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In the world of technology, which is always changing, it is important to stay ahead of the game. YouTube ReVanced Advanced is a way for YouTube fans and smart users to get more out of their experience. This new platform is a fork of ReVanced Extended, which was made and kept up-to-date by inotia00 but is no longer available. In this piece, we'll look at the advanced features and tweaks that make Yotutube ReVanced Advanced stand out. We'll look at patches, special features, and how they can make your YouTube experience more fun.
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YouTube ReVanced Advanced: Making Your YouTube Experience Better

Because technology changes constantly, you need to stay ahead of the game in the world of technology because it changes all the time. Advanced YouTube is a way for smart YouTube users and YouTube fans to get more out of the site. This new platform is a branch off of ReVanced Extended, which Inotia00 made and kept up to date but is no longer around. This article will discuss the advanced features and adjustments that set YouTube ReVanced Advanced apart from others. We’re going to talk about patches and other cool tools that can make your YouTube experience better.

The Evolution of Yotutube: ReVanced Advanced

YouTube Vanced was a well-known app that changed YouTube. YouTube ReVanced Advanced has emerged as its successor. Following the deactivation of YouTube Vanced, its creator, inotia00, decided to persist with the project and rebranded it as YouTube ReVanced Advanced. Users of YouTube could still get the most out of a unique experience after this change.

Key Features and Customizations

A Plethora of Patches

The fact that YouTube ReVanced Advanced has 78 different patches is one of its most intriguing features. Users will be able to change a lot of things about YouTube to make it fit their wants after these fixes. Here are a few of the best patches:

Get around the restrictions on ambient mode.

The advanced version of YouTube removes restrictions from idle mode, so users can enjoy a fuller experience even when their devices are not being used.

Change the speed of playback.

You can change how fast the video plays to fit your tastes, whether you like to watch it slowly or quickly.

Pick Your Own Seekbar Color

You can make the seekbar look more like you by changing its color.

Turn off auto-captions.

There is an option to turn off the automatic comments if you don’t like them.

Support for external browsers

There are more ways to look because you can open links in different browsers.

Turn on Minimized Playback

To do more than one thing at once, turn on minimized watching. This lets you use other apps and watch movies at the same time.

Take away the video suggestion overlay.

The interface stays clean and easy, but you can change how the suggested video layers look.

Your own logos and graphics

Making things your own is a key component of YouTube ReVanced Advanced. You can change the YouTube name that shows up in the app, take out the standard branding icon, and add a unique red Revancify icon in its place. This makes your YouTube app unique.

These are just a few of the many ways you can change things with YouTube ReVanced Advanced. YouTube users can change everything about it, from how it looks to how it plays. This makes sure that they have the best time possible on YouTube.

Why choose Yotutube ReVanced Advanced?

Unmatched Customization

YouTube ReVanced Advanced distinguishes itself from other tools by offering unparalleled customization options. This version of the YouTube app lets users change almost everything about their experience. The regular YouTube app doesn’t let users change much.

Better Control

Users have more power over what they watch on YouTube with Advanced than ever before. This lets you change things like the seekbar’s color and the speed at which the music plays. With this much power, each movie is sure to be different.

Viewing Without Ads

By getting rid of both general and video ads, YouTube ReVanced Advanced allows you to watch videos without interruption. This makes it less annoying and distracting to watch movies.

Having more flexibility

You can change the time stamps, play videos in a smaller window, and open links in a different browser. This gives you more choices than regular YouTube.

Continuing to grow

Because inotia00 is in charge of the project, users can expect it to keep getting better. We will fix bugs and potentially add new features in the future.

How to Get Yotutube ReVanced Advanced

YouTube ReVanced Advanced is simple to download. You can typically download the APK file for YouTube ReVanced Advanced from secure websites or the official YouTube website. If you want to keep your device safe, be careful and make sure you get it from a trustworthy source.

Interface that is easy to use

YouTube ReVanced Advanced tries to have an intuitive design that enhances your watching experience in addition to its advanced features.

Customizing the home page

Are you sick of the same old YouTube home page? You can change it so that the material you love is right in the middle. Your YouTube journey starts with your best videos and channels when you use YouTube ReVanced Advanced.

