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You are captured by Sister Madeline at Falcon's Middle School after receiving a perplexing invitation to a day camp. Your immediate priority is to leave the academy as soon as possible, preferably before Sister Madeline can carry out her evil plan.
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Keplerians Horror Games
November 25, 2021
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Package Name Evil Nun MOD APK
Developer Keplerians Horror Games
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Content Rating Everyone
Architecture Universal
Version 1.8.5
Size 129M
Requirements 4.4 and up
Last Update Feb 22, 2024
Date Update November 25, 2021
Verified AppSecure Verified
Average Rating 4.2/5
Page Views 2,227,913
Downloads 530,456
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Supported Platforms Android

Evil Nun MOD APK (MOD, Unlimited Money)You are captured by Sister Madeline at Falcon’s Middle School after receiving a perplexing invitation to a day camp. Your immediate priority is to leave the academy as soon as possible, preferably before Sister Madeline can carry out her evil plan. 

What is Evil Nun MOD APK?

During your flight from Sister Madeline and pursuit of a second chance, you should look into the school. Solve puzzles and overcome obstacles to unlock the game’s many exit routes. Discover the unusual boy with blue hands and the pantry’s hidden mysteries to get 100% Evil Nun MOD APK completion.

evil nun mod apk

The mood gets intense, and there are enough puzzles and places to explore to keep you hooked. If you enjoy this Evil Nun MOD APK, you may want to check it out. I’ve always enjoyed Abhorrent Pious Devotee, but this new twist has me awed. It is both familiar and novel at the same time.

The Most Famous Horror Game

However, this is significantly superior. I’m impatiently awaiting the arrival of the actual Broken Cover story missions. It is what I wanted from a remake of Malicious Sister, and the Evil Nun MOD APK is fantastic thus far! This complete remake is devoted to the original and was necessary so that the game could reach a larger audience and attract more support from major content creators and publishers.

A playable reward level for the first heritage school is an example of the thing I’d want to see added as a prize in the future, but I do not doubt that it will add many other things to the game in the long run. I completed all 15 achievements in the Evil Nun MOD APK in 5 hours of playtime, but more are sure to be added in the future.

Discover The Secrets Hidden In The Laundry Room

Keplerian were able to achieve their objectives by moderating Underhanded Pious Devotion. Before my friend showed me, I had no idea that there were games starring repulsive religious women that it could play on the portable media player.

Even though it’s in early access, there’s already a tonne of replay value in the Evil Nun MOD APK, thanks to all the different paths you may take and the achievements you can unlock. Since I enjoyed Carlos Coronado’s previous match,

Repulsiveness Stories

The Wine, I was pleased to see his name on the list of developers. I engage in a lot of offbeat terror while streaming, and that was one of the scares we experienced together. Sister Madeline’s vocal lines in the Evil Nun MOD APK don’t always come from the direction she is facing, and it can sometimes feel like she is talking from all sides of the screen. 

evil nun mod apk

In future upgrades, I’m sure it will fix this. They appear to be planning several changes. This matchup is visually stunning. I cannot wait for the challenges for the veil pieces and how they can move on to the difficulties with the new guide design; this Evil Nun MOD APK is what Hi Neighbor should have been in terms of stealth and gameplay. 

Discover The The Mysterious Boy With Blue Hands

Continue your incredible progress. Keplerian performed admirably. I’ve been watching Carlos’ streams, and it’s been quite interesting while I wait for the release of this Evil Nun MOD APK, which I adore so much. Sister Madeline is a lot more talkative, which I enjoy, and the atmosphere is terrible.

It adds a whole new dimension of excitement to the Evil Nun MOD APK! So, once again, I adore what Carlos and the other developers have created, and I eagerly anticipate the upcoming upgrades, which will undoubtedly include a wealth of fantastic new features. Originating from a flexible background, I found this approach refreshing.

Solve Puzzles To Escape From The School

It has Fantastic quality in terms of both the music and the overall execution. The game’s potential is astounding for early access, and I’m looking forward to the upcoming updates. The significant quantity of “problem levels” is good news, as I am a big fan of chicken liver.

evil nun mod apk

This set of levels has everything from a climate-based challenge (the Evil Nun MOD APK itself is stunning) to a more sinister one (your own personal growth). No doubt about it, I’ll be playing the game! The patterns are unique. The only thing that would improve this game is if it could hear the nuns striding above you rather than on the same level as you.

Discover All Ways To Escape From The School

I had a great time and recorded my gameplay experience here. In general, I’d say that there is a great deal of purity and care in the currently available material. It gets flawlessly crafted in every way. But that level of detail and polish comes at the sacrifice of quantity; at the moment, you can encounter pretty much the complete Evil Nun MOD APK in 1-2 hours unless you opt to go for 100% of the achievements.

