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Radiation has a degrading effect on the planet. The ultimate weapon of humanity, codenamed "Bernard," arrives on earth to purge it of the last oddities and primary beasts. To complete the mission, improve Bernard by using various weaponry, drones, artifacts, and diverse occasions.
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Oct 19, 2022
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Project Clean Earth MOD APK (MOD, Unlimited Money) – Radiation has a degrading effect on the planet. The ultimate weapon of humanity, codenamed “Bernard,” arrives on earth to purge it of the last oddities and primary beasts. To complete the mission, improve Bernard by using various weaponry, drones, artifacts, and diverse occasions.

Could you get rid of them, freaks? – Make a firm decision to use Went, Skirmish, and Area of Effect weaponry in conjunction with robots. You will always get energized since it will introduce random roguelike artifacts and events each time you play. Sort out the attack examples of the many unique freak animals, then destroy them all.

What is Project Clean Earth MOD APK?

Continue development while evaluating newly added levels and modes. Get rid of those freaks as soon as possible and play the brand-new Roguelite Hack’n’Slice game! It may find the project Clean Earth MOD APK role-playing games all over the globe thanks to its recent meteoric rise to prominence as a popular role-playing video game (RPG).

Project Clean Earth MOD APK

These mods will assist you in avoiding the tedious mechanical tasks that are a part of the game, allowing you to focus more on the enjoyment the game offers. It is guaranteed by Androjungle that installing any Project Clean Earth MOD APK will not cost the player any money and that the mod is entirely safe, easily accessible, and permitted to get installed.

Build Your Deck

You need to download the AndroJungle client, and then you’ll be able to download and install Project Clean Earth MOD APK with only one click. The Project Clean Earth MOD APK Because it is such a well-known role-playing game (RPG), the great, continual contact it provides has helped him gain a large number of followers all around the world. 

The screen perspective of the Project Clean Earth MOD APK has got significantly advanced as a result of continually developing innovations. While maintaining the first form of a role-playing game, the most rigorous One improves the client’s tactile experience. And there is a wide variety of mobile phone apps with tremendous versatility.

IT ensures that all RPG game enthusiasts can thoroughly participate in the ecstasy by Project Clean Earth MOD APK. The traditional role-playing game requires players to exert a significant amount of effort to accumulate their wealth, capacity, and abilities. Although this is essential to the gameplay and adds to the enjoyment of the experience, the gathering system will inevitably cause players to become exhausted.

Explore the Future

However, the proliferation of mods has significantly improved the situation in the present day. You won’t need to use the bulk of your effort here, nor will you have to go through the “gathering,” which is somewhat taxing. 

Moderators can help you eliminate this interaction, which will, as a result, make it easier for you to concentrate on taking part in the excitement of playing the actual game. This Project Clean Earth MOD APK puts you in charge of a nerve-wracking mission to rid the world of dangerous freaks, just as its title suggests it should. 

Project Clean Earth MOD APK

The story starts when a mysterious radiation-induced the emergence of new living beings, some of which were quite dangerous. The protagonist, Benard, is engaged in improving the state of the planet. Since most people have changed into bizarre creatures, he is the only person who is rational about people who have transformed into strange creatures. He is the only reasonable person. 

Discover Articrafts

You intend to assist Benard in his journey by eliminating the freaks and completing the various tasks. The Cut and Roguelike continuing interaction components have been consolidated under Project Clean Earth MOD APK to provide a more engaging and challenging experience. It has randomly generated levels, and no one can predict what will take place at the beginning of each one.

Unexpectedly superior, the game has classic pixel graphics that give it a feeling of melancholy and longing. The chiptune music contributes further to the retro vibes that are there. Get the file and help Benard preserve the planet by working together. Make use of a robot that is armed to the teeth. 

The enemy you face in this Project Clean Earth MOD APK is not a human, and you won’t be able to rely on any typical weaponry to defeat them. You will need to hunt down powerful, high-level weapons to defeat them. 

Various Kinds Of Mutants

You are not alone in your battle, which is a fortunate development. You have a helpful robot friend armed with an extensive collection of highly developed weaponry at your disposal. These combine a rocket launcher, a flamethrower, and an assault rifle into one convenient package. Make use of these weapons to eliminate the challenger and advance through the levels of the game.

Project Clean Earth MOD APK

You will face various challenges during the game, and it is up to you to figure out how best to overcome them. The game is very challenging; nonetheless, this aspect is critical to the whole appeal of the experience. When you have finally prevailed over a problematic level, you will feel great satisfaction. 

