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Drift Fanatics Car Drifting MOD APK is a racing game developed by Drifted Games. It was launched in 2021 for Windows PCs, and you can get it right now from Steam. The game caters to fans of drift racing and has a big selection of vehicles.
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Feb 24, 2023
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Drift Fanatics Car Drifting MOD APK is a racing game developed by Drifted Games. It was launched in 2021 for Windows PCs, and you can get it right now from Steam. The game caters to fans of drift racing and has a big selection of vehicles.

Drift Fanatics Car Drifting MOD APK


Do you like drifting? Do you wish you could create the perfect slide car? You’re in luck, because you can now! For the best drifting experience, choose from one of our 13 available vehicles. One of the easiest and least expensive ways to make your drift vehicle run better is to take things off of it.Your automobile may lose weight in three phases, the third of which includes a roll cage for increased security.

For the best performance, you can update your exhaust system, add racing cams, increase your intake, switch to individual throttle bodies, and update your injectors in three steps.At the third level, you may even go as far as full ethanol and forged engine internals, transforming your drifting machine into a genuine race car.

You can change the ride height, offset, and camber of your car’s suspension to suit your needs.On the racetrack, you may put your suspension to the test and make any necessary modifications. For a more authentic feel, dynamic elements like the tyre smoke system have been completely redesigned. You may anticipate a respectable quantity of tyre smoke, depending on your speed and the angle at which you are driving. As a result of hard braking, your brake discs will also flash red.

You may choose from five distinct courses to drift on, both day and night, and each track has over 20 different random weather conditions to give it a fresh feel each time you play. Every vehicle may be customised with a wide variety of wheels to suit your needs as a drifting machine. Choose from one of seven different garage designs to really make it your own.


Drift Fanatics has a wide variety of game modes, making it enjoyable for gamers of all skill levels. Time Attack, Drift Zone, and Drift Battle are just a few of the game’s many playable modes. Each mode is different and challenging in its own way, which will keep players interested and happy.

In Time Attack mode, players must finish a course as quickly as they can. This mode is a terrific approach for players to get a feel for the game’s controls and physics since it lets them concentrate on driving without the additional strain of competing against other players. The game also has a variety of difficulties, allowing players to ramp up the challenge as their abilities grow.

In the Drift Zone mode, you must drift past checkpoints to get points. In this game, players must keep their drifts going for as long as possible while also hitting as many gates as they can. The mode is excellent for testing and honing a player’s drifting abilities since it requires precise control of the car’s speed and angle. The inclusion of leaderboards in this mode provides an additional incentive to play and raises the bar for success.

Drift Fanatics Car Drifting MOD APK

The game’s final mode, Drift Battle, pits players against one another in a direct competition. The real talent and strategy of drift racing are shown in this mode. Speed, control, and strategy are all necessary for players to out-drift their rivals and win the race. For seasoned players, this level presents the biggest challenge and is the most competitive of the three.

Drift Fanatics’ wide selection of vehicles is one of its many strengths. The game includes a variety of vintage and contemporary drift automobiles, each with their own set of handling quirks. The game’s physics engine faithfully recreates the performance and handling of each vehicle, allowing players to customise their experience depending on their chosen driving style.

Drift Fanatics has fun and interesting gameplay because of how nicely it was built. Players may choose from a wide selection of modes, difficulties, and vehicles to suit their own preferences and play styles. The controls are responsive and simple to learn, but mastery will take time and effort. Drift Fanatics is a fantastic racing game that can be played solo or with friends thanks to its exciting multiplayer options.


Drift Fanatics’ visuals are top-notch, resulting in a thrilling and realistic racing experience. The game’s high-quality texturing and lighting effects bring the automobiles and settings to life. The precision of the automobile models is a standout feature of Drift Fanatics’ visuals. Each vehicle is realistically detailed and faithful to its real-life equivalent. The vehicles’ realistic and original appearance is the result of meticulous attention to detail across the board, from the design of the bodies to the details of the wheels and tailpipes.

Drift Fanatics also has beautifully detailed environments and a wide variety of landscapes to explore. The game includes a variety of courses, from city streets to meandering mountain roads, each with its own set of difficulties and hazards. With realistic lighting and weather effects that give the settings a feeling of reality and depth, they are detailed and immersive.

The game’s many camera angles, such as first-person and third-person views, let players enjoy the action from different points of view.The game’s replay feature is especially interesting because it lets players watch and save replays of their races from different points of view.

The game’s UI is likewise well-designed, with legible text and intuitive iconography. The menus are well organized and simple to use, making it simple to switch between gameplay settings.

Drift Fanatics has excellent visuals that enhance the gameplay experience. The variety of camera angles and replay choices, in addition to the meticulously crafted vehicle models and landscapes, provide for a thrilling and realistic racing experience that is sure to please lovers of the sport.