Even with perfect attendance, most of the achievements are tedious. It can eliminate them in a few extra hours since you are essentially repeating the same two courses repeatedly with slight variations in difficulty or structure.

Explore A Large Map With Many Secrets To Discover

Many planned improvements are exciting news, as I believe the Evil Nun MOD APK will be well worth the investment in the long run as more content that pleases players is released. However, there is an intention to increase the price in the future, and I cannot predict if the game’s scope or price tag will expand faster.

evil nun mod apk

Fantastic game; however, the asking price is very high now. If you can spend less now and get more afterward, it’s probably not a bad deal. However, if you want to be completely happy, you shouldn’t think that way. If you’re a fan of games that induce a strong repulsion, I highly recommend giving this one a shot.

Discover All The Truth Hidden Behind The Walls

I’ve tracked this game’s development from its earliest days and even recorded some of my gameplay sessions. I believe that Carlos Coronado, the game’s engineer, will make the PC port of the other Keplerian games as well because he is so great and regularly discusses the game’s development with gamers.

Evil Nun MOD APK has highly engaging gameplay in the vein of the Detestable Sister story. On the visual side, Keplerians have perfected the hostile atmosphere with new settings and character designs. On the audio side, they’ve created a seamless sound design that effectively portrays an authentically eerie vibe.

Play At Your Own Pace And Explore Without Risk In Ghost Mode

Bringing it into the digital age has unquestionably increased the credibility of its history and sentiments. Among the best games about fear and departure! The primary missions are already available and will provide more at no cost shortly.

evil nun mod apk

The paintings are beautiful, the atmosphere is eerie, and the religious woman is terrifying. Let’s say this came as a huge surprise. I’ll admit that I used to avoid “get out of the room” games since I’m easily startled. This one didn’t put up enough of a fight to give up.

Different Difficulty Levels That Will Test Your Skill.

However, the religious woman is terrifying enough to keep me interested and energized. I was fabulously adapted. The option to slant away from corners is one that I overlooked. We still have one more candidate to choose from.

The layouts are excellent, except for a handful of surfaces. There are a few areas where a AAA or even AA game would be a perfect fit. While it may improve the implementation, the result is valid. Although it has flaws, artificial intelligence can nonetheless create terrifyingly uncomfortable situations.

Customize Your Game

The Evil Nun MOD APK guarantees pressed buttocks no matter how long you play. Using Amnesia-style games as a comparison, we see the value of ongoing dialogue (like a giant beast meandering around that kills you in one hit, and you want to stow away from it while advancing).

But not only is the setup not dull, but the sister also doesn’t even try to scare you (except for when you turn a corner and afterward think that she is eye-to-eye, which is unnerving). Also, To locate the religious woman, it is necessary to listen for her specific steps across the floor, so prepare your ears accordingly.

Unlock New Weapons

Your flatmates will have a field day scaring you silly while you’re preoccupied trying to piece together the whereabouts of the religious woman. A fantastic PC port of the original game! I played the first one in July this year, and I can attest that it is an excellent and ambitious PC game.

evil nun mod apk

Everything from the lighting, plot, format, and character designs is perfect. The game’s guide is massive and daring to go into. The Cloister Follower is quite unsettling and strange to me. I’ve been waiting a long time for this Evil Nun MOD APK so I couldn’t be happier it’s finally here. It’s hard to believe the final version will live up to expectations.

Unlock School Decorations And Skins

The Evil Nun MOD APK was unbelievable. That’s an incredible upgrade to your computer system. The overall goal is the same in the handheld game. The manual has been reworked and is now a fair bit more challenging. I enjoy playing it very much. These patterns are fantastic! There are a few hiccups, but they don’t stand out too much (you need to remember that it is early access).

I feel like I’m on the front page of the announcement for the new features. It’s well worth the twelve euros. (Buy now because the price is certainly going up later.) The fact that Keplerians even played this game is fantastic. If you’ve played the pioneering portable game, you know what I’m talking about.

How To Play Evil Nun MOD APK?

Honey Bee’s dedication to and love for this Evil Nun MOD APK is incredible. The reworked walkthrough, models, and the religious recluse’s new routes all make this game scarier and more enjoyable for seasoned players. Honestly, I can’t wait to see the new features implemented immediately.

evil nun mod apk

Even if it was brief and the price was prohibitive for only three hours of continuous conversation, we must keep in mind that this is still early access. I can confidently predict that this Evil Nun MOD APK will significantly affect the market. Excellent (trailer-like) design; the devout follower is considerably scarier than in her portable incarnation.


