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The zombie plague arrived to your neighborhood! Your neighbor, the butcher, is a zombie hungry of blood. He has no soul and only wants kill, to have blood and fresh meat to eat. He has become a serial killer and his house in a mix between a haunted house and a prison. This creepy zombie, known as Mr. Meat, is a serious criminal case. His new hostage? A girl. She is locked in this prison house that seems a haunted house. Death is after her, your scary zombie neighbor is going to slay her...if nobody avoid it. Your mission is rescue her and save her life!
Keplerians Horror Games
June 24, 2020
4.1 and up
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Package Name Mr Meat MOD APK
Developer Keplerians Horror Games
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Content Rating Everyone
Architecture Universal
Version 2.0.1
Size 106M
Requirements 4.1 and up
Last Update Feb 22, 2024
Date Update June 24, 2020
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Supported Platforms Android

Mr Meat MOD APK (MEGA MOD) – Mister Meat is a famous mobile game made by Keplerian’s Horror Games that was launched in 2020. A detective must save a girl from a murderous butcher dubbed “Mr. Meat in this adventure-horror game. Due to its tight action, difficult riddles, and unsettling ambiance, the game has gained a sizable fan base. In this review, we will investigate Mr. Meat in depth, examining everything from the game’s story to its gameplay, visuals, and sound design.



Fans of scary and post-apocalyptic books have always been interested in the idea of a zombie apocalypse.Imagine a planet where the living dead have taken over—it’s both horrifying and fascinating.And what could possibly be more terrifying than the living dead? a former human being turned into a zombie.

One such being is Mr. Meat, the butcher-turned-zombie. He just cares about killing and eating fresh meat, and he has no remorse or empathy. A young woman who is now imprisoned in his ghostly, prison-like home is his most recent victim. Your job is to rescue her and save her life. So how do you do it?

Keep in mind that Mr. Meat can hear your every move. You need to use this to your advantage and hide from him. If he gets sight of you, he will attempt to murder you. This requires caution and a stealthy approach. You may also distract him by making noise in one direction while avoiding his gaze in another. The trick is to be alert and make quick decisions.

By completing riddles, you may also save the girl. To stop anybody from leaving, Mr. Meat has probably put up traps and other hurdles. You will need to be clever and resourceful to travel through his spooky mansion and release the girl. Finding the key to a locked door or figuring out how to disarm a trap that is in your way may be necessary. You will need to use your wits and your problem-solving abilities to tackle these problems.


One thing that may come in handy is a gun. As a sniper, you can kill Mr. Meat from a distance without getting too close to him. This is particularly beneficial if you need to distract him or buy some time to perform a job. Use caution while firing your weapon, since doing so may alert nearby zombies. It’s possible that you’ll need to reload your rifle or get replacement parts.

A horror game would not be complete without great sounds and images in the background.The haunted house should have a creepy atmosphere with creaky floors, flickering lights, and scary shadows.The visuals ought to be photorealistic and detailed enough to make the player feel like they’re really in the game. The music and sound effects should add to the atmosphere, so use eerie tones and maybe even throw in some eerie whispers and screams. All of these components work together to provide a horrifying and fascinating horror gaming experience.

In conclusion, saving the girl from Mr. Meat’s terrifying mansion is a difficult and terrifying endeavour. To escape being devoured by the undead, you must use your wits, resources, and caution. To save the girl, you’ll need to use your rifle, solve riddles, and apply your problem-solving abilities. And all the while, you have to get into the game’s creepy mood, which is helped along by the great ambient noises and images that transport you to a world populated by the living dead. If you’re a lover of horror games, Mr. Meat is an experience you won’t want to miss.


A detective assigned to look into the disappearance of a young woman is at the centre of the Mister Meat story. The investigator learns that the girl has been abducted by a mad butcher dubbed Mr. Meat when he arrives at the girl’s home. In order to put a stop to Mr. Meat’s reign of terror, the investigator must now rescue the girl.