Drift Fanatics’ excellent audio design contributes significantly to the game’s overall atmosphere. The game’s varied sound effects, from roaring engines to screaming tyres, do a great job of evoking the worlds and vehicles you’ll be driving through.

The motor noise in Drift Fanatics really stands out. Each vehicle’s engine sound is distinctive and faithful to the actual thing. The realistic sound effects put you in the driver’s seat of a high-performance drift vehicle and enhance the immersion of the game.

Drift Fanatics Car Drifting MOD APK

The sound effects for braking and drifting are very well done. The screeching of the tyres as the vehicle drifts around turns and the sound of the brakes when the car slows down provide a feeling of immersion and authenticity. The game’s sound design is well-balanced, with each sound effect clearly discernible without drowning out the others.

There are a variety of musical tracks in the game that, together with the sound effects, help set the mood. The soundtrack is fast-paced and exciting, making for a thrilling and exhilarating gaming experience.

Drift Fanatics’ usage of positional audio is a notable aspect of its audio design. Depending on where the player’s car is on the track in relation to other vehicles, the engine and tyres make different noises. This makes for a more dynamic and realistic experience, improving the player’s ability to assess their own speed and the space between themselves and other vehicles.

The audio in Drift Fanatics is well executed and contributes to the game’s atmosphere and realism. The music tracks are upbeat and thrilling, and the sound effects are well done. Positional audio is a notable addition that contributes to a more engaging and authentic experience.


The controls in Drift Fanatics are well-designed and responsive, so players can drift and do other moves with ease.The game gives players the choice of using the keyboard, a controller, or the steering wheel to control the game.

The game’s default keyboard controls are simple and straightforward. The arrow keys are used to control the vehicle, the space bar is used to brake, and the shift key is used to start a drift. Players may easily conduct precise drifts and manoeuvres thanks to the snappy and well-tuned controls.

The game may be played with a keyboard and mouse, but it also works with controllers and driving wheels for a more realistic experience. The controls are well mapped, and players may adjust the settings to their desire, so they can find a layout that works for them.

The game’s physics engine is a highlight of the controls in Drift Fanatics. The game’s physics engine is well-tuned, and the vehicles respond accurately to user interaction. Several vehicles in the game have varied handling qualities, which increases the game’s difficulty and fun.

The use of a handbrake is another significant feature of the controls. When executing slides and tight bends, the handbrake is crucial, and the game’s mechanism is intuitive and quick.

Most of the controls in Drift Fanatics are well-thought-out and responsive, making it easy for players to drift and do other moves with precision.Players are given a wide range of control schemes to experiment with in order to find the one that seems most natural to them. The use of a finely tuned physics engine and handbrake system increases the game’s overall realism and difficulty.


The multiplayer feature in Drift Fanatics is a great addition that lets players race against each other in exciting online competition.There are both offline and online multiplayer modes, and each has its own features and challenges.

Split-screen play allows players to compete against one another on the same screen in local multiplayer mode. This mode enables participants to engage in real-time head-to-head competition. The game plays well even when played on many screens, thanks to the well-designed split-screen feature.

Drift Fanatics Car Drifting MOD APK

Players from all around the globe may compete against one another in the online multiplayer mode. Each race in the game is hard and fun because the matching system pairs players with others who are about as good as they are.Up to eight players may participate in the online multiplayer mode, which brings chaos and excitement to the track.

Drift Fanatics’ rating system is a highlight of its online multiplayer game. The game keeps track of each player’s performance in online races, and it assigns them a rating based on that performance.This fosters a competitive atmosphere where players may work to advance and establish themselves as the finest drifters in the game.

The range of game options available in the multiplayer mode is another noteworthy feature. The game offers a variety of racing types, including time trials, drift clashes, and elimination races, each with its own set of rules and obstacles. This increases the game’s depth and replay value by giving players more options for how to spend their time in multiplayer.

The multiplayer feature in Drift Fanatics is a great addition to the game because it lets people race against each other in exciting online competition.There are both offline and online multiplayer modes, and each has its own features and challenges.The ranking system and many game types increase the game’s competitiveness and replayability.