The Project Clean Earth MOD APK has a significant number of riddles for the player to unravel. On your trip, you will discover new weapons, boosters, and several other items that will assist you in various ways. Make sure you examine every possible location to locate all the hidden riches. 

Stackup Ultimate Weapons

The chipset infrastructure is one of the most remarkable features that it can find in Project Clean Earth MOD APK. You have access to various chipsets with a selection of storage capacities. You’ll face multiple challenges throughout the Project Clean Earth MOD APK, and you’ll be able to put these skills to use to overcome them. For example, Bar Turret LV.04 increases Turret’s attack power while reducing its cooldown. 

On the other hand, the Winding Barrel LV.04 increases critical attack power. Because of the range of options, you can customize the interactive experience to suit your preferences. You can only transport a specific amount of chips, so you must choose your choice carefully. 

When faced with a challenging situation, selecting the appropriate chipset may make a considerable difference. Because there are so many different chipsets to choose from, doing some research is essential to find the combination that best suits your playing style. 

Attack With Unique Strategy

Construct a deck of chipsets and use them in a specific request. You will need to carefully consider the chipsets you use and the circumstances in which you use them. A Project Containing an Enormous World to Explore The world in which Clean Earth takes place is vast and expansive.

Project Clean Earth MOD APK

There are a lot of different levels to examine, and each one gets packed with confidential information in its unique way. To access some of the areas of the story that are more difficult to reach, you will need to make use of your platforming skills. In addition to that, make sure that you keep an eye out for hidden passages and puzzle chambers. 

When you first start looking into anything, you will need help knowing what kind of information you’ll uncover. It is merely the tip of the iceberg regarding this game’s content, such as weaponry, artifact objects, drones, and AoE chipsets. Everything has some fascinating effect, which it may use to your advantage. 

Explore Civilization

For example, the Fire Bomb artifact object does damage to all of the enemies that are present in a particular area. The Time Freeze ability causes time to stand still for a brief period, allowing you to eliminate your opponents before they can respond.

There are many different objects to collect, each providing a unique benefit to the player. If you can figure out how to use them effectively, you will be well on your way to achieving victory. Keep an eye out for the managers. You will face off against an influential leader in this area. These bosses are challenging to deal with, but if you succeed, you will get rewarded with significant items.

How to play Project Clean Earth MOD APK?

It would be best if you used all that is at your disposal to bring them down—upgradeable Weapons. As you progress into the Project Clean Earth MOD APK, you will become aware of how to upgrade your various weapons. These overhauls will make your weaponry more powerful, allowing you to take on more formidable adversaries. There are several game levels available. There is no repetition in this game.

It has a variety of gameplay levels, each of which is exceptionally challenging. You won’t be able to predict what will happen right away, which is one of the things that makes it so exciting. Locate the relics. There are a variety of artifacts hidden throughout this game for you to locate. These relics will provide generous benefits and capabilities for their owners. 

Graphics and Sound

Devs should make sure that you find every one of them! Excellent Craftsmanship This Project Clean Earth MOD APK has breathtaking images that contribute to regenerating the earth. The setting got well thought out, and the characters are exceptionally well-developed. 

Combining this with the mesmerizing sound effects provides an unforgettable experience. You should download the Project Clean Earth MOD APK for Android if you want public and continuing involvement since this will allow you to bypass any roadblocks. 

This form has got modified to include the following information: Unbounded Sums of Money. This game gives you a substantial amount of virtual currency that you can use inside the game itself. Use this money to purchase the essential items available and enhance the functionality of your weapons to the fullest extent feasible. This game does not include any advertising in any way.


You can concentrate on making the world cleaner without interruptions if you’re in that position. All levels were made available. The Project Clean Earth MOD APK 2022 gives you access to all levels upon downloading it. You can skip the game to get access to them.

The novel-turned-game Project Clean Earth MOD APK takes place in a futuristic society. You are ultimately responsible for clearing up the mess and saving all of humanity. This game has a wealth of exclusive insights, challenging interactive challenges, and various items to collect. Assuming you are looking for a fantastic platforming game, this should be all you need to know to get started.


Your rate of progression slows down to beating one or two levels every week as you reach the late-teen levels, which require you to work extremely hard. Customizing the guns, chipsets, and drones is a lot of fun, but once you get to the more challenging stages, you will only have a few viable methods to choose from in the game. 

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