A big search bar

The wide search bar makes it easier to find the material you’re looking for by making the search function and visibility better.

Control of Time Stamps

You can control time stamps by changing how fast they move. You can quickly jump to certain parts of a movie with this feature.

Enhanced Privacy and Security

It’s most important that you feel safe and free. You can stay safe online with the help of YouTube ReVanced Advanced:

Turning off comments and captions

You can turn off faint comments and auto-subtitles if you don’t like them. This will help you watch better and with fewer interruptions.

Spoofing Version of the App

By faking the app version and player settings, you can protect your privacy and safety. This gives you more power over how you look online.

Technical Advancements

Additionally, YouTube ReVanced Advanced has mechanical enhancements that appeal to a larger audience:

Help with MicroG

YouTube ReVanced Advanced works well with MicroG, a free and open-source version of Google Play Services, and ensures that you have a fast and feature-rich experience.

Ability to Debugging

YouTube ReVanced Advanced allows you to enable debug logs, which is useful for tech enthusiasts and those who enjoy debugging and advanced tuning.

Making your YouTube experience unique

Making things your own is a key component of YouTube ReVanced Advanced. You can show or hide different parts, buttons, notes, images, watermarks, and more to customize the appearance of your interface. The many ways to change things will make your YouTube experience special.

Unveiling a World of Customization

  1. Unlock Ambient Mode Restrictions: This ingenious update empowers users to circumvent any imposed constraints that might curtail the full functionality of YouTube when immersed in ambient mode. Ambient mode is a captivating feature that affords you the luxury of indulging in audio or video content while your device languishes in a state of dormancy or lockdown. By artfully sidestepping these restrictions, users can relish a more pliable and feature-laden experience, even in this mode.
  2. Revamp Your Homepage: With the infusion of this enhancement, you gain the ability to tailor your YouTube homepage to your exacting preferences. This translates into an effortless avenue for immediate access to your favored videos and channels right from the get-go.
  3. Personalize with a Custom Branding Icon in Ravishing Red: This innovation bestows users the privilege of supplanting the standard branding icon with a bespoke, resplendent crimson icon from the Revancify palette. It serves as an avenue to infuse your application’s aesthetic with a touch of personalization, rendering it uniquely your own.
  4. Bestow Your Own Moniker upon YouTube: Echoing the flexibility of the branding icon, this functionality extends to your YouTube app’s nomenclature, permitting the adoption of a title that resonates with your identity, rendering it distinctively yours.
  5. Tailor-Made Double Tap Timing: The conventional practice of double-tapping on the screen for video progression finds new expression through this adaptation. It affords you the latitude to calibrate the interlude between double taps in perfect alignment with your preferences, enriching your navigation experience with an unprecedented level of intuitiveness.
  6. Reshape the App’s Package Name: This modification enables users to exercise dominion over the nomenclature of the application package. While this may not overtly impact the user interface, it serves as a valuable resource for specific technical or personalization endeavors.
  7. Crafted Playback Speed: Fine-tune the velocity of video playback to harmonize with your discerning tastes. Whether it’s languid, cinematic viewing or an accelerated journey through content, this feature accommodates your preferences with grace.
  8. Chromatic Metamorphosis of the Seekbar: Elevate your visual experience by undergoing the transformative experience of altering the hue of the seekbar. This personalized touch extends to the app’s interface, offering a spectrum of color possibilities.
  9. Predefined Playback Speed: Impose your preferred default video playback speed for a seamless viewing ritual. Bid adieu to the hassle of manual adjustments, as every video initiates at your preferred pace.
  10. Default Video Quality: Aligning with the default playback speed, this enhancement facilitates the selection of your preferred default video quality. Recurrent quality modifications are a thing of the past.
  11. Quell Auto Captions: Exercise your agency by silencing the automatic captioning that accompanies videos. This option caters to those who prefer an unadulterated viewing experience.
  12. Dismantle Haptic Feedback: This improvement lets users turn off haptic feedback when it’s not needed or is distracting.
