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Turmoil is a casual business simulation game inspired by the oil rush in 19th-century North America. It is developed by Dutch game studio Gamious and published by LTGames. In Turmoil, you are up against time and rivals on your path to becoming a succesful oil entrepreneur. Start raking in the oil money and watch the town grow along with you!
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May 17, 2023
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Turmoil: Master the Oil Rush and Dominate the Business World

In the fast-paced world of 19th-century North America, where the oil rush was at its peak, Turmoil emerges as a captivating casual business simulation game. The renowned Dutch studio Gamious and LTGames released Turmoil, a fascinating journey to the top of the oil industry. Are you prepared to take advantage of the situation and thrive in this highly competitive field? Let’s go into the meat of what makes Turmoil so compelling.



Turmoil is unique among video games because of how well it blends simulation and strategy. The setting is lovely and colorful, and players get to play the role of an oil entrepreneur in the game. In this game, the player may create a prosperous oil empire via exploration, resource management, and strategic planning.

Storyline and Setting

Turmoil transports players to the 19th-century oil rush period, where they must overcome obstacles and enjoy the thrills of the oil business for themselves. As a budding business owner, players begin with little funds and a single piece of land. The ultimate objective is to become a wealthy oil tycoon by using cunning and market knowledge to outmaneuver rivals.

The game’s backdrop features stunning landscapes, busy cities, and active oil fields. Every setting has been thoughtfully crafted to look and feel like it was made in that period, right down to the last detail. Players will be drawn into the game’s world thanks to the combination of its original plot and design.

Gameplay Mechanics

The search for and production of oil are central to the turmoil. To find oil, players must first buy plots of land and set up drilling operations. Adding a strategic aspect, the game features real-time auction mechanisms in which players compete to win the rights to drill in lucrative locations. When exploration efforts pay off, players discover oil wells from which they may profitably extract and sell crude.

Turmoil relies heavily on careful control of its resources. Players must strike a balance between the proceeds from oil sales and the costs of exploration and development. More efficient tools and improvements become available later in the game, enabling players to delve deeper into the planet’s crust.

Exploration and resource management

Turmoil’s core concept is exploration. To find the best places to drill for oil, players must do extensive research, taking into account geological studies and the actions of competing business owners. This increases the strategic depth of the game by forcing the player to assess the pros and cons of each investment.

The management of resources is also crucial. Spending money carefully on things like gear, upgrades, and employees is essential. The capacity to grow operations and maintain a continuous cash flow are hallmarks of well-managed resources, which in turn contribute to higher profits.

Upgrades and Progression

As the player advances through the game, they get access to better drilling improvements and technology. Improvements may be made to everything from drilling equipment to transportation networks to warehouse space. With each new update comes a whole new set of advantages and disadvantages, forcing players to change their approach in order to succeed.

The goal of Turmoil’s progression mechanism is to make players feel like they’re making progress and expanding their character. Gaining access to better improvements not only makes the game more efficient but also opens up previously inaccessible locations to the player. This kind of steady improvement keeps players interested and drives them along on their path to oil tycoon supremacy.

Art style and graphics

The artwork in Turmoil is beautiful, including appealing hand-drawn designs and a vivid color scheme. The game takes on a cartoony style that succeeds in evoking the atmosphere of the 19th-century oil rush. The depth and immersion of the gameplay are enhanced by the meticulous attention to detail in the settings, character designs, and animations.

Turmoil’s colorful oil fields and quaint villages provide for a nice visual contrast. The discovery of a new oil gusher is always an exciting and satisfying experience because of the game’s vivid animations and visual elements. The visual design works in tandem with the game’s mechanics to provide a unified and aesthetically pleasing setting.

Multiplayer and social features

Turmoil also has cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes for individuals who want to play with others. The game’s multiplayer mode raises the stakes by allowing players to compare their oil empires’ performance and compete for the top spot on leaderboards.

Turmoil also has a number of social elements designed to get people talking to one another. Players may interact in official or unofficial forums, where they can discuss tactics and attend events run by the game’s creators or other players. Turmoil’s multiplayer and social elements keep the game fresh and exciting long after the single-player story has ended.