The player will learn more about Mr. Meat’s goals and the cause of his insanity as they advance through the game. The game offers different papers and clues that provide insight on Mr. Meat’s history and his warped thinking. The game’s plot is delivered via contextual storytelling, with players putting together the tale through exploring various regions and uncovering clues.


The game’s plot is full of twists and turns, with surprising occurrences occurring throughout the game. The game’s narrative also includes a variety of unique individuals, each with their own goals and drives. In addition to having to survive in a dangerous and horrifying environment, players must learn the truth about Mr. Meat and his link to the girl.

The player’s problem-solving abilities and resourcefulness will be put to the test as the game continues through a series of increasingly difficult tasks. The tale builds to a spectacular finale, in which the player faces off against Mr. Meat in a battle.

The storyline of Mr. Meat is overall full of suspense and tension, with a well-crafted tale that keeps players engrossed in the game’s universe. Players will feel like they are an integral part of the tale because of the way it is told in the game.


Exploration and puzzle-solving make up the two major gameplay elements of Mr. Meat. In order to advance, the player must solve puzzles and escape Mr. Meat’s traps while moving through the game’s many locales.


The player’s goal is to find a way to save the girl by exploring various areas of the game and collecting useful artefacts and clues along the way. The maze-like areas of the game have several branches and chambers to discover. The player uses their problem-solving abilities to evade Mr. Meat’s traps and assaults as they explore the terrain.


Another essential gameplay element is the ability to solve puzzles. The game has a wide range of riddles that must be solved in order to advance. These puzzles vary from basic locks to complicated devices that require the user to apply their problem-solving abilities. The difficulty level rises as the player makes progress through the game, and the puzzles are randomly generated, so each replay will be unique.


Another important aspect of Mr. Meat’s gameplay is stealth. When venturing out into the world, the player must keep an eye out for Mr. Meat, who might strike at any moment. The player must hide behind items and use stealth to go past Mr. Meat unnoticed. The player must be cautious not to make too much noise or attract Mr. Meat’s notice thanks to the game’s stealth aspects, which raise the stakes even more.


Fighting is not a big part of Mr. Meat, although the player may protect himself from Mr. Meat’s assaults with a range of various weapons. The player may assault Mr. Meat with weapons like knives and firearms, but their ammo is limited, so they must be strategic with how they utilise their weapons.


The game’s controls are straightforward, with the player navigating around with a joystick and interacting with items by tapping on the screen. The game also has a compass that lets the player navigate around the area.

Overall, the game’s mechanics are well-designed, and there are many distinct aspects of gameplay that keep the player interested and involved. All of the game’s gameplay elements, including puzzles, exploration, stealth, and combat, are smoothly incorporated.


Very realistic and immersive 3D visuals are used in Mister Meat. The game’s landscapes are created with high-quality textures and lighting effects, producing a dark and dismal mood that is both eerie and atmospheric. The game’s characters and items are likewise well-designed, with realistic representations that are extremely detailed and aesthetically pleasing.

The lighting and shadows in the game are a big part of how scary it feels.The game contains dynamic lighting that varies based on the player’s location and movement. The game’s shadows, too, are quite well done, lending an air of reality to the already realistic presentation.


The music and sound effects in the game are also well composed and contribute to the game’s mood. The player can hear Mr. Meat’s breathing and footsteps as he explores the surroundings, and the sound effects are meant to be realistic and give the user a feeling of immersion. The soundtrack throughout the game is eerie and gloomy, heightening the feeling of foreboding and tension.

With high-quality images that function flawlessly on a range of platforms, the game’s graphics have been tuned for mobile devices. Players may customise the game’s graphics settings to their liking and the capabilities of their device.

The visuals of Mr. Meat are impressive in their intricacy and immersion, creating a gloomy and frightening mood. The game’s visuals are optimised for mobile devices, guaranteeing that players may experience the game’s high-quality graphics on a range of various platforms.


