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Get ready to discover one of 2020’s best games! Play explosive 1v1 duels against players from all over the world with this amazing FPS designed for your phone. FRAG PRO SHOOTER is a free shooter game by Oh BiBi.
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Oh BiBi
September 2, 2020
4.3 and up
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FRAG Pro Shooter MOD APK Unlimited Money – Amazing – Fun and Easy The best third individual shooter telephone game I know. In the event that you love first individual shooter games and you’re great at them, this is the ideal game for you. Timesplitters fans join together! It’s tomfoolery gathering every one of the various characters. Then, at that point, sorting out which ones you’re great at utilizing, which ones you like and which ones to utilize.


There are various modes that might require various characters to enjoy the benefit, in any case it really depends on you which ones you use.Great game, simple to learn, good designs, extraordinary interactivity, FRAG is perhaps of the best portable shooter (in the event that not exactly amazing), I have been playing starting from the start, one issue is that somewhat recently or so this game has been going more to the compensation to win side which should be changed.

This FRAG Pro Shooter is, therefore, addictive. I was ne’er into vice, but this game modified my perspective. It can be one of the foremost dependable independent agency games created with 128 tick servers. This FRAG Pro Shooter needs enthusiasm, commitment, hard work, experience, and coaching because every constituent counts after you trigger your small arm.

Different Types of Gun Skins

After playing on a low level like Silver and Gold star, you could lose several games thanks to your colleagues. They could do basic missteps like Run and small-arm, cluster Streak then forth. Yet, ne’er rage on them. We tend to adapt to similar essential errors once we are fledglings. I notice this game includes a parcel of feeling but maintains AN even mind and creates a degree to indicate the novices.

I’ve been playing FRAG Pro Shooter since around 2000, once it had been one. It had been a characteristic movement on behalf of me from hectoliter Deathmatch that was tons of gambol your time again. I have been devoted to the current game for nearly twenty years and have assembled hours. I would not want to understand it, but I’ve also had some sensible times with it!!

It’s diverting to observe and participate in one thing because it develops and develops. Significantly to one thing that has become famed worldwide, not simply that, but not metal. I question whether there would be an Android administration. It’s fascinating how things occur!!

Online Multiplayer Mode

No one can at any purpose perceive this; therefore, I have no clue regarding why I am financing the energy composing a survey of this type, significantly after I began to amass a credit for a lot of XP, diverting :) FRAG Pro Shooter and, therefore, the native space have ME through some hard times in my day-to-day existence, and I am forever appreciative of that.

Nevertheless, I want to mention that the current standing of undertakings with the sport, Android, and IOS is somewhat miserable. There isn’t any interaction with the sport’s fanbase that created IOS and Android into what it’s nowadays, which is exceptionally frustrating on my behalf.

Matchmaking and Gameplay

Android owns such a superb item and nevertheless appears to own neglected to specialize in their foundations and wherever all their prosperity came. Why has there not been a lot of outstanding headway in the supply stage to take advantage of the current vice computer? Pull and reinvigorate an area that’s becoming defeated without correspondence relating course of the game.

Likewise, as current play capacity, assortment, and lack of transparency. Presumptuous IOS hasn’t any goals of putt the required assets and money into fostering this dormant beast of games into one thing which will see a blast of revenue. Commendation and thanks from the vice native space generally then.


In any case, FRAG Pro Shooter is an unprecedented game, and I will play it perpetually and very similar to every spot in this world, each natural and virtual. You may notice most people square measure excellent and do not cheat; nevertheless, you likewise get the foremost un-desirable of people you discover where again and fortuitously, as where else, they are the minority.

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What's new

In this new update you will discover our new fragger, Cipher, a hacker with a powerful ability that disables his opponents' powers and make them more vulnerable to all damages for a few seconds. Try him out in the upcoming season!


Version Size Requirements Date
2.24.1 100M 4.3 and up 02/09/2020
2.24.0 100M 4.3 and up 02/09/2020
2.23.1 100M 4.3 and up 02/09/2020
1.6.7 100M 4.3 and up 02/09/2020
1.6.6 99M 4.3 and up 11/08/2020
1.6.6 99M 4.3 and up 06/08/2020

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