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YouTube Vanced, the popular modified version of the official YouTube app, was unfortunately shut down on March 13, 2022, following a cease-and-desist letter from Google. This left many users disappointed, as they had grown accustomed to the additional features and customization options offered by YouTube Vanced. But now there's a fresh option in the form of YouTube ReVanced Extended. In this piece, I'll go through the improvements and additions that YouTube Advanced Extended brings to the table.
Google LLC
Jul 7, 2023
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Package Name YouTube ReVanced Extended APK
Developer Google LLC
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Content Rating Everyone
Architecture Universal
Version 18.40.34
Size 139.1M
Requirements 8.0+
Last Update Mar 03, 2024
Date Update Jul 7, 2023
Verified AppSecure Verified
Average Rating 4.2/5
Page Views 629,845,852
Downloads 149,963,298
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Supported Platforms Android

YouTube ReVanced Extended: Taking Your YouTube Experience to the Next Level

YouTube Vanced, the popular modified version of the official YouTube app, was unfortunately shut down on March 13, 2022, following a cease-and-desist letter from Google. This left many users disappointed, as they had grown accustomed to the additional features and customization options offered by YouTube Vanced. But now there’s a fresh option in the form of YouTube ReVanced Extended. In this piece, I’ll go through the improvements and additions that YouTube Advanced Extended brings to the table.

YouTube ReVanced Extended
YouTube ReVanced Extended

YouTube Advanced Extended: Features and Patches

YouTube ReVanced Extended expands upon the features of YouTube Vanced by including a number of patches that allow for more granular regulation and personalization. Let’s examine some of the major improvements made possible by the latest release:

