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24 July 2020
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Youtubers Life Gaming Channel MOD APK is a great little cartoony game. That, the cost is excessively high, and I recommend somewhere close to 8 USD. The drawback to the game is that from the outset, it has an exceptionally decent consistent glue with enjoyable occasions; however, at last, it becomes monotonous, strenuous work the further you get. This style made many YouTubers play it which soar its prevalence.


After a solitary run, they generally quit and never returned, and I feel that is the more significant part of the crowd at present. Honestly, however, this is a fair game. If you’re into games like the Sims and Game Dev Magnate, you’ll like this.

Youtubers Life Gaming Channel MOD APK

You are a YouTuber, and it is your objective to be the #1 YouTuber. You’ll climb through the positions, move into increasingly big houses, and enlist colleagues to support your endorser base. In making recordings, you click on kinds of cards and alter them into unique pieces to make a video.


Presently shouldn’t something be said about the Sims part? Indeed, it’s to some degree oversimplified, yet there are positions to connections, ordinary, colleague, companion, dating, relationship, drew in, wedded. To increment the ties, you fundamentally talk on your PC.

Youtubers Life Gaming Channel MOD APK

You can recruit companions as teammates, and getting hitched is simply an accomplishment. There is likewise a level framework and an assortment of dress decisions, and you can similarly update your PCs until they are the most elite.

Features Youtubers Life Gaming Channel MOD APK

Well, this shouldn’t imply that it’s awful. From the start, the game was a success. Everybody was playing it. However, as time went on, the game gradually dropped until it turned out. Yet individuals who attempted it for themselves (other than the genuine YouTubers) stayed close by and on second thought. The designers stopped most development because of lost ubiquity. They proceeded to refresh it a lot to where an entirely different divert added type.

The Story

Regarding designs, the game feels somewhat reused because 1—a large portion of the dress 2. Many models aren’t so unique, and many are re-utilized even though they look terrible 3. In general, the illustrations and modest reasons; however, the lighting and particles are great I like how the Youtubers Life Gaming Channel MOD APK has somewhat of a daily existence reenactment perspective, which widens the action board if you get exhausted.

Story And Missions

The Youtubers Life Gaming Channel MOD APK should have gaming, music, style, way of life and cooking as candle types. It is somewhat sensible, albeit most YouTubers do 1. games 2. tricks 3. design so that it will be exceptional in that perspective. Now that would be fine with me, except since they don’t precisely have a significant development group. Widening the scale causes every individual channel type to feel like (generally) the equivalent, so it loses a piece of its quality.

Graphics and Sound

The sound is quite a portion of the tunes (for instance, the Halloween melody). Yet, the voice acting is horrendous because they didn’t make it in any capacity whatsoever comparable, so every voice is different (which shouldn’t happen on the off chance that they all talk the equivalent fictitious gibberish language). Something major that annoys many people, however, is the means by which you’re supposed to make an ever-increasing number of recordings in view of the number of supporters you presently have.

It probably won’t sound awful, however close to the final plan. Also, make recordings left and right to fulfill the necessities of your fanbase. And keeping in mind that they genuinely have collaborators to attempt to make things more straightforward, you can’t enjoy some time off regardless of whether you need to, which is genuinely irritating and demolishes the game.


  • Irresistible and extraordinary interactivity, they took Game Dev Head honcho and made it 10x better
  • Really charming 3D illustrations
  • A lot of customization from character closet to condo furniture
  • The devs understand what they’re doing, and it shows. However, it’s not cleaned (as it’s initial access). The game streams pleasantly, and there are no diverting nor game-breaking bugs that I’ve encountered
  • A lot of incentive to arrive at max level
  • Lots of content


  • The entire game is moderately simple, and I could see this being an excellent con for certain individuals.
  • There is no specific formula to make a decent video. It is simply tapping on the suitable tiles and having an alright apparatus.
  • Your ‘companions’ will disturb you, continually requesting that you attend the films or gatherings that don’t give anything (aside from senseless ensembles) and assuming you decline, they will before long turn into your adversary. It’s ludicrous
  • You can’t recruit your sweetheart/beau to assist you with making recordings for reasons unknown. You can recruit individuals who are companions.
  • It implies you can’t be dating the most gifted individual since you need to enlist them to make gold for you
  • The high-pitch clicking commotions on menu screens and while you’re playing the control center games is so unbelievably horrendous I generally have this game quieted.

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What's new

New Fashion Channel!
-Create your own sets
-7 different styles to conquer
-Plan each season
-Fashion workshops
-Stage runway shows

-Added Google Cloud Save

Gameplay changes:
-New Pipper interactions. New thumbs up/down follower system
-Network and company assignments affect your subs’ morale
-More detailed brand/company relationship information
-Analysis and Speed run combos are now easier to achieve
-Waiting times when setting up a restaurant gig and live show have been shortened


Version Size Requirements Date
1.6.2 48M 4.4 and up 24/07/2020
1.5.6 48M 4.4 and up 30/03/2020


☰ What’s in the mod menu?

ᐉ Free shopping

ᐉ Free talent

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