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MT Manager is a very powerful file manager and apk editor, you can use it to do a lot of things on your phone, such asmanaging files, modifying software, translating applications, editing text and so on.
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MT Manager MOD APK is a powerful document manager and apk proofreader that lets you edit and decode apps, change words, and manage documents. As a powerful record manager and apk proofreader, MT Manager MOD APK can be used on your mobile device to do a wide range of tasks, such as managing files, translating apps, editing code, and changing messages, among other things.

What is MT Manager MOD APK?

Executives should have their activities recorded, duplicated, relocated, and deleted. Giving MT root privileges gives them access to the system index, enables them to remount the document system as read-write, and allows them to alter record permissions and ownership.

Compress file openers (WinZip, etc.) must be used. Documents in the compressed archive may be deleted, renamed, relocated, new records added, or existing records replaced without having to decompress and repackage the whole archive.

The main features are:

Quickly and easily see the capacity gadget, FTP connection, bookmark, foundation, devices, etc. in the sidebar. – Word processor, image viewer, music player, text style previewer, script executor, text contrast, and other functions

A wide range of effective APK modification tools, such as a dex manager, an arsc proofreader, and an xml managerIn addition, you may sign an APK, modify an APK, clone an APK, remove signature confirmation, confuse an APK asset, or even be hostile to a befuddling APK asset and decipher a programme.

You may use MT Manager for a wide variety of tasks on your mobile device, including file management, app translation, programme modification, message editing, and more.

These are the main features:

  • Mode of representation (separate scenes)
  • File Transfer Protocol client software
  • Observing the famous person’s source code in Java
  • This includes keystore and JKS celebrity mark support.
  • Recall Previous Results; Search Within XML Files
  • ID-based searches in Arsc
  • The interpreter now has limited support for word references (UTF-8 without BOM) for celebrities.
  • Reducing and expanding restrictions


  • Immediate trade of out-of-this-world strings constrained in the best way possible
  • To perform in bulk (erase, duplicate, move, rename)
  • Indicator: APK Mark (naturally debilitated)
  • The ability to duplicate and improve APKs
  • Encryption for Android Application Packages
  • Making a reinforcement (.bak) (.bak)
  • Evolution of a beneficial variation in ARS
  • Rundown of Current Actuation
  • WiFi-Enabled Remote Access


  • Celebrity Decompilation/Incorporation (for a free 200-line limit)
  • ARSC Proofreader DEX Proofreader Editing Documents for Famous People DEX is a word processor that has a built-in punctuation checker.
  • Text documents up to 500 kb may be correlated; text styles can be seen (.ttf).
  • Running programmes
  • The RAR file format and how to work with it (opening, unpacking, etc.)
  • Maintain pressure and release loads.
  • View/edit/delete/add courses/methods/rooms; very long-lasting
  • Baidu Translator, Yandex, and Google Star Translator

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