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The Smart Launcher Team recently released Icon Pack Studio, a new app for Android users who want to customize the appearance of their devices. In a world where customization is important, this app lets smartphone users create their own special experience. Here are some of the reasons why Icon Pack Studio has become such a big deal in the world of customising phones.
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Smart Launcher Team
September 3, 2020
5.0 and up
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Package Name Icon Pack Studio APK
Developer Smart Launcher Team
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Content Rating Everyone
Architecture Universal
Version 2.2
Size 39M
Requirements 5.0 and up
Last Update Mar 03, 2024
Date Update September 3, 2020
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Average Rating 3.8/5
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Downloads 4,915
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Supported Platforms Android

The Smart Launcher Team recently released Icon Pack Studio, a new app for Android users who want to customize the appearance of their devices. In a world where customization is important, this app lets smartphone users create their own special experience. Here are some of the reasons why Icon Pack Studio has become such a big deal in the world of customising phones.

The Beginning

With so many smartphones on the market, each with its own features, it’s never been more important to be able to customise your phone. People who want more than just a standard set of icons on their computers will find Icon Pack Studio useful. This app goes beyond the norm and offers an unmatched level of customization. It was made by the Smart Launcher Team.

The Smart Launcher Team: The People Who Made It

To understand how great Icon Pack Studio is, you need to know how great the Smart Launcher Team is. This team has a lot of experience coming up with new ways to help Android users, and they have always shown that they want to improve the general user experience.

Important Things About Icon Pack Studio

Options for changing how app icons look

There are a lot of editing choices in Icon Pack Studio that let users change how their app icons look to suit their tastes. It’s possible to do anything, from changing colours to adding unique patterns.

Easy-to-use design

It’s very easy to use the app, even for people who are new to customising things. The simple layout makes it easy for anyone to change the look of their device without any technology problems.

Compatible with a number of launchers

There are a lot of different Android apps that work well with Icon Pack Studio. This means that users can pick the one they like best and still be able to customise a lot of icons.

Guide on How to Use Icon Pack Studio

How to do it step-by-step for beginners

Customising icon packs in the app is easy for people who have never done it before. A lesson that is easy for anyone to understand walks them through the initial setup, making the customization process open to everyone.

More advanced modification options for experienced users

Advanced users can get even more out of the app by studying all of its small details to make truly unique icon packs. You can change the size of icons or add special effects; the only thing that stops you is your ideas.

Why you should use Icon Pack Studio

Visual style customization

The best thing about Icon Pack Studio is that it lets you create a beautiful and unique smartphone experience. Users can show who they are by putting together icon packs that match their style.

Better organisation and guidance

In addition to looking better, the app makes things easier to do. Users can pick features that make their phones easier to recognise and make them look more organised, which makes their daily tasks with their phones easier.

A better smartphone experience all around

Icon Pack Studio helps make the smartphone experience better all around. The fact that users can change every part of how their gadgets look makes them feel more connected to them.

Reviews from users

Sharing real-life experiences by users shows how Icon Pack Studio has improved the way they use their smartphones every day. The reviews say a lot about how useful the app is, from making people more productive to giving them a stronger sense of ownership.

“Being on my phone has never felt better.” Icon Pack Studio has made my phone seem more like a representation of who I am. Sarah, who uses Icon Pack Studio

Compare Icon Pack Studio to Other Apps That Let You Change Icons

There are a lot of customization apps out there, but Icon Pack Studio stands out because it has a lot of different features. Let’s see how it stacks up against other well-known icon-editing apps.

Comparative study

Icon Pack Studio stands out because it is easy to use, has a lot of customization choices, and works well with a lot of different apps. Other apps might have some of the same features, but Icon Pack Studio stands out because it offers a complete package.

Things that make Icon Pack Studio stand out

The app’s ability to make “adaptive” icons is one of its best features. These icons will look the same on all devices and apps. The Smart Launcher Team’s careful attention to detail demonstrates their commitment to offering a top-notch customization experience.

