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Rally your squad and lead the charge! The Battlefield™ franchise has arrived on mobile. FPS combat, superior teamplay, and genre-defining destruction - now more thrilling than ever.
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Battlefield MOBILE APK is among the most popular shooters in. Since its debut in 2002, this story has not stopped bringing players over with its tremendous amounts of action and detail that take you on a journey through amazingly realistic battles in the military.Ever Since EA announced that they were developing Battlefield Mobile, it became the hype in the android market.

It’s a new version of the game created entirely from scratch, in this version for Android. You will find a few well-known game modes available on consoles and PC and innovative ones adapted to your phone. The capability to play any time, anyplace allows you to play with more players than ever before in stunning hugely multiplayer online games.
Gather your troops and take the lead! Also, It’s official!. The Battlefield series is available on mobile devices.

FPS-based combat, team play, and genre-defining destruction are more thrilling today than ever. Join forces and join forces in Battlefield Mobile: Battle alongside your group and press the attack on maps and modes that are both old and new. Warfare is ever-changing. You can defend yourself by constructing a loadout of authentic weapons and equipment. Fight for control of powerful vehicles: destroy the Battlefield MOBILE APK with huge-scale destruction of the environment to gain strategic advantages.

Features Of Battlefield MOBILE APK

  • Multiplayer war, fps combat, and massive-scale battles
  • Experience the same thrilling spectacles Battlefield is known for and are now available on your mobile
  • Overrun a tower that is collapsing with your ATV
  • Parachute off of a structure while firing rocket launchers
  • Bury your enemies beneath the rubble of the building that you destroyed by tanks

The first-person shooter who has unrivalled strategic gameplay. Make your customized arsenal of weapons as well as class-specific equipment and more, as you get ready for an all-out battle. The most effective tool is to choose the suitable class and loadout that is most suited to your game style.

Battle with your team and control the action in a cult multiplayer shooter. Develop a war strategy to assist in turning the game in your favour while you make the right team and strategic decisions, as well as raise your battalion’s number of soldiers. Also, You can Defend, destroy and fight for your survival with the best team. Combat awaits! Make your soldier unique to increase the battle skills of your soldier.

Personalize and upgrade weapons, equipment, gadgets and more to match your level and level of progress. War was won with your best shooting skills and practising group tactics, and lead your team to victory!. The reference to a specific make or model, manufacturer, and model of the weapon, equipment or vehicle is only for historical purposes. It does not signify any endorsement or sponsorship by the trademark owner.


Players can communicate via in-game video chats, chats with voice, and inboxing from player to player. To disable it, check the settings menu for the player and privacy settings. Includes direct links to web and social media sites designed for users that are older than 13. Google Play Game Services power the app. Log off from Google Play Game Services before installation if there is no desire to share your gaming experience with your friends.

Battlefield MOBILE APK has spectacular graphics which will make the most of top-of-the-line smartphones. Like other games, you must work in teams if you wish to win. Furthermore, the game’s controls got designed to work with touchscreens to experience the game in a completely immersive way.

Explosives, bombs, continuous action military vehicles, and an array of weapons to explore. These facts are more than enough to add the thrill and excitement of Battlefield MOBILE APK in the Android world. The only option is survival when you’re looking to demonstrate your strength and courage to build your army and defeat all odds.

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