The audio in Mr. Meat plays a crucial role in setting the mood and enhancing the fun of the game. The game’s sound effects and soundtrack are well-crafted and contribute to the game’s feeling of immersion, anxiety, and tension.

Sound Effects:

There are many different sound effects in the game, all of which are meant to make the player feel more immersed and real.The player may hear Mr. Meat’s breathing and footsteps as he wanders about the scene, and the sound effects are intended to be realistic. The sound of the player’s footsteps also changes depending on the surface they are walking on, creating a more immersive experience.


The game’s sound effects also play an essential part in establishing suspense and anxiety. When Mr. Meat approaches, the player can hear the sound of his chainsaw, which adds a dimension of dread and anxiety to the game. The player will never know what’s behind a closed door; therefore, the sound of doors opening and shutting adds to the game’s tension.


The soundtrack in Mister Meat is eerie and suspenseful, perfect for setting the mood. Several songs play throughout key portions of the game to create an immersive and tense atmosphere.

The music in the game is also meant to change based on what the player does and what happens in the game.For example, the music may get more aggressive as the player approaches Mr. Meat, or it may transition to a more peaceful tune while the player is exploring a safe region.

Voice Acting:

The language in Mr. Meat is presented in a natural and believable way, and the voice acting for the characters is excellent. The voice acting enhances the game’s realism by letting the player know how the characters feel and what drives them.

Overall, the sound design in Mr. Meat is well executed and contributes to the game’s mood and gaming experience. The sound effects, music, and voice acting in the game all work together to make the player feel completely immersed and terrified.


Mr. Meat is a game that is supposed to be tough, with the player faced with navigating a complicated terrain while avoiding the game’s primary nemesis, Mr. Meat. The complexity of the game is intended to steadily rise as the player advances through the levels, with each level getting more difficult than the previous.

Most of the game’s difficulty comes from how well the player can move around and stay away from Mister Meat.The player must make their way through a maze of interconnected rooms and corridors while staying one step ahead of Mr Meat.


Mr. Meat is intentionally made to be very perceptive and erratic in order to increase the difficulty of the game. To evade Mr. Meat’s assaults and escape his grasp, the player must utilise their brains and abilities. Mr. Meat is able to hear the player’s movements and will aggressively seek them out, making it impossible for the player to remain concealed for lengthy periods of time.

The game’s difficulty is also made worse by the fact that the player has to solve many puzzles and get past many obstacles in order to move forward.The answers to these puzzles may be hard to find, so the player will have to use their problem-solving skills.

Generally, Mr. Meat’s difficulty is well-balanced, with the game growing steadily more demanding as the player goes. The combination of the game’s setting, riddles, and artificial intelligence makes for an interesting and difficult experience. Although the game might be tough at times, it is also tremendously satisfying when the player successfully overcomes obstacles and evades Mr. Meat.


Mr. Meat features a high degree of replayability, with various aspects adding to the game’s replay value. First off, every run through the game is different since the levels are generated randomly. The stages, objects, and riddles, as well as Mr. Meat’s behaviour, are all randomly generated, so no two playthroughs of the game are exactly the same. Nevertheless, the game’s goals and overarching plot stay the same. As a result, gamers are enticed to return to the game for more sessions.

Second, the game offers a variety of challenges across its several difficulty settings. The game grows increasingly tough as the difficulty level rises, with Mr. Meat growing more obnoxious and the riddles becoming more difficult. To experience the game’s many obstacles and hone their abilities, players may try the game again on a harder setting.

Finally, the game’s achievements and unlockables give extra incentives for players to retry the game. There are a number of accomplishments for finishing the game under various circumstances, such as completing it without being caught by Mr. Meat, completing it in a certain period of time, or completing it on the hardest difficulty. These awards motivate players to retry the game numerous times and attempt to finish the game under varied scenarios.