Main Features

Drift Fanatics has several fun extras that improve the game in many ways. The following are some of its most notable features:

  1. Personalization: Players may alter their vehicles to their liking by swapping out various components, including the engine, wheels, and bodywork. Players may try out many constructions and combinations to discover the one that suits them best, which increases the game’s overall depth and replayability.
  2. The game’s career mode lets players go through a series of races and challenges to earn access to new vehicles and upgrades. The game’s career mode is well thought out, with plenty of challenging missions and room for advancement.
  3. Realistic physics: The game has a realistic physics engine that correctly represents the handling and behaviour of the automobiles. Since players must understand the physics and mechanics of the automobiles in order to perform effectively, this increases the game’s overall realism and complexity.
  4. Time trials, drift fights, and elimination races are just a few of the many different types of races available in this game. The game’s depth and replay value come from the many different modes, each with its own set of challenges and restrictions.
  5. Multiplayer: The game has both local and online multiplayer modes, letting players compete against one another in thrilling races. The competitiveness and replayability of the game are increased by the multiplayer mode’s rating system and the diversity of game options.
  6. Music: The upbeat tunes in this game are the perfect accompaniment to the frantic action. There is a wide variety of musical styles and genres represented in the soundtrack, so there is something for everyone.
  7. Drift Fanatics, as a whole, has a lot of cool extras that make it fun to play. The customization options, career mode, realistic physics, different racing styles, multiplayer, and music give the game a lot of depth and make it fun to play again and again.


  1. It’s fun and interesting to play Drift Fanatics because the racing is fast and the drifting is hard.
  2. Options for customization: The game has a complex customization system that lets players customise their automobiles with a variety of components, which increases the game’s replay value.
  3. Realistic physics: The game’s physics engine precisely models the handling and behaviour of the automobiles, increasing the game’s realism and difficulty.
  4. The game is fun to play again and again because it has many different racing modes, each with its own rules and difficulties.
  5. The game’s multiplayer feature, which is available both offline and online, allows players to compete against one another in thrilling races that up the ante and keep things interesting.
  6. Excellent visuals: The game has high-quality graphics that are aesthetically pleasing, particularly during the races.


  1. The game only has a handful of songs, so there’s a risk of becoming tired of the same old thing after a while.
  2. Difficult learning curve: The game’s drift mechanics may be difficult to grasp, which can be scary for novice players and require extensive practise.
  3. Lack of depth in the career mode: Although the career mode is fascinating and delivers a reasonable degree of difficulty, it may seem shallow and lacking in depth when compared to other racing games.
  4. People who want a lot of variety and customization options might not like how the game only has a few cars to choose from.
  5. Lack of a story option may turn off those looking for a more narrative-driven experience.
  6. Even though the game’s music is great, the races might not have very good sound effects, which could make the player feel less immersed.

Drift Fanatics is a great racing game because it has a lot of fun features, like a wide range of vehicles that can be changed, realistic physics, and online and local multiplayer options.It does, however, have some problems, like a short career mode, a steep learning curve, and a small number of tracks.Drift Fanatics is a good racing game that has a few issues but is still recommended for enthusiasts of the genre.


Can you customize your car in Drift Fanatics?

  • Yes, Drift Fanatics features a robust customization system that allows players to customize their cars with a range of different parts, including engines, wheels, and body kits.

Is Drift Fanatics a single player or multiplayer game?

  • Drift Fanatics offers both single player and multiplayer modes, including local and online multiplayer.

How many cars are available in Drift Fanatics?

  • Drift Fanatics features a limited selection of cars to choose from, which can feel restrictive for players who want more variety and customization options.

How difficult is Drift Fanatics?

  • Drift Fanatics can be challenging, especially for players who are new to the racing or drifting genre. The game’s physics engine is realistic, which means that mastering the drift mechanics can take some practice.

Does Drift Fanatics have a story mode?

  • No, Drift Fanatics does not have a story mode. The game is primarily focused on racing and drift challenges.

Is Drift Fanatics worth buying?

  • Whether or not Drift Fanatics is worth buying depends on your personal preferences and interests. If you enjoy racing games and are looking for a fun and engaging gameplay experience, then Drift Fanatics may be worth checking out.

Can you play Drift Fanatics with a controller?

  • Yes, Drift Fanatics can be played with a controller on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

What race modes are available in Drift Fanatics?

  • Drift Fanatics features a variety of different race modes, including time trials, drift battles, and elimination races.

Is Drift Fanatics suitable for children?

  • Drift Fanatics is rated E for Everyone, which means that it is generally suitable for all ages. However, it does feature some mild violence and suggestive themes, so parents should use their own discretion when deciding whether or not to allow their children to play the game.


Drift Fanatics is a great racing game because of how hard it is to drift, how many different types of races it has, and how many ways you can change your car.The game’s multiplayer modes let players compete against one another in thrilling and suspenseful races, while the realistic physics engine adds to the game’s overall realism and difficulty.

The game does, however, have several drawbacks, such as a shallow career mode, a high learning curve, and a small number of tracks to choose from. Those who desire more diversity and customization choices may also find the small pool of vehicles to be limiting.

If you like racing games, Drift Fanatics is one you should check out. The game has a lot of cool elements that make playing it fun and interesting. It’s not perfect, but if you’re looking for a fun and challenging racing game, you can’t go wrong with this one.

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