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Enter the magical location famous for Avem to find out what happens to our courageous young sorceress in the face of countless obstacles, hazards, and revelations. The puzzles will stretch your brain and push your thinking talents to the limit as you attempt to release the innocent enchanted creatures held captive by boring magic using only your instinctive touch controls, mechanical wits, and inventiveness.
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Package Name The Birdcage 2 MOD
Developer MobiGrow
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Version 1.0.7703
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Requirements 6.0
Last Update Mar 03, 2024
Date Update 10-Oct-2022
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Average Rating 4.4/5
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The Birdcage 2 MOD APK You’re Invited! The protagonist is a young sorceress who recently graduated from the sorcerer’s academy. She had heard of the powerful wizard Alzar and set out to locate him, hoping he would teach her some advanced spellcasting techniques. 

What is The Birdcage 2 MOD APK?

Enter the magical location famous for Avem to discover what happens to our courageous young sorceress in the face of countless obstacles, hazards, and revelations. The puzzles will stretch your brain and push your thinking talents to the limit. 

The Birdcage 2 MOD APK

You attempt to release the innocent enchanted creatures held captive by dull magic using only your intuitive touch controls, mechanical wits, and inventiveness. It’s easy to get going; once you do, you won’t be able to stop until all the birds, and fabled creatures are set free.

Get to know the hidden backstory by investigating every item in The Birdcage 2 MOD APK. There are a lot of secrets buried in its inclination. Thanks to your keen eye for detail, it may uncover the story’s significant twists and revelations. The match-three game Gems of War is casual and free-to-play (FTP).

You will not be able to stop once you start.

As far as I can tell, it’s just another match-3 game in the vein of Sweets Pound Adventure, Toy Impact, and Puzzle Journey. Nonetheless, Gems of War stands out from the crowd of simplistic match-3 games because of its vital RPG elements and emphasis on strategic planning. Additionally, it is a turn-based system. This match-3 game has a comprehensive guide to unlocking many different worlds. 

Each world has its own set of objectives, varying levels of challenge, and a field mode that exponentially increases the The Birdcage 2 MOD APK’s replay value. Also, The gems on the 8×8 board range in color from red to green to yellow to blue to brown to purple. Each pitch corresponds to a specific mana type relevant to the hybrid human or beast your party has chosen. Up to four of your warriors and an AI-controlled adversary make up your team. 

Enter the mysterious realm of Avem

The Birdcage 2 MOD APK Holds up to four troops as captives. It’s a turn-based game where each team takes turns trying to pair off at least three identical gems. There are also matching skulls available to weaken the most powerful soldier. What makes this so crucial is the need to look for possible matches of at least four gems, resulting in consequential extra turns. Extra turns may decide the outcome of a game.

It’s possible to align three jewels or skulls, and the ebbing influence could lead to at least four more gems or crowns getting aligned. It is natural to feel let down when the AI fails to meet quite good at finding matches consisting of at least four items.

And it may begin to feel overwhelmed by the abundance of partners that meet this threshold. Occasionally, my opponent would match three gems, but the The Birdcage 2 MOD APK would go to four catches, then four skulls, giving me an extra round.

mechanical puzzles, and imaginative reasoning

Because of this disappointment, I began to believe that artificial intelligence was failing me. But I have experienced a similar avalanche of matches in my favor. You’ll need to recruit many men and women and be ready to balance things out. 

As you assemble your army in The Birdcage 2 MOD APK, you must consider the mana type of each human and beast to determine which combination of soldiers will be most effective.  Having a balanced assortment of soldiers using various mana types has proven to be my most effective strategy.

It may strengthen each unit; however, this does not affect their base capabilities. Every diamond combination may raise the mana associated with each soldier. When a group has total command of their mana, they may use it to unleash a devastating spell on an opposing group or even every negative group if they have the unique ability to do so.

The riddles will test your intellect.

Once you’ve accumulated many experience points, you will likely have an infinite supply of soldiers to peruse. Another way to get more troops is to join an already established group. The group will help you with your interactions and even get you achievements on Steam. 

The Birdcage 2 MOD APK
The Birdcage 2 MOD APK


You may trade the gold coins you’ve collected throughout the The Birdcage 2 MOD APK for additional money, soldiers, mana awards, treasure guides, and much more.  While gold is the virtual in-game currency, you may invest actual dollars in aiding with scaling up your legend.

Many FTP games encourage you to pay real money to advance and complete matches, but I’d rather not. It may earn gold in various game modes, including story missions, complex challenges, fields, and player vs. player. The only major decision you’ll have to make throughout the book is which world to call home.