  13. Neutralize HDR Video: High Dynamic Range (HDR) video brings forth a profusion of vivid color and contrast, but not all devices are compatible with this visual feast. This update provides the means to deactivate HDR if your device finds itself at odds with this technological marvel.
  14. Silence PIP Notification: Picture-in-Picture (PIP) redefines multitasking by permitting the viewing of videos in a diminutive window while concurrently engaging with other applications. This alteration facilitates the muzzling of the notification that materializes upon PIP activation, curtailing unwarranted interruptions.
  15. Disable QUIC Protocol: The QUIC network protocol champions the swiftness of data transmission, yet there may arise occasions where its deactivation is a strategic maneuver. This modification equips users with the requisite functionality.
  16. Suppress Shorts upon Inception: For those not enamored by YouTube Shorts, this adaptation permits the burial of these abbreviated video snippets upon app launch.
  17. Summon the Compact Controls Overlay: This provision introduces an unobtrusive and space-efficient control overlay, optimizing your viewing encounter by curbing visual clutter.
  18. Activate Debug Logging: Catering to the technically inclined, this amendment extends the invitation to activate debug logging—a valuable asset for troubleshooting and advanced customization.
  19. Harness the External Browser: Exercise the freedom to launch links directly in an external web browser, bypassing the confines of the app’s internal browser.
  20. Evoke Minimized Playback: Akin to PIP but with more autonomy, this upgrade bestows a mode of minimized playback, ushering in the ability to continue video consumption while seamlessly engaging with other applications.
  21. Inaugurate Novel Comment Popup Panels: Reimagine your interaction with comments through the introduction of novel popup panels, enhancing the comment engagement and assimilation experience.
  22. Initiate a Fresh Splash Animation: Infuse a touch of visual allure to your app’s initiation with the introduction of a new splash animation, promising a visually captivating start to your YouTube journey.
  23. Engage in Enhanced Thumbnail Previews: Partake in a heightened browsing experience with revitalized thumbnail preview animations, elevating the interactive aspect of video exploration.
  24. Revert to the Classic Quality Layout: If nostalgia beckons and you yearn for the bygone layout of video quality settings, this adjustment permits a return to familiarity.
  25. Direct Link Unveiling: Elect to dispense with intermediary steps and access external content directly through this configuration, expediting your path to external treasures.
  26. Empower Seekbar Tapping: Elevate your video navigation proficiency by authorizing seekbar tapping, simplifying the process of locating specific video segments.
  27. Tablet Mini Player Activation: Tablet enthusiasts receive an optimized mini player layout, exquisitely tailored to their expansive screens.
  28. Tablet Navigation Bar Enrichment: Tailored for tablet users, this patch provides a navigation bar that augments the overall user experience.
  29. Regulate Time Stamp Velocity: Exert authority over the pace of time stamps, endowing you with greater control over video traversal.
  30. Expand the Search Bar Horizon: This adjustment widens the search bar’s expanse, fostering more effective and visually comprehensive search functionality.
  31. Header Transformation: Embark on a journey of header customization with this offering, presenting diverse header layouts to harmonize with your preferences.
  32. Conceal the Account Menu: Streamline your interface by cloaking the account menu, ushering in an uncluttered aesthetic.
  33. Supress Auto Player Popup Panels: Banish intrusive auto player popup panels that might encroach upon your video playback, cultivating a serene viewing ambiance.
  34. Withdraw the Autoplay Button: If the orchestration of video commencement is your prerogative, this option discreetly tucks away the autoplay button from view.
  35. Diminish Autoplay Previews: Analogous to the autoplay button, this feature extends the capacity to rein in autoplay previews, preserving a pristine interface.
  36. Conceal the Button Repository: Customization of button aesthetics reaches its pinnacle through this functionality, rendering them invisible at your behest.
  37. Obliterate the Captions Button: This option sweeps the captions button into oblivion if its utilization seldom graces your viewing repertoire.
  38. Vanquish the Cast Button: For those who seldom partake in casting endeavors, this adjustment consigns the cast button to obscurity, decluttering your interface.
  39. Obviate the Category Bar: Simplify your interface by expunging the category bar, rendering it superfluous.
  40. Shroud the Channel Avatar Section: Tailor the presentation of channels to your liking by concealing their avatar sections.