News and involvement from the community

The Smart Launcher Team is dedicated to making the app better than just the first version. Icon Pack Studio stays useful and works with the newest versions of Android thanks to regular changes. Community involvement is also very important for the app’s future, and user feedback is actively taken into account during the creation process.

Troubleshooting and FAQs

Common problems and how to fix them

  • Issue: Icons not applying correctly.
    • Solution: Clear the app cache and try reapplying the icon pack.
  • Issue: App crashes during customization.
    • Solution: Update to the latest version of Icon Pack Studio for bug fixes.

Taking care of user complaints directly

The Smart Launcher Team aggressively addresses typical issues so that users have a good experience. Regular communication and prompt responses are beneficial to a happy user base.

How to Get the Most Out of the Icon Pack Studio

Power users can find hidden tools.

To get the most out of Icon Pack Studio, you need to find and use some of its secret features. Advanced users can play around with movements for icons, make their own folder designs, and even make themed icon packs for special events.

Unique ways to get the most out of the app

Icon Pack Studio lets users think outside the box and make designs with themes that are related to their hobbies. Whether it’s a hobby or a favourite sports team, the app lets you express yourself creatively.

Icon Pack Studio: What’s Coming Next?

The Icon Pack Studio changes with the times. A sneak peek at upcoming features demonstrates the Smart Launcher Team’s commitment to expanding the scope of customization. Stay tuned, because even more exciting opportunities are coming up.

Display of the Community

Icon Pack Studio users feel more connected to each other when user-made icon packs are emphasised. The app lets people show off their unique designs and encourages other people to explore their artistic side.

Behind the Scenes: Insights into the Development

Realising how much work goes into making an app like Icon Pack Studio improves the experience for the user in another way. The development details show how dedicated the Smart Launcher Team is by showing how they overcame problems and came up with new ways to solve them.

In the tech media, Icon Pack Studio

The tech press has said that Icon Pack Studio is the best app for customising things. Experts have given it great reviews, which makes it even more of a must-have for Android users who want to customise their devices.

In conclusion

The Smart Launcher Team’s Icon Pack Studio stands out as the best way to customise your smartphone in a field that is always changing. The app gives a full and user-centred experience that goes beyond the surface draw of personalised icons. It’s not enough to just change how your smartphone looks; you need to connect with it more deeply.

Get ready to go on a creative and self-expressive trip with Icon Pack Studio. Turn your phone into a blank painting that shows off your individuality. You now have the power to change things.


  1. Is Icon Pack Studio compatible with all Android devices?
    • Yes, Icon Pack Studio is designed to be compatible with a wide range of Android devices.
  2. Can I create my own custom icon packs with Icon Pack Studio?
    • Absolutely! Icon Pack Studio provides robust tools for users to create their own personalized icon packs.
  3. Are updates to Icon Pack Studio free?
    • Yes, updates to Icon Pack Studio are free. The Smart Launcher Team is committed to providing ongoing improvements at no extra cost.
  4. What do adaptive icons mean, and how does Icon Pack Studio use them?
    • Adaptive icons ensure a consistent look across different devices and launchers. Icon Pack Studio allows users to create adaptive icons for a cohesive visual experience.
  5. How can I get support for any issues with Icon Pack Studio?
    • For support, users can visit the official support page or community forums. The Smart Launcher Team is actively engaged in addressing user concerns.

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What's new

IPS 2.1 is here!
This update improves the community area of Icon Pack Studio.
- Icon pack search > Search for icon packs published by the community
- Google sign-in > Link your account to your Google account to access your profile from another device or after reinstalling IPS.
- Profile page > Explore the icon packs created by you or other users and see which ones are more successful with the new score system.

Build 005


Version Size Requirements Date
2.1 build 005 39M 5.0 and up 03/09/2020

Applied Patches

● Pro Unlocked
● Full Multi Languages
● All debug Info Removed
● Architectures: Universal

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