Push your reasoning abilities

When you liberate a realm in The Birdcage 2 MOD APK, you may make it your home realm. If you want to maximize your chances of getting the kind of mana you need, choosing the domain whose mana is most similar to that of your strongest army is preferable. 

The trips are narratives that bridge a gap between worlds. A leader appears at the end of the last segment. The stories are engaging and well-written. Each tale gets crafted to make the reader feel that they are at the beginning of a daring adventure and to leave them with the expectation that a big battle awaits them.

One that may provide them with new companions or foes for which to train. Use the treasure maps to access the expedition levels, where you must match coins and money boxes to gain extra resources, such as trait stones.

The real magic is happening right before your eyes.

Soldiers may improve their already impressive stats by using trait stones, which give them special abilities. The artwork could be more impressive, but the overall style is appealing, and the game plays like a dream RPG. This The Birdcage 2 MOD APK focuses on its capacity to get played several times rather than its visual presentation. 

Due to the sheer volume of material, players may quickly get hooked on Gems of War. Since I’ve already put over a hundred hours into this The Birdcage 2 MOD APK, the battles never get easier. As such, you may rack up a lot of playtime by matching gems to defeat enemies and prepare troops in an RPG-style game.

You can get it on Steam, the iOS App Store, and Google Play for Android. With a Steam account, you may sync your mobile progress with your desktop version. Anyone keen on merging coordinate-three and RPG elements should play this FTP game.


Anyone who thinks the The Birdcage 2 MOD APK seems interesting should try it because it is. The developer has added many new features and material, all of which improve the game. It’s completely free to play today (unlike when you first started playing, when you ran out of realm rewards and daily gold and had to create money while fighting to join other battles). 

the birdcage 2 mod apk download

It’s available on Android, iOS, and the Control Center, so if you like it, you have several platforms to choose from in the The Birdcage 2 MOD APK.  It’s a slog, and you’ll need to join a good company if you want to move ahead, but if you like interacting with others, acquiring goods, and balancing things out, it could be for you.

The Birdcage 2 MOD APK communicates. In review-like fashion, this unique flop flick is a catastrophe. If you’re a fan of puzzle adventures, this one could be fun, so long as you don’t let the game’s optional PTW features, which affect your rate of advancement and your strength in comparison to other players, tempt you to go crazy.

Explore every object you see in the game for details.

Nonetheless, if you like to PvE at your own pace and without much enthusiasm, that’s OK, too. Avoid it if possible; it gets designed to empty your bank account if you allow it, and I can’t recommend it. EDIT1: The field mode is where it’s at for free-to-play gamers, but it will take a while until the costs are manageable. 

I learned so much in that mode that it improved my performance in other areas (such as honing my deck for seriousness when facing more demanding challenges and “counterfeit” PvP). In all seriousness, I recommend this to puzzle-mission enthusiasts who are frugal enough to make it work without spending a fortune on it.

EDIT2: I spent over a hundred hours playing and interacting with this The Birdcage 2 MOD APK (I genuinely do sit and play simultaneously). I’d be crazy not to recommend playing the game. The game may get played without spending any money, but there are in-game purchases that will speed up your progress and provide a good shield.

Many secrets get hidden as it is in their nature.

If this sounds like your kind of game (puzzle, role-playing, or system crossover), then all you need to do is play brilliantly, and you’ll be fine as an FTP and have a genuinely pleasant experience. To be an absolute master, you must consult Tacet’s guide, which is filled with helpful advice. 

At some point in the not-too-distant future. Revision #3: We’re going in the other direction again. I wouldn’t recommend this The Birdcage 2 MOD APK to you if your mind gets easily swayed easily.  However, if you’re comfortable going at your own pace and accepting all the game has to offer, you should give it a go.

I just spent two dollars on the The Birdcage 2 MOD APK, and that’s the most I’m ever willing to devote to it regularly. Blah. Even with the paywall, EDIT4 is a lot of fun if you like Match 3 and analyzing different combinations of soldiers and whatnot, but assuming you are sufficiently modern to belong to a good organization…

Cast spells with the wand.

Everything is now within your reach. The kind of player you are will determine the best options. It should do spending on the The Birdcage 2 MOD APK with enough self-control so you don’t go overboard and lose. I have never played a game as exciting and enjoyable as this one. 

the birdcage 2 mod apk download

Don’t let my break fool you; I’m now level 375. I’ve played many games, and I’ve been playing consistently for the last nine months. No, this match-3 is not a pay-to-win. When you join an active civilization, you can access many keys daily. I own almost every incredible troop, two legendary rare troops, and many trait stones. 