  41. Efface the Channel Watermark: A pristine visual landscape emerges as channel watermarks vanish from view.
  42. Eliminate the Collapse Button: By discreetly hiding the collapse button, the video player adopts a pure form.
  43. Eliminate the Comment Component: If a comment-free viewing journey is your aspiration, this modification offers the requisite invisibility cloak.
  44. Exile the Crowdfunding Box: Debar distractions by banishing the crowdfunding box from video descriptions.
  45. Streamline Description Elements: Sculpt video descriptions to your preferences by obfuscating certain elements and imbuing them with a minimalist allure.
  46. Eradicate End Screen Cards: Eliminate the visual cacophony that end screen cards often introduce, cultivating a serene video-concluding milieu.
  47. Hide the End Screen Overlay: In unison with end screen cards, this feature permits the graceful disappearance of the end screen overlay.
  48. Conceal the Feed Flyout Panel: Immerse yourself in a customized feed by evicting the flyout panel, fostering a cleaner interface.
  49. Dissolve the Filmstrip Overlay: Simplify your viewing escapades by abolishing the Filmstrip Overlay.
  50. Vanish the Floating Microphone: If voice searches rarely grace your interactions, the floating microphone icon can fade into oblivion.
  51. Consign the full-screen panels to obscurity. Customization of full-screen mode takes an ascetic turn as certain panels discreetly vanish.
  52. Quell General Advertisements: Relish an advertisement-free sojourn through the activation of this feature.
  53. Evanesce the Handle: The draggable area of the video player undergoes a minimalist transformation as the handle recedes from view.
  54. Conceal Info Cards: Augment your video immersion by obscuring info cards that offer additional insights.
  55. Obfuscate the Latest Videos Button: Calibrate your video discovery experience by pressing the button that unveils the latest channel uploads.
  56. Simplify via Layout Component Concealment: The app’s layout gains a streamlined demeanor as select components retreat from view.
  57. Banish the Load More Button: Video playlists adopt a more elegant appearance as the Load More button vanishes.
  58. Shroud Mix Playlists: Those with little affinity for mix playlists can seamlessly eliminate them from view, fostering a cleaner interface.
  59. Subdue the Music Button: If the musical facet of the app occupies a backseat in your usage, this feature grants the discretion to cloak the music button.
  60. Mute the Navigation Buttons: Simplify navigation through the discreet silencing of extraneous buttons.
  61. Conceal the Navigation Label: Refine the aesthetics of navigation labels through their discreet removal.
  62. Unveil the Player Button Background: The video player adopts a sleeker appearance as the button background gracefully vanishes.
  63. Subdue the Player Flyout Panel: The video player’s interface undergoes a minimalist makeover as the flyout panel retreats into obscurity.
  64. Remove the Player Overlay Filter: Enhance the video player’s unadulterated aesthetic by stripping away overlay filters.
  65. Retire the Previous and Next Buttons: Tailor video navigation to your preferences by relegating the previous and next buttons to insignificance.
  66. Diminish Quick Actions: Simplify the interface by dialing down the prominence of quick action buttons.
  67. Shroud Seek Messages: The video navigation experience takes on a minimalist tone as seek messages fade into the background.
  68. Unveil the Seekbar: A minimalist aesthetic imbues the video player as the Seekbar discreetly vanishes.
  69. Suppress Shorts Components: If YouTube Shorts hold little appeal, this modification permits the elimination of their components.
  70. Remove the Snack Bar: By removing the snack bar from view, you can enjoy a viewing panorama without interruption.
  71. Shroud Speed Overlays: The video viewing encounter assumes a more pristine guise as speed overlays gracefully withdraw.
  72. Opt to Withhold Suggested Actions: Elect whether to display or shroud suggested actions for videos, offering a tailored viewing experience.
  73. Conceal Suggested Video Overlays: Enhance your visual immersion by obscuring suggested video overlays from view.
  74. Recede from the Suggestions Shelf: A tidier video exploration journey awaits as the suggestions shelf gracefully recedes.
  75. Bury the Time Stamp: The time stamp disappears from view, bringing customized video details to the forefront.
  76. Dim the Tooltip Content: A minimalist interface flourishes as tooltip content recedes into the background.
  77. Elect to Conceal Trending Searches: The choice lies with you whether to feature or obscure trending searches on the app’s interface.
  78. Banish Video Advertisements: Elevate your viewing pleasure by vanquishing video advertisements from your experience.