  1. Ad Blocking: Say goodbye to those annoying advertisements interrupting your YouTube viewing experience. YouTube ReVanced Extended allows you to block general ads, ensuring uninterrupted video playback.
  2. Background Playback: Enjoy the convenience of playing YouTube videos in the background while using other apps or when your screen gets turned off. This feature is perfect for music videos or podcasts, as you can continue listening without having the video actively on your screen.
  3. PiP (Picture-in-Picture) Mode: Multitask like a pro with the Picture-in-Picture mode. Minimize the video to a small floating window and navigate other apps while enjoying your favourite content.
  4. Dark Mode: Give your eyes a break with the Dark Mode option. Transform the YouTube interface into a dark colour scheme, reducing eye strain and enhancing visual appeal, especially in low-light environments.
  5. Override Max Resolution: Take control of your video playback resolution. YouTube Vanced allows you to override the maximum resolution set by the official YouTube app, providing a more precise and immersive viewing experience.
  6. Hide General Ads: Say goodbye to those annoying advertisements interrupting your YouTube viewing experience. YouTube ReVanced Extended allows you to hide general ads, ensuring uninterrupted video playback.
  7. Hide Info Cards: Info cards can sometimes distract you from the content you’re watching. With this patch, you can hide info cards and focus solely on the videos.
  8. Hide Layout Components: Customize the YouTube layout by hiding specific components that you find unnecessary or cluttered.
  9. Hide Live Chat Button: If you prefer to watch YouTube videos without the distraction of live chat, this patch lets you hide the live chat button.
  10. Hide Load More Button: Tired of endlessly scrolling through video suggestions? Hide the load more button to keep your YouTube browsing experience streamlined.
  11. Hide Mix Playlists: Remove the mix playlists feature from the YouTube app if you find it unnecessary or prefer a more straightforward interface.
  12. Hide Music Button: If you primarily use YouTube for video content and don’t frequently access the music features, this patch allows you to hide the music button.
  13. Hide Navigation Buttons: Customize the YouTube interface by hiding navigation buttons, giving you a cleaner and more focused viewing experience.
  14. Hide Navigation Label: Remove the navigation label to declutter the YouTube interface further and maximize screen space.
  15. Hide PiP Notification: Hide the Picture-in-Picture notification when you enable PiP mode, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted viewing experience.
  16. Hide Player Button Background: Customize the appearance of player buttons by hiding the background, providing a sleeker and cleaner look.
  17. Hide Player Flyout Panel: Remove the flyout panel that appears when interacting with the YouTube player, reducing visual distractions.
  18. Hide Player Overlay Filter: Hide the overlay filter that appears on the YouTube player, enhancing the clarity and visibility of the video content.
  19. Hide Previous/Next Button: Customize the YouTube player by hiding the previous/next buttons, giving you a minimalist playback interface.
  20. Hide Quick Actions: Hide the quick actions menu when you tap on a YouTube video, simplifying the user interface.
  21. Hide Seek Message: Remove the seek message when you fast-forward or rewind a video, creating a cleaner playback experience.
  22. Hide Seekbar: Customize the appearance of the seek bar by hiding it, providing a more immersive viewing experience.
  23. Hide Shorts Component: If you don’t watch or prefer to hide Shorts content, this patch allows you to remove the Shorts component from the YouTube app.
  24. Hide Snack Bar: Remove the snack bar notifications at the bottom of the YouTube app, reducing distractions and clutter.
  25. Hide Speed Overlay: Customize the playback speed overlay by hiding it, creating a cleaner and less intrusive interface.
  26. Hide Suggested Actions: Hide the suggested actions on the YouTube player, allowing you to focus solely on the video content.
  27. Hide Suggestions Shelf: Remove the suggestions shelf below the YouTube player, providing a cleaner and more streamlined interface.
  28. Hide Time Stamp: Hide the timestamp on the YouTube player, creating a minimalist playback experience.
  29. Hide Tooltip Content: Remove the tooltip content that appears when you hover over some aspects of the YouTube app, reducing visual clutter.
  30. Hide Trending Searches: If you find the trending searches section irrelevant or distracting, this patch allows you to hide it.
  31. Hide Video Ads: Block video ads that appear during YouTube playback, ensuring an uninterrupted viewing experience.
  32. Language Switch: Switch between different languages within the YouTube app, allowing you to explore content worldwide.
  33. Layout Switch: Customize the YouTube layout by switching between different layout options, such as grid or list views.
  34. Material You: Enable the Material You design language, giving YouTube a fresh, modern look that aligns with your device’s system theme.
  35. MicroG Support: Ensure compatibility and functionality by enabling MicroG support, which provides the framework for YouTube ReVanced Extended to operate smoothly.
  36. Optimize Resource: Optimize resource usage to enhance the performance and efficiency of YouTube ReVanced Extended.
  37. Overlay Buttons: Customize the appearance and placement of overlay buttons on the YouTube app, making them more accessible and visually appealing.
  38. Return YouTube Dislike: Restore the dislike button on YouTube, allowing you to express your opinion on videos.
  39. Settings: Access a comprehensive settings menu that lets you fine-tune various aspects of YouTube ReVanced Extended to suit your preferences.
  40. SponsorBlock: Skip sponsored content by enabling the SponsorBlock feature, which automatically detects and skips sponsored segments within videos.
  41. Spoof App Version: Change the app version information displayed by YouTube ReVanced Extended, giving you control over how the app appears to external services.
  42. Swipe Controls: Navigate through the YouTube app using intuitive swipe gestures, providing a seamless and convenient user experience.
  43. Theme: Customize the overall theme of YouTube ReVanced Extended, allowing you to choose between light and dark themes or even apply custom themes.
  44. Translations: Enable translations for video titles, descriptions, and comments, making it easier to understand and engage with content in different languages.
  45. Bypass Ambient Mode Restrictions: Remove restrictions that prevent YouTube playback during ambient mode or while the screen gets turned off.
  46. Change Homepage: Customize the YouTube homepage by setting your preferred landing page, ensuring you see the content you’re most interested in.
  47. Custom Branding Icon (ReVancify Red): Personalize your YouTube ReVanced Extended experience by applying a custom branding icon in ReVancify Red.
  48. Custom Branding (YouTube Name): Modify the branding text to display your preferred YouTube name within the YouTube app.
  49. Custom Double Tap Length: Customize the duration required for a double-tap gesture on the YouTube player, providing greater control over playback.
  50. Custom Seekbar Color: Change the colour of the seek bar to match your personal preferences or device theme, creating a visually cohesive experience.
  51. Custom Video Speed: Set a custom video playback speed, allowing you to fine-tune the playback to your liking.
  52. Default Video Quality: Specify the default video quality for YouTube playback, ensuring that videos start in your preferred resolution.
  53. Default Video Speed: Set the default playback speed for YouTube videos, ensuring that content plays at your preferred pace.
  54. Disable Auto Captions: Turn off automatic video captions, allowing you to focus solely on the content without distraction.
  55. Disable Haptic Feedback: Remove haptic feedback vibrations when interacting with the YouTube app, providing a more silent and seamless experience.
  56. Disable HDR Video: Disable HDR (High Dynamic Range) video playback if it’s not compatible with your device or if you prefer standard video quality.
  57. Disable QUIC Protocol: Disable the QUIC (Quick UDP Internet Connections) protocol YouTube uses for faster data transfer, providing more control over network connections.
  58. Disable Startup Shorts Player: Prevent the Shorts player from automatically launching when opening the YouTube app, providing a more tailored viewing experience.
  59. Enable Compact Controls Overlay: Enable a compact overlay for playback controls, reducing the size of the authorities and maximizing screen space.
  60. Enable External Browser: Open YouTube links instead of within the YouTube app in an external browser.
  61. Enable Minimized Playback: Allow playback to continue in a minimized mode, where the video appears as a small floating window while navigating other apps.
  62. Enable New Splash Animation: Experience a new splash animation when opening the YouTube app, adding a touch of visual flair.
  63. Enable New Thumbnail Preview: Get a glimpse of video content with the new thumbnail preview feature, which displays a preview when hovering over video thumbnails.
  64. Enable Old Quality Layout: Switch to the previous quality layout for video playback, providing a familiar and preferred interface.
  65. Enable Open Links Directly: Open links directly in the associated app instead of within the YouTube app’s built-in browser.
  66. Enable Seekbar Tapping: Seek through videos by tapping on the Seekbar, providing a more intuitive and precise playback control.
  67. Enable Tablet Mini Player: Enjoy a mini player interface optimized for tablet devices, allowing more effortless multitasking.
  68. Enable Tablet Navigation Bar: Enable a navigation bar specifically designed for tablet devices, providing a consistent and user-friendly browsing experience.
  69. Enable Timestamps Speed: Customize the playback speed specifically for video timestamps, allowing you to watch specific video parts more quickly.
  70. Enable Wide Search Bar: Expand the search bar to provide a wider input field, making it easier to enter search queries.
  71. Header Switch: Switch between different header styles in the YouTube app, customizing the appearance of the header section.
  72. Hide Account Menu: Hide the account menu to create a cleaner interface and reduce visual distractions.
  73. Hide Auto Player Popup Panels: Remove the automatic popup panels that appear when interacting with the YouTube player, providing a cleaner playback experience.
  74. Hide Autoplay Button: Hide the autoplay button on video thumbnails, allowing you more control over video playback.
  75. Hide Autoplay Preview: Disable the autoplay preview feature that automatically plays a short preview when hovering over video thumbnails.
  76. Hide Button Container: Remove the container with various buttons on the YouTube app, creating a more minimalist and streamlined interface.
  77. Hide Captions Button: Hide the captions button on the YouTube player, simplifying the user interface.
  78. Hide Cast Button: If you don’t use or prefer to hide the casting feature, this patch allows you to remove the cast button.
  79. Hide Category Bar: Remove the category bar below the YouTube search bar, providing a cleaner and more focused interface.
  80. Hide Channel Avatar Section: Hide the channel avatar section on video pages, minimizing visual distractions and focusing on the video content.
  81. Hide Channel Watermark: Remove the channel watermark on video thumbnails, providing a more streamlined viewing experience.
  82. Hide Collapse Button: Hide the collapse button on expanded video descriptions, simplifying the user interface.
  83. Hide Comment Component: Remove the comment section from the YouTube app, allowing a distraction-free viewing experience.
  84. Hide Crowdfunding Box: Hide the crowdfunding box on specific videos, minimizing visual clutter and distractions.
  85. Hide Description Components: Hide various components within video descriptions, providing a cleaner and more streamlined interface.
  86. Hide Email Address: Hide the email address associated with your YouTube account, enhancing privacy and reducing the visibility of personal information.
  87. Hide Endscreen Cards: Remove the end screen cards at the end of videos, providing a cleaner and less cluttered viewing experience.
  88. Hide Endscreen Overlay: Hide the overlay at the end of videos, simplifying the interface and allowing for a more focused viewing experience.
  89. Hide Feed Flyout Panel: Remove the flyout panel that appears when interacting with the YouTube feed, minimizing distractions and focusing on the content.
  90. Hide Filmstrip Overlay: Remove the filmstrip overlay that appears when hovering over video thumbnails, providing a cleaner and more streamlined interface.
  91. Hide Floating Microphone: Hide the floating microphone icon that appears during voice search, creating a more minimalist interface.
  92. Hide Fullscreen Panels: Hide the panels that appear when the YouTube player is in fullscreen mode, allowing for a cleaner and more immersive viewing experience.