There are over 100,000 players in this The Birdcage 2 MOD APK, and because most of them are active, it shouldn’t be hard to form a group. Most importantly, remember that there is no natural intelligence in any game type, and there likely never will be with the present troop model. Because of this, you’re free to use whatever illogical or bizarre combinations you choose at any time throughout the game. 

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the story

In my mind, this The Birdcage 2 MOD APK is what would happen if two very addictive games, Puzzle Mission and Runespell Suggestion, had a love child. For a quick summary, see “Decision” at the conclusion. Options get organized into tabs, each with sliders for things like music and sound effects, speed (the default is 1.5x, but I keep mine at 4x), hints, and more. 

Go to the Illustrations menu to turn off the event-specific themes (such as jokester skulls for World Comedian Day or pumpkin skulls for Halloween). If your The Birdcage 2 MOD APK is reflecting light and looking weird, check to see if anything is resting on your volume control

Let’s be honest: the plot isn’t the point of Gems of War. While the stories in each world you visit range from amusing to infuriating (looking at you, Princess Elspeth!) to, at the very least, attractive, they were never meant to be the primary focus of your adventure. Without a doubt, everything depends on the The Birdcage 2 MOD APK.

Continual dialogue!

Match jewels to collect mana for casting spells, and match skulls to launch an instant attack on your enemies. The whole interactive experience gets built on a turn-based system. You go first, then your opponent does. Fast reactions get required at any point throughout the The Birdcage 2 MOD APK. 

The The Birdcage 2 MOD APK starts with a fantastic tutorial explaining the basics and showing you everything you need to know immediately. Currently, it’s relatively straightforward, but you’ll have a little more leeway when you complete the plot in the primary realm. 


Now, you may choose which kingdom to launch first, or you can do the following with your completed domain (s): Tasks include amassing resources like inebriants, gold, radiance, and so on. Five battles get looked at that may help you gain levels: trait stones, spirits, wealth, and myth stones. If you collect 100 myth stones, you’ll be able to engage in a mythological boss encounter at the end of your investigation and earn tokens for your efforts. 

You need three tokens to make an ID and three IDs to make a badge. From the main realm screen (up top), you may create various identifications and decorations that will provide you multiple boosts, ranging from an extra defensive layer to removing terrible status effects and awarding enchantment power.

Permanent Internet Conversation Essentially:

To participate in this The Birdcage 2 MOD APK, you will need access to the internet. There are a lot of factors at play here, but one of the most important is the constant stream of information and events. Every Monday brings a fresh batch of the week’s deliveries. It may acquire this unit via chests or the shop’s weekly event section (buy with magnificence).

A new Mythic shipment arrives on the first Friday of every month. Please allow me to explain: Each card’s border color in the accompanying request indicates the extraordinary nature of the troop it represents, from white (average) to turquoise. Put your feet up and take it easy; the cards’ stars indicate how fascinating they are. More stars filled in indicate a rarer card. We often switch teams, which you’ll see as a.

Unseen realms:

It may access the secret world if you’ve completed all the realms in Krystara (our leading guide). In such clusters, you’ll meet people with similar but unique experiences. After you finish the tale, you’ll get given a choice to conduct excavations. 

Scuba diving is a new and different type of interaction than you’ve ever seen. You’ll still have to deal with danger, but this time it will unfold throughout nine rooms, with each stage offering its own set of prizes and culminating in a treasure box if your whole party dies or you manage to complete the dive and the last chamber as the supervisor. 

Your team keeps going from one room to the next! It’s final, and if you lose a group of people, they’ll be gone until the excavation is through the The Birdcage 2 MOD APK. It is the type of continual contact you either love or hate; initially, I found it quite unsettling, but as I met some truly excellent warriors, I genuinely liked them. 

Disclose the adventure of the young sorceress

Participate in a group! Suppose you don’t want to talk to anybody or have any requirements. In that case, there are companies for you. You can still reap some primary benefits by going with the most advanced level possible and taking advantage of the more detailed support options. 

To participate in it daily, one must become part of a well-functioning society. Events Around the World: If you’re part of a group, you may celebrate a new “world occasion” every week. It takes teamwork from everyone to overcome the organized opposition and reach the higher prize tiers. Being a part of a well-run organization increases your chances of receiving these benefits. 