Pros and Cons of Yotutube ReVanced Advanced

Yotutube ReVanced Advanced has its good points and bad points, just like any other program. Let’s look at its pros and cons in a fair way:


  1. Enhanced Customization: You can now change your YouTube experience in ways that have never been done before.
  2. Better Privacy: There are features to help you keep your data private and give you more control over it.
  3. Technical Advancements: Support for MicroG and the ability to fix problems are examples of technical improvements.
  4. User-Friendly Layout: A YouTube layout that is more personalized and focused on the user
  5. Continued Growth: The project will continue to grow as long as the group is strong.


  1. Complex Installation: Installation is hard because it’s not in app shops, so you have to do it yourself.
  2. Security Risks: There are some security risks when you download APKs from illegal sites.
  3. Potential for Overcustomization: Overcustomization could happen if there are too many ways to change something.
  4. Not Endorsed by YouTube: This is not an official YouTube product, so help and updates may vary.

Comments and Reviews from Users

The best way to figure out how well Yotutube ReVanced Advanced works is to read reviews and comments from other users. Here are some thoughts from YouTube users who have taken advantage of the new features:

  1. Sarah J.: “I can’t imagine going back to regular YouTube after using ReVanced Advanced. The customization options are fantastic, and I love the wide search bar!”
  2. John R.: “As a tech enthusiast, the debugging capabilities are a dream come true. It’s like having a backstage pass to YouTube.”
  3. Emma L.: “The ability to disable auto captions and haptic feedback is a game-changer for me. It’s much cleaner and less distracting.”


YouTube ReVanced Advanced is a very useful tool for people who want to get more out of YouTube. It’s a flexible tool that can be changed in many ways and has a lot of extra features and customization choices. You can use Yotutube ReVanced Advanced to fine-tune your video settings, make your screen easier to use, or just watch videos without interruptions. Say goodbye to the restrictions of regular YouTube and say hello to a whole new world with this tweaked version. Today, improve your YouTube experience.

FAQs About Yotutube ReVanced Advanced

Q1: Is Yotutube ReVanced Advanced safe to use? A1: Yes, Yotutube ReVanced Advanced is considered safe to use. However, always download the APK from trusted sources to avoid security risks.

Q2: Can I get Yotutube ReVanced Advanced on the Google Play Store? A2: No, Yotutube ReVanced Advanced is not available on the Google Play Store. You need to download the APK from trusted sources and enable “Unknown Sources” to install it.

Q3: Are there any legal concerns with using Yotutube ReVanced Advanced? A3: While Yotutube ReVanced Advanced is a popular choice among users, it’s essential to be aware that it’s not an official YouTube product. Usage may vary by region, and it’s recommended to check your local laws and regulations.

Q4: Is Yotutube ReVanced Advanced available for iOS devices? A4: No, Yotutube ReVanced Advanced is primarily designed for Android devices. iOS users may need to explore alternative options.

Q5: Does Yotutube ReVanced Advanced require root access on Android devices? A5: No, Yotutube ReVanced Advanced typically does not require root access on Android devices, making it accessible to a broader audience.

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What's new

For new features, look for in-product education & notifications sharing the feature and how to use it!


Version Size Requirements Date
19.11.43 140 MB Varies with device 18/08/2023
18.30.37 140 MB Varies with device 18/08/2023

➠ Applied patches:

  • General UI Cleanup:
    • Removed ads, unnecessary buttons, and components.
  • Enhanced Privacy:
    • Disabled data tracking and unnecessary features.
  • Improved Playback Experience:
    • Customizable playback settings and improved controls.
  • Additional Features:
    • Added options for customization and themes.

➠ How to Install:

• First install MicroG
• Then install YouTube ReVanced
• Open YouTube ReVanced
• Log in to your Google account


  • If you encounter playback issues, uninstall MicroG, clear data and cache, then reinstall.
  • In YouTube ReVanced, go to Settings ➔ ReVanced Extended ➔ Miscellaneous ➔ Open MicroG ➔ Google device registration, and disable “Register device.”
  • In ReVanced Extended settings ➔ Miscellaneous, enable “Spoof player parameters.”

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