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Weather & Radar Pro is a full, ad-free weather app that will keep you up to date on current conditions, forecasts, and important weather reports for places all over the world. This app gives you exact and detailed weather information to help you plan your day, no matter where you are in the world—in the UK, Ireland, or anywhere else.
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Jul 14, 2022
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Weather & Radar Pro is a full, ad-free weather app that will keep you up to date on current conditions, forecasts, and important weather reports for places all over the world. This app gives you exact and detailed weather information to help you plan your day, no matter where you are in the world—in the UK, Ireland, or anywhere else.

A Look at the Weather Forecast

When you use Weather & Radar Pro, you can get up-to-date weather information right away. The app gives you specific information about the temperature, the amount of rain or snow, the wind speed and direction, the number of sunshine hours, the times of sunrise and sunset, the air pressure, the humidity level, and the UV-Index. The 14-day weather forecast tool also lets you plan ahead, making sure you’re ready for any changes in the weather that might happen in the near future.

Warnings & Maps for Extreme Weather

Don’t let bad weather catch you off guard ever again! Weather & Radar Pro can warn you ahead of time about storms, lightning, strong winds, snow, or thunderstorms in your area. You can turn on these alerts and get push messages to stay up to date on possible dangers. With the Warning Maps tool, you can see where in Europe warnings have been sent out.

What WeatherRadar Can Do

This app’s WeatherRadar feature does more than just show weather charts. It gives you a better radar picture that shows cloud cover, sunshine, rain, snow, hail, thunderstorms, and lightning strikes. You can keep an eye on the weather in many places at the same time. For example, you can use RainfallRadar to only see rainfall and LightningRadar to see lightning hits as they happen.

Pollen Count and Getting Clean Air

People who are sensitive to allergens can use Weather & Radar Pro to get thorough pollen counts and weather forecasts for the next six days. This contains information on 14 types of pollen to help you deal with allergies more effectively. The app also gives you information about the UV-index levels and Air Quality Index (AQI) that are specific to your location.

Weather and wind radars

WindRadar allows you to monitor wind conditions, including its direction and the strongest gusts. You can also use the TemperatureRadar to see how the temperatures will change over the next three days in a beautiful picture.

Autocompatibility for Android

When you use Weather & Radar Pro with Android Auto, you can travel safely. This tool lets you check WeatherRadar and RainfallRadar maps without stopping while you’re driving. It gives you real-time information about storms, rain, or snow in your area.

Information about the coastline and tides

Are you headed to the beach? Weather & Radar Pro provides important marine information such as water temperature, wave height, and low and high tide times. This way, you can plan a fun and safe trip.

World Weather Information

Keep track of the weather around the world. At the same time, Weather & Radar Pro lets you see current weather reports for several places around the world. This way, no matter where you are, you’ll never miss important weather changes.

News about snow and winter sports

Weather & Radar Pro is the best app for winter sports fans to keep track of snowfall and get detailed information about Europe’s best ski resorts.

Processing weather data

The app gets its weather information from reliable sources, such as the UK Met Office, and also has its own team of expert meteorologists who process data from satellites and radar. This makes sure that the reports and predictions about the weather meet the best standards of meteorology.

Widget for Weather

The Weather & Radar Pro widget lets you customise your device’s home screen and shows you short but useful weather predictions for where you are right now. You can pick from different widget styles and change their size to suit your needs.

What’s Great About Weather & Radar Pro: No Ads

1. Accurate weather predictions

Weather & Radar Pro gives you very detailed weather forecasts every hour and every day for your exact position. This includes details about the weather, the amount of rain or snow, the wind speed and direction, the humidity, the UV- index, the air pressure, and other things. Because the app is accurate and reliable, it can help you plan activities and find out about upcoming weather changes.

2. Advanced Weather Radar

One great thing about Weather & Radar Pro is that it has powerful WeatherRadar features. Live radar maps show users what clouds are covering the sky, how heavy the rain is, how much snow is falling, and even when lightning hits. Users can watch weather patterns in real time on the interactive radar maps, which makes them more aware of their surroundings during bad weather.

3. Alerts for bad weather

The app lets users set up and receive fast severe weather alerts, so they know right away when storms, thunderstorms, heavy winds, or other potentially dangerous weather events happen in their area. You can set up these alerts to work the way you want them to, including your location and the severity you want. This gives you peace of mind during bad weather.

4. Entire World Coverage

Weather & Radar Pro doesn’t just cover certain areas; it covers weather all over the world. The app gives you correct weather information for many places at once, whether you’re in the UK, Europe, or anywhere else in the world. This view of the world is especially helpful for travellers and people who are interested in other countries.

5. Pollen grain count and air quality information

Weather & Radar Pro provides people who are sensitive to allergens with specific pollen count data along with forecasts for the next few days. Furthermore, the app includes information about air quality, such as Air Quality Index (AQI) readings, so users can decide what activities to do outside based on the weather.

6. Radars for wind and heat

In Weather & Radar Pro, there are two special tools called WindRadar and TemperatureRadar. The TemperatureRadar shows colour-coded temperature maps for the next three days, while the WindRadar shows wind direction, speed, and gusts. People who are interested in certain weather events can use these radars, and outdoor enthusiasts can’t do without them.

7. It works with Android Auto.

Because the app works well with Android Auto, it’s safe and easy for users to check the weather while driving. Android Auto support makes sure that drivers can get weather updates without putting their safety at risk, which makes travelling more enjoyable overall.

8. Learn more about the coast and tides.

Weather & Radar Pro provides important coastal and tide information, such as the temperature of the water, the height of the waves, the times of low and high tide, and other marine conditions. This feature is very helpful for beachgoers, sailors, and people who like water sports because it lets them plan their activities around the weather on the sea.

9. Information about snow and winter sports

Weather & Radar Pro’s snow information helps people who like winter sports by showing them where it snows and giving them detailed information about the best ski resorts in Europe. This tool assists in planning ski trips and monitoring snow conditions to ensure you have the best possible experience.

Processing of Reliable Weather Data

A lot of reliable weather organisations, like the UK Met Office, give the app their weather data, and the app’s team of meteorologists handles data from satellites and radar. This makes sure that the reports and forecasts about the weather are as accurate and reliable as they can be.

Weather & Radar Pro gives users who want accurate and thorough weather information a premium, ad-free weather experience full of advanced features. This app is a must-have for anyone who wants to stay aware and ready for all kinds of weather. It has real-time radar maps, personalised alerts, and global weather coverage.

In conclusion

Weather & Radar Pro isn’t just a weather app; it’s your personal expert that gives you accurate, up-to-date information about the weather where you are. You can stay on top of the weather and plan your actions with confidence thanks to its many features, accurate forecasts, and easy-to-use interface.


  1. Is Weather & Radar Pro available for iOS devices? Yes, Weather & Radar Pro is available on iOS devices through the App Store.
  2. Does the app provide weather data for other continents besides Europe? Absolutely! Weather & Radar Pro offers global weather information, covering all continents.
  3. Can I customize the notifications for severe weather alerts? Yes, you can personalize the settings to receive specific alerts based on your preferences.
  4. Is the app suitable for professional meteorologists? While it’s designed for general users, Weather & Radar Pro provides detailed data that professionals can also find useful.
  5. Does the app require an internet connection to function? Yes, Weather & Radar Pro relies on real-time data, so an internet connection is necessary for accurate updates.

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