Magical creatures locked inside beautifully designed cages.

Completing undertakings with gold regularly rewards you for your efforts and grants you instant benefits like jewels, splendor, keys, etc. Seals get easily obtained through game-play. To maintain a civilized civilization, you must regularly harvest seals, at least every other day, until you have 2000 seals, the minimum number required by most societies and the maximum number in most games. 

The weekly count in the Society’s Seals provides evidence for this. When your organization’s rating reaches 40,000/40,000, your chests will level up to a perfect 6. It will allow you to get the highest possible grade of seals. Those chests contain the most excellent troops in the The Birdcage 2 MOD APK; hence, a well-established civilization recommended opening them. 

Is player versus player (PvP) a requirement? Computer-based intelligence takes care of the other group, but it is still an exciting way to explore different combinations of troops. Hold tight. How much of this can we put into play? Indeed, it is! You can spend your whole life playing this The Birdcage 2 MOD APK for free. 


There are, of course, items available for purchase that may facilitate travel and increase your rate of progress, but they don’t provide an unfair advantage. Everything on sale is something you can eventually have for yourself. 

The Birdcage 2 MOD APK is a strategy game with a match-3 aesthetic, Gems of War has a unique and engaging gameplay mechanic. In most cases, you and your opponents field four troops each and engage in a four-on-four battle while you collect mana by coordinating the various board colors. 

Battles got fought for various reasons, including the acquisition of new realms, the advancement of existing ones, the accumulation of resources, the training of soldiers, and the activation of their abilities in combat. Numerous unique warriors are now available, and more get introduced every week, giving you a wide variety of options for approaching each battle. You can always find an opportunity to play, apart from leveling up realms. 

Slide through the screen and experience the real magic

Some athletes find it fascinating, while others regard it more as pressure since they have to play. Unfortunately, the sheer variety of activities and events available each day and week in the game has led to many unfavorable reviews. 

It gets highly recommended that you join a society in this The Birdcage 2 MOD APK. When you enter a group, you can access many tools and advantages in combat. Also, there are many guild events to participate with your friends to either unlock group goodies or move the ranks of the competing guilds. 

How to play The Birdcage 2 MOD APK?

The best guild activities are the ones that call for the most cooperative members of the guild to work together. A global visit and guild chat are available in-game, simplifying communication and giving newcomers a quick way to talk to others and seek clarity on critical topics. 

The Gems of War community is beneficial since someone is always available to answer questions and provide pointers to newcomers.  In-game purchases are optional; however, the game does include them.

If you just started the The Birdcage 2 MOD APK and are already feeling romantic feelings for someone, I recommend the Deathknight defense layer. It provides a permanent bonus to gold, spirits, and experience points, making leveling much less of a chore.

Graphics and sound

There are many other options, such as warriors, trait stones, and so on, but they are not all that great, given that they may obtain the most resources rapidly by crushing. Since you can unlock everything in the The Birdcage 2 MOD APK without help from other players if you put in the effort, we can safely say that this is NOT a “pay-to-win” game. 

Sometimes there will be perplexing combinations, such as when your opponent draws an eternal circle or a lucky Skyfall (new gems dropping down to the board). But I learned firsthand that this “karma” in the The Birdcage 2 MOD APK has changed. At other times, it seems like everything is going well. To avoid giving in too soon to hostility, keep fighting. 

Generally Speaking

The early to midgame is fascinating. There is much to learn, and you can advance in almost every combat. But suppose you’ve already gotten most of your kingdoms to the highest level, most of your warriors to the point where you got entirely trained, etc.. In that case, the The Birdcage 2 MOD APK becomes more of a “routine,” and the only goal you can achieve is to climb specific competition rankings, as I see it. 

The engineers themselves are another rock-solid anchor. They often go live, field questions from viewers, host prizes, and, perhaps most importantly, listen to and act on player suggestions, which get incorporated into future updates. 

New content and bug fixes get consistently added to this The Birdcage 2 MOD APK. Therefore, you will always have something fresh to look forward to. This game’s new hidden world is my favorite part of the experience. It’s a great challenge to win on the higher stages, where a single misstep might end the battle. It’s also the place to go if you want the most perks.


The Birdcage 2 MOD APK games with card collection (troops) and role-playing game elements (redesigning your classes, realms, armies, and so on). Those of you who suffer from OCD, beware: This is the point at which your ability to play any other games ends. Gems of War has a fantastic depth, setting, and, above all else, FUN, which keeps me coming back for more and more playtime.

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