These are all the features and patches offered by YouTube ReVanced Extended. With such a comprehensive list of customization options, you can tailor your YouTube experience according to your preferences and needs.

Installing YouTube Advanced Extended

The APK file for YouTube ReVanced Extended must be downloaded from a reliable source before it can be installed. If you must download it, make sure to do so from a reliable source. When the download is complete, head over to the YouTube Advanced Extended community and read up on how to set everything up. Before continuing, check your device’s settings to ensure that installation from unknown sources is enabled.

Is YouTube ReVanced Extended Legal and Safe?

YouTube ReVanced Extended, like YouTube Vanced, exists on the edge of the law. There is a potential for harm in using this app because it is not the original YouTube app. To guarantee safety and avoid any virus or security issues, only download the APK file from reliable sources.


If you’re looking for a way to get some of YouTube Vanced’s extra features and customization possibilities, YouTube Vanced Extended may be your best bet. You may customize your time spent on YouTube as you like with the plethora of available patches. The hazards and legal ramifications of utilizing hacked versions of software should be carefully considered. Take care, and make internet safety a top priority.

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For new features, look for in-product education & notifications sharing the feature and how to use it!


Version Size Requirements Date
19.02.39 139.1M 8.0+ 07/07/2023
18.45.41 139.1M 8.0+ 07/07/2023
18.25.39 139.1M 8.0+ 07/07/2023

Applied Patches

➠ How to Install:

• First install MicroG
• Then install YouTube ReVanced
• Open YouTube ReVanced
• Log in to your Google account

Note: If you experience playback issues, enable "Enable protobuf spoof" in the ReVanced Extended settings.

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