It is a fundamentally different school, more extensive and with more rooms and a different layout than its mobile counterpart. If we decide to buy the Evil Nun MOD APK, that is the best option. The forthcoming content is now ours, and it’s free! If you’re willing to pay twice as much, go ahead and get the game. Plenty of foolishness is involved.

I scarcely have the patience to wait for updates. Those who can change careers so dramatically impress me. Incredible effort, as always. I have to give props to whoever made “The Messed Up Cover.” The game’s intricacies are astounding, the voice acting is solid, and the character designs appeal to the eye.

Graphics and Sound

The Evil Nun MOD APK is worth it if you want a scary experience. By 2023, the game will have completed its initial development cycle (if future benefits in general and more endings get desired). Upgrade the game to a PC that is more susceptible to breakdowns so that there is no lag when the difficulty is at its highest.

evil nun mod apk

In addition, I appreciate that elements from earlier Keplerian games, such as Ice Shout, are incorporated into the Evil Nun MOD APK in some way. All you have to do is look into it. I waited patiently for this game for quite some time, and I must say that it was worth the wait.

Visuals and textures

Yes, definitely goodness after a while of playing! The aesthetics have significantly improved compared to the original, and there are even additional voice lines. All of these changes make the game better than it already was.

I’ve often wondered how a game like Underhanded Pious Devotee might look on a personal computer, and this was one of the first things that sprang to mind. It looks like a trailer, visually. You, Carlos Coronado, have done extraordinary work with this redo, and I can’t wait to have much more joy in the future.

Here are a few key components Of Evil Nun MOD APK:

Fun riddles:

solve tricky puzzles to get out of school in this version of the world-famous “most hated” game.


Challenge yourself with riddles that are easier to solve but still present a significant challenge.

Multiple escape routes:

Find as many viable alternatives to staying on campus during your break as possible.

Huge guide:

Without hesitation, delve into a massive guide packed with hidden information. All of reality has taken refuge inside Falcon Middle School, and it’s a charming story of how that came to be.
Explore at your own pace and without danger in Apparition Mode, or test your skills against Sister Madeline’s increasing levels of difficulty.

Change up your play:

Get abhorrent religious reclusive skins, new weaponry, and academic upgrades to customise the Evil Nun MOD APK to your liking. A scary but enjoyable game that anyone may enjoy. Play Detestable Religious Woman: Frightfulness at School right now and try to get out of this horrible school for some eerie memories. Feelings of apprehension are guaranteed. I’m really looking forward to coming back to play through the other endings, but for now I need to leave this review because the game was so much fun.


  • The Evil Nun MOD APK improved visuals really struck me as a highlight.
  • Methods and puzzles for evading punishment at school
  • After wandering the school for so long, I found it reassuring to learn that I could venture outside.
  • The dynamic camera that you can control is a nice touch that adds a sense of immersion to the game.

Cons –

  • As for the walls being invisible, you’d better believe it. To avoid the religious lady, you may need to climb to a high ledge or the wall’s edge and wait for her to pass.
  • I don’t know if it’s an oversight or not, but the religious recluse seems to lose track of time near the end of the Evil Nun MOD APK, despite the fact that I still had her support for a good chunk of the battles that occurred after I beat the game.
  • When I tried to run, it felt about as fast as a leisurely stroll. A movement that involves a full-on sprint would be fantastic.
  • That being said, I haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary.


Win-win situation. The school’s architecture is impressive but not as remarkable as evil nun 2. Equally impressive is the sheer depth of analysis presented here. You could spend an entire lifetime here and not exhaust the options. PlenThere are manyngs to touch and play with arest as they always are.

I’ve never seen such incredible graphics in a video game before. The hidden tunnels are equal parts thrilling and eerie. However, the movie’s jump scares are pretty terrifying. It’s terrifying whenever the nun starts screaming. The amount of terror in Evil Nun MOD APK is just right, not too high or too low. RECOMMENDED!!

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What's new

New version 1.8.
- Escape from school through the new route by the sewers.
- Discover new details about the story of Nàzrat and the grail.
- Meet the new enemy lurking around the sewers.
- We've made the shop bigger so you can customize even more Evil Nun's behavior and appearance, even change your room's decoration and the school as you wish.
- Bug fixes and overall optimization.


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1.8.4 129M 4.4 and up 25/11/2021
1.8.3 129M 4.4 and up 25/11/2021
1.8.0 129M 4.4 and up 25/11/2021
1.7.3 91M 4.1 and up 27/02/2020

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