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In Tasty Blue, you play as a tiny goldfish with an insatiable appetite. After being overfed by your owner, you escape into the ocean and begin to eat everything that you encounter. The more you eat, the bigger you get!
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Tasty Blue MOD APK (MOD, Unlocked) – The first half I am going to mention is what’s it? Well, it’s what it’s a game. Wherever you eat things, you will till you grow enough so you’ll be able to eat larger objects. So after you eat enough of these, you’ll be able to eat the even larger objects than on. Your character can often build these accented appears like “yummy” and “yum-yum,” and every time you end level, he goes “Oompa!” that is simply the primary character, although, however, I am going to get to it later.


Because of the two pre- depressing games, the sound assets area unit is equivalent throughout with screaming folks and animals and crunch noises once intake. As far as I know, they haven’t created any completely different sound clips. There’s an area co-op that permits you to use the opposite controls. The controls area unit is straightforward. You either move with the mouse, the WSAD keys, or arrow keys(the Tasty Blue will not mention the word keys; however, they work simply fine).

Now I feel I’ve talked about the first titles enough. Currently, I shall discuss what makes this take issue from the opposite games. For starters, it’s mostly ocean-based; therefore, there is water physics and the ability to launch yourself ocean. Rather than it being 2nd high down, it is a sidescroller. Therefore, it will look a small amount off in some places. The story, as I do know, is as descriptive as any of the others and unnecessary at most.

Play as Any Fish

Currently, the strange issue regarding this Tasty Blue is that there are no clear chapters anyplace. You recognize there are three completely different fish varieties; however, there isn’t any clear definition of wherever one starts or ends. The fish work because you manage a fish and not a gray blob. You’ll be able to typically move forward with higher ease with a challenge for doing an Associate in Nursing eighty. Some folks may not like this.

However, the sole real issue I found was after I tried to eat an object. And I terminated up the process around it for a small amount before I had to show it off. the sport appears to have a star classification system. There is a timer on the highest right; therefore, the sport has that who strife for completion. A minimum of five issue settings modify the quantitative harm relation to enemies. The setting area unit is straightforward; however quite what the other two games had.

Eat Smaller Fish To Grow Bigger

You bought graphics with ratio; however, everything else is simply a checkbox. One thing completely different they determined to try and do is to embrace a “carnage” system. Wherever you utilize a slider to vary what proportion “blood” shows after you eat one thing that is alive. management choices area clean minimum with solely mouse sensitivity choices, with no keys…. may well be a difficulty. That’s all I will think about for info.

If you compete in the first tasty planet games ten years agone or area unit curious to play a Katamari ask title, Tasty Blue can be your game. It isn’t for everybody, although clearly, the visual quality is not highly exhaustive. At its current worth, Associate in Nursing calculable play time of an hour or two it’s positively a good worth vary. And even then, if you’re not glad, I am sure this game will be on sale either weekly or seasonally.

Highlights Of Tasty Blue

If you wish “Feeding Frenzy” sort games, this can be a positive one to visualize. Solid mechanics, catchy music, straightforward to find, and a large style of levels. Tasty Blue is a hilarious game, principally appropriate for youngsters because it will get repetitive and is rather mindless. You are a fish, and you eat everything that moves at an exceedingly level, beginning with tiny fish and ending with fighter jets and armed service boats.

What makes the sport extremely fun is the co-op. One player will use the keyboard and player2 the mouse. Otherwise, you will use 2 Xbox 360 controllers as we do. You’ll be able to flip the split screen on or off, so you’ve got to remain alone or not. The sport includes a blood result after you eat one thing that you will close up further if you think it isn’t acceptable.

How to Play

What makes this another fascinating than most Flash games of an equivalent sort is how it’ll go, as you will usually be intake whales thinking “what might probably be next” as ships, jets, and krackens begin the introduction. The Tasty Blue is brief – I finished precisely over a couple of hours. It’s split into levels that chronicle the lives of 3 completely different aquatic animals as they grow to monster sizes.

The sport extremely shines once it drops you into an oversized body of water with an oversized selection and population of things to eat. It becomes apparent as you encounter the boring and frustrating oyster levels in unit 2. You will grasp what I mean after you get there.


Bonus levels at the top supply some extra fun once the campaign. Another reason I might recommend this Tasty Blue is a few of the amount area units are distinctive, as well as one wherever you begin out falling from the sky. They are doing an honest job of calling it quits the tedium. Anyway, if you wish for a “smaller fish chuck things till it chucks larger fish” sort of gameplay, this can be one to visualize.


  • it’s fun {to simply|to only|to merely|to} see your creature grow and acquire additional power and also sort of envision how massive you may get within the finish.


  • There area unit sure levels that area unit annoying to clear and area unit are reasonably hoping on luck that isn’t the most practical issue if the sport rewards you for being quick.
  • The extra levels area unit five hundredth is simply exasperating. However, I appreciate that they did not build them necessary.


in all, I might say it’s Associate in Nursing alright game. I would not advocate that traveling for the three stars on each level is simply a waste of your time and intensifying. Skip the annoying additional levels and solely play the nice ones as a result of the unhealthy ones extremely are not price additional than five tries, which is an excessive amount for a few of them.

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