Last but not least, the environment and gaming experience are both incredibly interesting and fun, giving gamers a compelling incentive to go through the game again. The combination of the game’s hard gameplay mechanics and its tense and dramatic atmosphere ensures that players will want to play it more than once.

One of the best things about Mr. Meat is how engrossing and different each playthrough is. Mr. Meat is a game that players will want to play again and again because of its randomised level creation, numerous difficulty levels, achievements, and fun gaming experience.

These are some of the benefits and downsides of the game:


  1. Mr. Meat provides a well-designed, highly detailed, and immersive atmospheric setting. The lighting, music, and visuals of the game all work together to create a feeling of dread and horror in the player.
  2. Difficult Gameplay: The game’s stealth-based gameplay is hard and fascinating, demanding players to use their brains and skills to dodge Mr. Meat and fulfil tasks. Since the game’s levels are generated at random, each playthrough is distinct and presents new difficulties, keeping the gameplay interesting and fresh.
  3. Intriguing Story: The game’s plot is engaging and keeps players interested the whole time. The plot of the game is an essential component of the gaming experience since the player is entrusted with figuring out what’s driving Mr. Meat.
  4. Replay Value: The game provides a high degree of replayability, with several difficulty levels, randomised level creation, achievements, and unlockables, enticing players to replay the game many times.


  1. Restricted Exploration: Although the game’s world is immersive and well-designed, it does not allow for a great deal of exploration. The player has no freedom of movement outside of the levels that have been established for them.
  2. Puzzles That Keep Coming Back: The game’s puzzles are hard, but they keep coming back in different levels, which can get boring after a while.
  3. Limited Enemy Variety: There is only one adversary in the game, Mr Meat, who may become predictable after several playthroughs.The lack of adversary variation may make the game seem monotonous and diminish its total replayability.
  4. Controls: The game’s controls may be awkward and difficult to use at times, making the gaming experience irritating.

With its original stealth gameplay style and spooky horror setting, Mr. Meat provides a fun and interesting gaming experience overall. Fans of the horror and stealth genres will like the game’s hard gameplay, compelling plot, and high replay value, even though it has certain restrictions in terms of exploration and repetitive puzzles.


Q: Is Mr Meat a free game?
A: Yes, Mr Meat is a free-to-play game, but it contains in-app purchases.

Q: What is the objective of Mr Meat?
A: The objective of Mr Meat is to rescue the kidnapped girl and stop Mr Meat.

Q: How long does it take to complete Mr Meat?
A: Mr Meat can be completed in a few hours, depending on the player’s skill level.

Q: Is Mr Meat a multiplayer game?
A: No, Mr Meat is a single-player game.

Q: Can Mr Meat be played offline?
A: Yes, Mr Meat can be played offline, but some features may not be available.

Q: Is Mr Meat suitable for children?
A: Mr Meat is rated for ages 12 and up and contains violence and horror elements that may not be suitable for all children.

Q: What devices can Mr Meat be played on?
A: Mr Meat can be played on both Android and iOS devices.

Q: Does Mr Meat have different difficulty levels?
A: No, Mr Meat does not have different difficulty levels. The game’s difficulty is set and cannot be changed.

Q: Are there any cheats for Mr Meat?
A: There are no official cheats for Mr Meat, and the use of cheats or hacks may result in the player being banned from the game.


In conclusion, Mister Meat is a fun and unique horror-themed stealth game.Fans of horror and stealth games will like how dark the game is, how hard it is to play, how interesting the story is, and how many times you can play it.

The game’s randomised level creation guarantees that each playtime is unique and presents various difficulties, while the many difficulty levels, achievements, and unlockables give extra incentives for players to revisit the game several times.

Although the game has several limitations in terms of restricted exploration, repetitive puzzles, limited opponent variation, and cumbersome controls, these drawbacks do not distract from the overall quality of the game.

Overall, Mr. Meat is a well-designed and extremely interesting game that is likely to give gamers an exciting and suspenseful experience. Mister Meat is highly recommended if you like horror and stealth games.

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