Challenges and replayability

Players’ ability to plan ahead and make tough choices will be put to the test in Turmoil. Competition increases during the game, forcing players to change tactics to stay ahead of their business rivals. The difficulties of the trials in Turmoil are just right, keeping players interested and eager to accomplish them.

The game’s procedural generation method makes it fun to play several times. The layout of the world, the distribution of oil, and the economic climate are all randomly generated for each new game. Thanks to this variable, players are encouraged to experiment with new tactics and techniques throughout several playthroughs.

Reception and reviews

Players and journalists alike have praised Turmoil since its debut. Players have been intrigued by the game’s fascinating gameplay and addictive features, which combine simulation, strategy, and appealing aesthetics. It has been praised for its complexity, replay value, and innovative gameplay that blends many mechanics together.

The game has received praise for its unique visual aesthetic, inventive gameplay features, and high level of quality as a whole. Players who are looking for something fresh in their gaming experiences have found a home in Turmoil because of its innovative blend of strategy, resource management, and exploration.

Unleash your business acumen with real-time strategy and oil field management.

Turmoil’s real-time strategic gameplay paired with oil field administration is a major selling point. As a first step toward becoming an oil magnate, you should try your luck at the local land auction. Find hidden oil deposits using equipment including dowsers, moles, and scanners. Once you’ve found the black gold, you’ll need to build a system of pipes to get the oil out of the earth and to the surface. Make sure your precious commodity gets where it needs to go by investing in wagons and silos. It’s important to time the market, whether you’re waiting for oil to reach a favorable price or trying to artificially inflate prices by flooding the market with natural gas.

Harness technology and expand your network for success.

If you want to succeed in the oil drilling sector, you need to keep your equipment and network on the cutting edge. Drilling operations may be bolstered with the help of a myriad of modifications and new tools made available by Turmoil. These improvements are crucial to your development since they allow you to do things like use cutting-edge drilling methods and overcome difficult barriers like rocks and natural gas pockets. Don’t forget to drop by the neighborhood tavern; you never know what kind of money-making ideas the interesting people who frequent that place could throw your way. If you take advantage of these chances, you may find that your success skyrockets.

Climb the ranks, acquire stocks, and rule as the mayor.

To rise to prominence in Turmoil, one needs more than just money; one must also acquire town shares and work one’s way through the ranks. Get your feet wet by starting at the bottom and working your way up. Spend your hard-earned money at the stock auction to outbid your opponents and become mayor. You can only become the dominant figurehead by deftly navigating the complex web of business and politics.

Endless Challenges in a Randomly Seeded World

The intriguing campaign mode is only one part of Turmoil’s overall appeal. The game has a wide range of environments and procedurally generated stages, giving players an almost infinite number of oil-drilling difficulties to overcome. Take part in exciting tournaments against other players to find out who really has what it takes to dominate this field. Put your skills to the ultimate test and do all in your power to show you’re the genuine deal.

The Heat Is On: Prepare for the New DLC

With its latest downloadable content (DLC), Turmoil maintains its position as a perennial favorite among gamers. Start a brand new mission that will bring fresh challenges and great rewards to your oil-drilling adventures. Get ready to deal with the risks and rewards that erupting magma from below the earth brings. You may also go on a journey to unearth and sell priceless relics from the underworld in the town. Gains may be made by selling individual artifacts, but amassing the whole set might be much more lucrative. Don’t forget the saloon’s card games, where you may try your hand at winning some extra cash.

Evidence of your dominance in the oil sector, Turmoil features engaging gameplay, strategic challenges, and a constantly growing universe of opportunity. Are you prepared to make your mark as a visionary oil tycoon? In the exciting world of turmoil, you may feel the rush, dominate your enemies, and leave your mark. Unlock Turmoil’s limitless potential and stake your position at the forefront of the oil rush by playing the game in its entirety.


For those who like simulation and strategy games, Turmoil by Gamious is a must-try. The game’s lovely graphic aesthetic, fascinating plot, and fun gameplay mechanics provide for a lot of playtime. Aspiring oil tycoons and those who merely take pleasure in the difficulties of exploration and resource management will both find something to love in Turmoil.


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