the ongoing interaction is that your truck can go 90.

Realistic Physics

While this might be reasonable, this can be outrageously sluggish when most of the game is interstates. Truck Simulator PRO Europe highlights a magnificent guide plan that modifies depending on your area. For example, Berlin has an alternate scene and greater urban communities than Torino, Italy. However, I viewed the assortment as abundant and the general scene and climate delightful and flawless. I adored the expressway in Germany, the many costs in France to the wide open of England.

The Truck Simulator PRO Europe supplements the great regions by consolidating further detail through climate and late evening driving. With climate, simulated intelligence does not change its way of behaving, yet the main distinction is that drivers have their lights on, yet it does not influence their speed.

The Open World

Similarly, late evening driving is reasonable as fewer vehicles are driving and there are lights wherever to enlighten the region. All nations have different street plans, and it supplements the experience. Execution-related, the game’s remaining parts are reliable in FPS as I had the option to keep a 48-55FPS playing on max settings with negligible drops under 48 and standard increments north of 55.

I compliment the designers for their work in creating a genuinely gorgeous climate with the different weather conditions and influences and what it means for the streets. I laud them with solid streamlining to ensure lower-end computers play this effortlessly. My main desire was for greater urban areas. However, that is presumably something we will find in American Truck Simulator. Truck Simulator PRO Europe has exceptionally minor bugs and spelling blunders.


These are not very much observable yet are available in the game. In saying that, I will not diminish the score since SCS Programming has been great in offering proceeded with help and update for Truck Simulator PRO Europe, even post-American Truck Simulator discharge. Truck Simulator PRO Europe is a perfect game that is straightforward. It achieves an extremely high degree of execution, combined with a great plan and view.

It has a few elements and choices to enliven the game and keep up with effortlessness while driving. Matching genuine encounters with street guidelines, traffic signals, and even punishments is reasonable. The game highlights 35 DLCs with two significant developments, one lodge adornment DLC and the rest being paint occupations. Sadly, the computer-based intelligence of the other traffic can disappoint.


On certain occasions, for example, in underpasses under turnpikes, you can find crossing points where the vehicles generally neglect to give way, likely because the convergence was not customized accurately. Don’t you dare get me going on the kamikaze artificial intelligence at traffic circles by the same token? Regardless, this is the best time you can have driving a truck in a game. A regulator or directing wheel would be enthusiastically suggested, and if you have head-following gear, it is good to beat all.

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What's new

Howdy Truck Simulator PRO fans,

Changes in the current version:
* Fixed truck physics
* Fixed light system
* Performance improvements
* Other minor bug fixes

Thank you for all your feedback! If you have any ideas for future fixes and improvements feel free to e-mail us at [email protected].


Version Size Requirements Date
2.2 46M 4.4 and up 22/12/2021
2.1 46M 4.4 and up 22/12/2021

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How To Install DATA? Watch Video☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝
If you continue on the registered profile when you log in to the game, money and diamonds will be high. If you want to play without cheats, simply create a new profile.

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